Second Open letter to the Bishop of Winchester

Subject: Second Open letter to the Bishop of Winchester
From: HG
Date: 20 Feb 2015

Formal cease and desist warning letter, warning Bishop Tim Dakin and the Diocese of Winchester to cease to harrass and harm the Vulnerable Adult known as HG by producing press releases and reports and reports about her:This letter contains a full explaination of the harm being inflicted on the abuse survivor known as HG.

16/05/2014 Winchester

Dear Bishop Tim Dakin, and clergy, employees and staff,

I am writing regarding your continued harm to me in the media and press.

I am writing to explain to you that you are harming me and that you must stop.

Last year I wrote you a legal letter and asked you to desist from harassing and harming me, I received no response.

Last year you illegally and wrongly had me traced and allowed a hate campaign that smeared my name when you released a report known as the 'Korris' report, you allowed this report to be published on the web despite the fact it was harmful to me and inaccurate.
You refused to remove or amend this report despite the fact that it caused me severe psychological and social harm.
For example I was easily recognized from it, there are not many autistic homeless women on the streets in my age bracket who have been abused by church.

As a result I was made to leave my church where I had support and felt safe, my name was then released to the general public by Philip Bailhache, one of the members of the group of the church officer-lawyer-judiciary-freemason group who ran the hate campaign against me as a result of the inaccurate and permenantly injurious Korris report, which you did nothing about.

As a result of your release of this report without my imput and the subsequent media hate campaign, and complete strangers maligning and condemning me, I suffered illness, and have not recovered, last Autumn I was forced leave college as a result of your reports and the response to them, last autumn I was so sick and tired that my friends were unable to remain supporting me as they had been as we rebuilt my life, and I was severely ill as a result of waiting for you to publish a report that you had been told was conflicted and done against me by a conflicted judge with connections with Philip Bailhache, the report was known to be biased in order to clear the Dean and defame me, and yet you have left me suffering and waiting for this report which will destroy me, to be published.
This report was written with 8 hours of interview from the Dean by Dame Steel, and a member of your clergy, Gavin Ashenden who is a lawyer and former chaplain to the Queen was also interviewed even though he was not in Jersey when I was there and has never met me, but has been very loud in his support of the Dean and his damnation of me, he has played a key part in the smear campaign against me, as he is qualified to credibly defame me and support the Dean.

I have not been interviewed for the Steel report, as you know, just as my views were ommited from the Korris report, and safeguarding officer, Jane Fisher, who has harmed me and got me a criminal record, was able to influence the Korris report, ensuring that her behaviour was omitted.

You did not contact me previous to the Korris report being published, you did not ensure that I still had a complaint or that I wanted to proceed with a complaint, you did not ensure that my views were included and you did not take into account the psychological and social harm to me that the Korris report caused and is causing, you are aware and have made the general public aware that the Steel report will harm me, you do not appear to see fit thus to repress the publishing of this biased and defamatory report, which cannot be produced without harming me, the knowledge of this biased and defamatory report has been harming me severely for a year, and the Dean has stated he looks forward to it's publication, while my pleas and the pleas of people who know Dame Steel is conflicted and has done this report to absolve the Dean have been being sent to you for a year and have been ignored while you have allowed this report to proceed.

You do not know my side of things, you were not Bishop when Jane Fisher and Michael Scott-Joynt, aware that they had no power in Jersey, let me take the burden of what happened and did nothing, while I was left in a state of childhood by the churchwarden who regressed and abused me, left in that state to face the shunning in the community by the churchwarden's many connections and friends in church and other organizations, I was left to face a group of interconnected members of church laity - freemason - police - states - judiciary who gave me an inaccurate police record, saw me brutalized by police and treated as insane in order to ensure the churchwarden's reputation.

5 years later you launched into my life with the ill-informed Korris report and omitted my views and failed to add my views, leaving this report published on your website so that I could continue to be smeared, anguished and harmed, including complete strangers calling me mad and a criminal and other actions. These emotional anguishes have done lasting damage to my physical and mental health and it has taken all my strength to withstand this and not commit suicide, and your actions and refusal of my distress and views is an act of callous and unChristian hatred, why else would you leave a vulnerable and destitute adult suffering in this way?
To add, five years later when someone has, despite the damage, gone on with their life, is too late, both for the perpetrator and the victim, five years later is when wounds have been patched and memories are repressed or healing, and in my case, recalling Jane Fisher's repeated words 'It's in the past, why are you dragging it up?' and similar, although she never explained what or why, I had moved on and was in specialist psychological therapy, your actions in publishing the Korris report and allowing me to be defamed when I was voiceless and powerless meant that my therapy could not proceed, several breaks in therapy were allowed for you to have an opportunity to right the situation, but as you allowed it to drag on, I was forced to stop psychological therapy, which was greatly to my loss, and as you continue to harm me, I remain unable to proceed.

