Subject: Terrorism
Date: 13 Jun 2016

Terrorism!.. Part-1
A Scary alarm frightened again in the morning
the news retain to be continued as a violence takes place
More than many of people's are dying again
Many school children's are not back to their Home 
There parents are unaware to hear
That their children has been killed 
Just to see on the Place which is a bank of mixed blood
Were innocent life's been turned off!..
Threats alive with humour of daily life 
Blamed the cohere unexpected situations 
Every Second there is a risk on a life
Same point rises again, who is behind in this
Tearful face of a frightened home is the answer of Terrorism 
Liberty of dying is the answer of Terrorism
Humanity gets lost is the answer of Terrorism 
We Have many answers to give For Terrorism but does we have the question why Terrorism Take place in the world, what we did, why they want to Kill us?...
Again a March of Gathered peoples around 
The world to stand with a lamp for the Peace 
Still the living lives are Lost in the flame of buried ashes
No implementation writes the surviving position 
Just to pray for them whose soul are rest in the peace today to get a better life tomorrow,
The innocent will never die until we keep walking for the Peace!! Peace is that word which can kill the whole terrorism in a one breeze, if every country unites by one aim, to clean this dirty shit, which hurts us always than automatically the growth of freedom will be more powerful!.. it's better to be fighter to fight for a good reason nor a fearful tearing mind!!.. The main reason why Terrorism is getting more powerful, it's because of Money, it is that thing which can give the power to buy anything in the world!.. terrorist are the humans for being an Evil side is their nature, their main aim for being a terrorist is as like a bird who is very thirsty and finding Some water to drink, but someone have given the poisonous, which bought them to the death road & that poisonous is nothing but a cause of "Money"
Terrorism spreads there hazard around the World they rule on us every day because we are frightened life we have our own family & the dream's Which we have seen is to pursue it, but life is connected with many different peoples to whom we nurture so as a person of a country try to be a caution from every side and try be a peaceful person in life as well as in home.
Terrorism is a frightened World it takes us an unexpected place where the word peace is burdened in the soil, Only the terrorism rule by their action to kill the innocent people until they get been killed by some one, terrorism can divides killing life but they unity the people's 
Terrorism is something that each and every person is unaware from where it comes & from, where it goes, it is a terrible time to survive with a such a situation to solve this situation is to stand for one mission 
Is "To Clean the Dirty Shit is to make a country Clean & Bright"!..
The contribution needs to improvise the method for resolving the aim For racist Terrorism!..
Now the Terrorism is known by their action, but if we do aim to clean it out than the Word will be only in the dictionary not in the actions!!
We just need a hand to be as a one for fighting a solitary war against terrorism!..
May Terrorism brings tears in your Eyes today, but tomorrow we will sweep them out from the world by being all one!!.. Being something, for a reason!!...