Tom Brady

Subject: Tom Brady
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 8 Feb 2021

Personally I'm so tired of seeing tom brady holding up championships after championships not having he got game as a nfl quarterback one of the top quarterback in the league but, you would think other nfl teams would eventually get to a superbowl and win one. I start to wonder if other teams isn't been in prepare enough for this guy for him to continue to win championships perhaps better studying by defensive coordinators you would think some of these coordinators would come up with a better scheme to take this guy out of his game so far it hasn't happen. Sometimes perhaps wonder if nfl teams is taking a dive for Brady or nfl defensive teams isn't playing smart defensive less penalties . Either some players or coaches is taking some kind of bribery from Tom Brady either way this guy continuing in winning at the highest level of his football career over forty years old! Nfl teams need to step up their level of playing defense when it comes to # number 12 take him down out of his game rhythm one and for all . You know he pretty damn full of himself perhaps even more outside of football. Oh course he just as a a**hole as a human being as well his friend Donald Trump both full of sh*t f* you brady! Just hoping one day one nfl team will step up their challenges and Take Tom Brady out of the NFL one and for all send him to his retirement one and for all