You and the Archbishop have recently, despite my pleas, continued press releases that cause me distress and disruption of my life.
After you shattered my life last year and I became ill, I was housed and have worked my way up to having a small flat and receiving daily support in the community, I also went through the process to become a full-time student in October, my wish to be in supported employment was at first rejected because of my state of health but today, when I would have been in a meeting to find a way round that, I had to cancel to serve these letters on you.
As a result of the continued harm and as a result of the very real possibility of me losing my life when you publish the conflicted Steel report, I am not going to be able to go into supported employment, or University, I am unable to keep my home and have no wish to be suddenly treated as I was when the Korris report was published, so once again, as your Diocese did in Jersey and as you did last year with the Korris report, you have left me destitute and destroyed, for no other reason than the fact that you have carried out a 'safeguarding' investigation that omits me when it is supposedly based on me and my historic complaint, and notably you focussed publicly and solely on my complaint against the Dean of Jersey, leading to the hate campaign and biased investigation, omitting the harm done to me by Jane Fisher and the police since I left Jersey, your investigation is thus not credible, especially as it omits my views, and is inhumane, especially as for 14 months I pleaded with you to stop harming me, and you have ignored me, thus showing your safeguarding complaint which is supposedly about me, to be nothing more than a prolonged act of harassment and harm to me, a voiceless and vulnerable adult.

Before you can release any more reports, you need to explain to me, and to the police and public, why what is effectively a very very severe and uncalled public punishment of me has been necessary after you have already had me imprisoned and given a criminal record, why you consider me not adequately punished by the criminal justice system that you have felt the need to twice destroy the efforts of someone with autism to remove themselves from homelessness and build quality of life, why you do not consider a criminal record enough of a permenant punishment and have needed to leave me publicly flogged and ruined, you have not taken such action against EY or FM for sexually assaulting me, indeed you have ensured both men and also any other abusers in your diocese are protected and provided for by the church in order to keep matters hushed up and the church's reputation protected, as happened with Malcolm Eastlake, the peadophile who worked alongside me in roles at my old church, he was called 'agood man really despite his peadophilia' and was not subjected to a publicly ruinous campaign of damage such as you have subjected me to.

Be aware that the above does mean that you are again, as Juliet Montague did years ago, telling me and the world, that because of my disability and trauma, I am considered by the Church to be worse than a peadophile, worse than someone who sexually assaults children and the vulnerable, and over the years that has been reinforced by your church in many ways, including Jane Fisher's bullying of me, violation of my human rights, personal life, privacy and dignity, and the way you have had me publicly brutalized by police and detained, while FM laughed at me in the street when I returned to Winchester homeless and destitute, because despite the fact that Jane Fisher was aware of the collaberation between the M's, Bob Key and the others to protect the churchwarden, ie they all say I am a troublemaker who makes false abuse allegations and they all get let off, Jane Fisher not only allowed this collaboration and furthered this bad name of me, she did not do anything about (FM). In fact she sent the Diocese's version of events to (JM) when I returned to Winchester from Jersey, despite the fact that (JM) was now acting on behalf of the abuser in Jersey and there was a complaint against FM as a result, despite the fact that JM never kept professional confidences but continually breached confidences to her family and FM and maligned me in the community, this led to me losing my closest friends on my return to Winchester, and both FM and EY had previous allegaltions of abuse against them and yet the church left me in their care and destroyed me for the resulting situations.

In everything, you have destroyed my character and community and abilities and left me unable to believe in myself, and again I say, you did not do this to any sex offender in your churches ever, you did not decide that their record, if they ever got one, was not enough, as you have with me, and internationally defame and destroy them through reports published on your website and promoted in the local and national press.

What sex offender, wife beater or other criminal associated with the Church of England who has deliberately commited wrongs has ever been publicly destroyed by you in reports that leave them silenced and defamed and so psychologically injured that they cannot live a normal life and are left deteriorating in physical health as a result of the huge and malicious damage? I see not such reports against any rapist, any murderer, any wife-beater or fraudster on your website, I see only reports that damage and defame a vulnerable adult who has suffered repeated police beatings and homelessness as a result of the Diocese of Winchester's actions.
And noticably, the report is about one survivor, not a group, not all survivors of the Diocese of Winchester, you have singled out one survivor and have horribly destroyed her for 14 months and ignored her pleas for it to stop.
One survivor, who unlike a
rapist or murderer, has not deliberately commited a crime but was unable to cope with 13 years of harm and abuse at the hands of the Church of England.

What you are doing in harming me is completely lacking in integrity, an example being your illegal referral of me to the NSPCC, I issued a second formal complaint against Jane Fisher last year, as her actions have been omitted from all of this, and in response you allowed her to refer me to the NSPCC last year without my consent, which was ridiculous as the NSPCC is a children's charity and I am an adult, you then told the media that you had been 'working hard to get me support', do you not understand the psychological harm of the continued illegal interventions by Jane Fisher, who is responsibility for the police record and brutality from which I will never recover and the even worse harm of the dishonesty about this in the press?
The ludicrous situation of you recently harming me in the press by claiming that you 'have to find a way to release the Steel report without harming me' is ludicrous, you cannot issue a report done against me to absolve the Dean and not harm me, you claim to have a 'panel' investigating how to release the report without harming me, who is on the panel? Jane Fisher, my bet would be yes.

