2020 Presidential Election

Subject: 2020 Presidential Election
From: HSA
Date: 14 Dec 2020

Dear Republican Senator

I am appalled that you, LIKE SO MANY of your colleagues, are so quick to accept and/or dismiss, without any meaningful investigation, that this current national election is sacrosanct and/or devoid of significant fraud. Even those of us not educated in law and judicial procedures can see the ever increasing evidence, which is damn blatant, and amazingly obvious, while continuing to mount. What none of you realize or can reconcile is that a very large swath of the electorate is not happy, convinced, and/or satisfied that this was an HONEST PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. AND WHAT YOU HAVE NOT GRASPED IS THAT WE, THE ELECTORATE, ARE EMPOWERED TO ELECT OUR GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT. YOU DO NOT NEED TO LIKE THE SELECTION BUT YOU MUST WORK WITH AND RESPECT OUR CHOICE. THIS POWER TO ELECT IS NOT BESTOWED ON YOU AND YOUR CRONIES, WHO HAVE PROVEN OVER TIME TO BE: ARROGANT, SELF-SERVING, POWER HUNGRY, AUTONOMOUS, AND IGNORANT - IGNORANT THAT MANY VOTERS HAVE A DIFFERING VISION OF THE THE ROLE OF GOVERNMENT. AND IT IS WE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE EMPOWERED TO EXECUTE THAT VISION BY OUR CHOICE IN A PRESIDENT AND CONGRESS. WE ARE NOT STUPID BUT WE ARE FED UP WITH THE ARROGANCE AND SELF SERVING ATTITUDES OF ALL WHO ARE PAID BY US, BUT IGNORE US AND OUR PRIORITIES/VISIONS/ETC.

Here’s where the rubber meets the road: I want an honest 2020 election subject to the constitution and laws of the land. I do not accept this election as it now stands. I am appalled our Republicans in the House and Senate are so gutless and so willing to acquiesce to the fallacy that the electorate must accept the pronounced outcome before an honest investigation and fair hearing of the evidence is heard.I am disgusted with the gamesmanship and trite excuses for not investigating. I’m sad our courts at all levels are politicized and populated with activist judges, who like are representatives want to superimpose their personal agenda on us - the hell with the law!. I staunchly reject socialism/communism. I firmly support capitalism. I do not support globalism, BLM, redistribution of wealth under any guise or pretense, the current climate change fiasco, which is simply an excuse of the powerful to control the powerless.

I am thoroughly and vehemently disgusted that our Congressional representatives have allowed, and even supported, the loss of free speech; and they accepted the news blackout invoked by Silicon Valley by its controlling Oligarchs. These actions effectuated election interference on a magnitude not seen before in this country. It kept vital information away from the masses (the Biden Family corruption; the Incursion Chinese spies in vital American institutions, industries, government agencies,; the rapid development of covid vaccines; etc.) thereby influencing how many voted. Had this, and other reliable news, been made available, voters may have considered a differing outcome. Think about that!

And finally, I find it I unconscionable that the possible next President of the US may not only be crooked, neurologically impaired and unable to serve out his term, he may be a known national security liability because of his and his family’s financial connections to not just the CCP, but also the Russians, Ukrainians, and others. I fear a return to many of the Obama era policies and politics because they corrupted our government and it’s law enforcement and national security agencies, along with our House of Representatives that falsified impeachment charges against a sitting President; was divisive and caustic; subjugated American foreign policy to that of other supposed world powers and globalists; was economically irresponsible - e.g. sending cash to the Iranians; was deceptive - e.g. Obamacare; was anti- military; sanctified corruption of his various Cabinet members - Hillary Clinton and her influence peddling plus computergate; Joe Biden influence peddling via Hunter Biden; etc.

I, also, fear that the Democrats will alter our government institutions by packing the courts, adding states to the Union, disbanding the rule of law, and eviscerate our Constitution al guarantees.

In conclusion: the least you can do via investigations and hearings is assure us that the election was honest and fair. And if not, execute the laws which allow for a different outcome.