The Story of my 1963 Fender precision bass and Bruce Springsteen

Subject: The Story of my 1963 Fender precision bass and Bruce Springsteen
From: Donal Henny
Date: 21 Aug 2017

Hi my name is Donald Henny and this is the story of how Bruce Springsteen got to play my bass; My 1963 Fender precision bass.
Mike Appel and I have been friends for over 50 years we played together in a band and Greenwich Village in 1965 call "The Balloon Farm". I thought the band was leaning to the commercial end of the business and I wanted to be more avant-garde so Mike and I parted ways.
Then in the early 1970s Mike called me and asked me if he could borrow my bass guitar because he was doing a session with his new discovery Bruce Springsteen and needed some Punchy Bass lines for a few of the songs in the album. So I brought the bass over to 914 Studio on 9W I walked in told the receptionist who I was and was told to walk through the door of the studio. When I got inside and looked around I saw a gigantic calliope, Mike came out from the control room took the bass from me and said he'd call me when he was finished using it.
About two weeks later my called and told me they were finished with the base and I could come pick it up that day so I did. I entered the studio and Mike motion to me to come up into the control booth so I did and there was Bruce Springsteen hugging my bass guitar and jokingly saying we featured it on the album . I said nice man, send me a copy when it gets pressed okay send me a copy when it gets pressed okay. I have never gotten a copy of the record from either Bruce or Mike.
The reason I'm telling this story is because the base is going to be for sale in hopefully in November at Guernsey's Auction House. So if you have an interest or you know anyone that has an interest in purchasing the space please refer them to me
thank you