There is no "Old Taylor" "New Taylor"

Subject: There is no "Old Taylor" "New Taylor"
From: an annoyed, teen fan
Date: 9 Nov 2017

Taylor Swift entered the music industry in 2006 when she was seventeen years old. She's nearly 29 years old now. It's been thirteen years and somehow, no one expected any kind of change ever. She changed from country to pop and I've seen hundreds of comments about how they miss the "old Taylor".

Now, she's changed some aspects (less than a full genre change), but today, I saw a comment on my favorite Taylor Swift song's music video reading: "Old Taylor 1989-2017".


Taylor Swift is allowed to change her style as much as she wants. Everyone considers themselves a "true fan" and says the "if you're a true fan..." crap. Well, then let Taylor change. You don't have to keep listening. I know damn well that tomorrow when Reputation is released on iTunes, I'll be listening to it all day and for a while after that because I just love it. Gorgeous makes me really happy; LWYMMD and ...Ready for It? get my blood pumping and make me excited; but all four of them make me want to sing along, no matter what.

Taylor does the nicest things for her fans, so can everyone just calm down? I don't know any other celebrities who send their fans "Swiftmas" presents or address them BY NAME on Tumblr and respond to people's posts about their engagement or whatever.

Taylor Swift did not die. She changed her style in a less drastic way that it's being made out to be.