This 3% Percent Flag needs to wave from every home in America right now because we are being played like violins. The elite oligarchs have orchestrated two back-to-back diversions to divide and disable us along racial lines. INVESTIGATE the facts and MSM!

Subject: This 3% Percent Flag needs to wave from every home in America right now because we are being played like violins. The elite oligarchs have orchestrated two back-to-back diversions to divide and disable us along racial lines. INVESTIGATE the facts and MSM!
From: An Former Fortune 500 Executive and Military Veteran
Date: 2 Jun 2020

Dear Fellow Americans,

I urge all of you to ignore the fake news you see on TV (yes, the riots are real but you are not being told about how they are being orchestrated with paid troublemakers that are being inserted from out of town to turn peaceful protests into violent ones. Why? Because American billionaires (the corrupt elite - Elon Musk excluded) are looking to create an excuse to prolong the lock-down and invoke martial law. The Plandemic was Plan A and the Riots are Plan B. Yes, this is indeed a conspiracy, but NOT a conspiracy theory. You need to know the difference.

What is the purpose of this scheme? It is called Agenda 21 and 23 countries have already endorsed it as the future NWO (New World Order) with one government and one currency. The idea was created by George Bush Sr., Henry Kissinger, and the Rockefeller family along with Bill Gates and funded mostly by George Soros, The Gates Foundation, The Rockefellers, and most recently the Clintons. When they are able to collapse the economies of the world as the man-made Corona virus is doing, they can all consolidate their wealth, eliminate small private businesses, and accumulate all the best real-estate in the world.
Nations that oppose the NWO will suffer second and third waves of various man-made plagues created at the U.S. Army bio-weapon lab at Fort Detrick Maryland in Maryland that were made in the 1980. Educate yourself with this video... and this article;

Now about this strange flag... What does it mean and why is it important now? During our revolutionary war against England, only 3% of the colonists actually formed state militias to stop British soldiers from looting and raping innocent colonists who refused to allow them to enter their homes. Eventually George Washington would call upon these militias to form the Continental Army and despite being outnumbered and outgunned by a ratio of 12 to 1, the 3 percenters defeated the oppressive and brutal English occupiers. The British finally had to surrender to the small band of militiamen, who in the end did get help from the French and many native Indian warriors.

When our Constitution and Bill of Rights became law, our founding fathers made very clear provisions for State Militias to continue to prevent government abuses, corruption of the government, and tyranny. Militias are authorized to arrest corrupt officials, protect citizens, and remove officials who dishonor the Constitution, and even convene tribunals "whenever the government fails in their duties".

There are approximately 150,000 militia members all across America at present, and this flag represents their cause. Due to current events in America they are recruiting citizens who are fed up with government corruption and exploitation of the middle and lower class captured in poverty. Those that read the current best-selling book CAPITAL by Tom Piketty will learn and understand how the rich have been making themselves even richer by bribing legislators in Congress to create clever and sneaky laws that aim to disarm and reassign income from the 98% majority to the top 2%. This abuse must cease if we want to stop and reverse current trends. I urge all of you to read posts here at https://reddit,com/r/conspiracy and more importantly, stop being a spectator! This is how to do that without spending money

At present two very sneaky bills are pending in Congress that you were never told about. One is HR 6666 that will give FEMA and other government agencies the right to make forced entries into our homes without a warrant, probable cause, nor a court order and INDEFINITELY DETAIN anyone in the residence (even children) if they believe someone in the home is not healthy, refuses to be vaccinated, or refuses to get a chip implant already designed and approved by Microsoft/CDC/WHO. The other pending law is the EARN-IT Act which will make Tor, Signal, Whats App, Telegram and any other consumer encryption ILLEGAL. Visit for more details.

But our immediate concern must be the agent provocateurs paid to create violence in American cities. If YOU want to keep the violence and shootings out of YOUR peaceful neighborhood, this is the simple, legal, and effective solution

Also, I remind you that both our minds and parachutes work best when they are open. Please read the above and if you are still not convinced take a peek at and use that gray matter between your ears to think for yourself. If you sincerely believe what you see on the TV news every night watch the award-winning documentary HOAXED! about our mainstream news media and you will be shocked and very angry.

All the big tech companies are owned by Oligarchs and this is a sample of how they censor to hide the truth from you and me Furthermore, there are 300 full-time government employees who play some dirty magic tricks on the internet to keep us confused or in the dark. Here is what they do... More information about this team is available on the deep web and from Qanon. One-third of what is posted on the regular internet is censored today by China, America, Iran, India, and Saudi Arabia. Do your own research if you doubt this. Using duckduck,, search "Internet Censorship by U.S. government" or visit

Let's be real - No politician really cares about you or me. They care only about accumulating and keeping their power. Do you really expect other people to care about or fight for YOUR rights and freedoms as an American? Do YOU want your children to become economic slaves to greedy tyrants? If you truly love your children, now is the time to prove it. Join your local state militia and the status quo will change in a hurry. America is on the verge of economic collapse and complete manipulation. We CAN stop them. So don't buy into the race baiting and Plandemic BS. Investigate the facts and join hands with true blue Americans who are willing to replace their words of complaint into meaningful actions. Benjamin Franklin once said "If we make ourselves sheep, the wolves will eat us."