Thank You CC, DD,GA and FOX Network

Subject: Thank You CC, DD,GA and FOX Network
From: A Phile
Date: 23 Feb 2016

I wanted to take the time to say Thank you Chris Carter. Not just to you, but to David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as well. Thank you FOX network for giving an old Phile like me, an amazing walk down memory lane. Imagine my surprise all those months ago when I woke up on my day off futzed around the house turned on my laptop logged into my facebook account and in my notifications it said one of my sons had tagged me in a photo. Now this child lives in another state from me due to work, so I was extremely curious as to what he was tagging me in. I squealed just like a kindergartner on Christmas morning when it was picture and announcement of the return of The X-Files. I giggled like a child with a new puppy when my phone rang and the theme song played as I read the article. Yes, I use and have used for years that theme as my ringtone. I sat down and did the math, and knew just when I had to start re-watching the show in chronological order. I included both movies as well. As the years past have shown we Philes are a bunch of people who "Don't Give Up." We always search for "The Truth" that's out there. We always wanted to believe that the story was not over. Yes, I read every article, every possible scrap of information on the web in regards to the revival, and can I say BRAVA!!! For a job well done.
From "My Struggle" all the way through "My Struggle II" I loved each and every episode. I loved the nods given to the first 9 seasons in every episode. I loved seeing Mulder and Scully together again. I loved the memories of my sons and their infancy being brought back. Memories of their childhood, interspersed with The X-Files. How my boys tell all their friends their mom is an X-Files nerd. I really did enjoy this part of the journey, and must admit it was too short, and too sweet like a high school reunion. Dare I say spoiler alert? I dare please, I beg of you do not leave us waiting for another 20 years to get the answers to how you left us. Please I beg of you, don't ask us to campaign, show our support when you know its there. We love you guys, and when ever you knock we will always open our doors, turn on our tvs, dvr's, get streaming channels just so we can sit down and visit again. I love the way you joined all the older threads, into newer threads. How you added to the wonderful tapestry that is The X-Files. But please don't make us wait too long for more. Please give us your fans that which we desire, whether its a continuous limited run for the next 5 or so years, or one or two more movies that show us where this journey led us. We understand you have lives that do not include The X-Files, we understand time constraints. We get that. We understand that because we are the ones that tune in and watch. We wait patiently for every dribble of information. We just ask that you don't make us wait another 20 years for a look at where things have gone. But most of all Thank you for these 6 new episodes, thank you for this wonderful visit. Thank you, and we can't wait until you come back again.