You cannot release that report, done against me and having ignored my pleas and omitted me, and not harm me, you will kill me, you have crippled my life and caused me daily anguish for 14 months, I do not understand how you, professing to be a Christion, can be as heartless, as without conscience or remorse or accountability to God as to release a report that you know is inaccurate, that you know is conflicted and that you know is not a true and accurate result of a safeguarding complaint, basically, you will kill me when you release that report, and I have faced the end of hope and life and what I have built, and why? Because you have spent 14 months injuring me with what you call a safeguarding report, which has not safeguarded me, which has villified me, which has left me crippled, which has cost me my life and work and education and community and friends, how many convicted criminals in your church do you do this to? rapists, murderers, wife-beaters? No, there are no press releases, no media interviews, no reports on your website of you condemning a rapist, wrecking their life after they have been through the criminal justice system, and yet, you have done it to me, and are doing,

you claim to be trying not to hurt me, don't be stupid you have hurt me for 14 months and are hurting me beyond bearing, not just in your acts of hatred against me in the media and reports, but in the fact that you claim to have been investigating my claims and have done nothing of the sort, because you have refused to either include me or my mediator, you are aware I have emailed you, and you are aware my mediator has emailed you, you have refused to respond.
Now, how, if you ignore the person who you claim this safeguarding investigation is based on the complaints of, can you claim credibility in this matter?

You have vulnerable adult who has been made to suffer solidly for 14 months, on top of what she already suffered, and in the end you deny her side of things and allow the same people who hijacked the complaint and ran a smear campaign against her, to triumph, as they will in the local and national media, and already are doing as a result of you repeatedly and publicly clearing the Dean, from when you reinstated him recently, what better way to leave a victim ruined? and what better way to tell the world that the church is open to abusers and closed to the poor and vulnerable?

What better way to tell me, again on top of the thousands of times already stated, that I am of no worth that I should be made to suffer and be left dying defamed and ruined? And for what? A catastrphically mis-managed investigation which has acheived you publicly and repeatedly upholding a wrongdoer who has no conscience because his powerful friends thwarted any proper investigation, at my expense.

What I do not understand is why you felt the need to publicly destroy me, a public destroyal is not something a person ever recovers from, because it is not something that is ever forgotten, not by strangers who condemn me without knowing me, not by the people you put in the spotlight, not by me, not by anyone, the Korris report will not doubt, despite pleas, remain to defame and mislead for what remains of my life.

You have not done an investigation into my complaints yet, what you have done is a campaign of harm to me, obviously not accepting the criminal record you got me, you felt the need to publicly flog me and share my percieved sins with the world, while upholding in the public spotlight, those who are doing and have done wrong, I did not provoke you to treat me with hatred and contempt nor did I do anything to incite the acts of hatred and harm you have inflicted in your media campaign that does not represent the true story.

I am not going to say anything about how you are in the wrong with God, because I know that if you can do as you have done, you have no conscience and do not care, but what I will say is that if you and your actions and attitude are representative of Christianity and a senior Christian leader then the world has become a very dark place indeed.

The other very notable point in this matter is that you have branded me as mentally ill thoughout this matter but have not been able to give a specific because I am not, as my psychological report, available on my blog and to you through my email and your representative states, and as all reports as a result of being brutalized and detained state, I am not seriously mentally ill, I am autistic and suffered more trauma and psychological harm than I could cope with.

What you are doing in branding me and having me publicly flogged is this, you are stating to the world that, a) people with mental illness are not credible, b) people with mental illness have no rights and publicly exposing them and branding them is acceptable, c) it is ok to ensight hatred agaist people with mental illness, as you have done in Jersey and to complete strangers throughout the community who have damaged me as result of you inaccurate reports.

Generally your attitude and that of the church comes from the very dark ages and is severely misleading, damaging and inaccurate. And it is a great shame that throughout this matter, influenced by the words 'Bishop', 'Diocese', 'lawyers' and other big words, the police have taken the same attitude, and instead of protecting me from Diocesan intervention as asked to for six years, they prefer to beat me, detain me,jeer at me from outside the cell that I am mad and bad, for 'harrassing' the clergy who have destroyed me,

and act as if the perceived mental illness and suicidal despair are crimes, while continuing to allow you to harm me unchecked.
I would ask that from today onwards, you stop publicly judging and flogging me and upholding wrongdoers through reports, that you do not release the Steel report or any part of it, as it is conflicted and will be the end of me, you will be aware by now that I am dying and do not need to die estranged yet
again from my community and friends by a biased and defamatory report done against me on behalf of wrongdoers to absolve them, as you already publicly have, and to defame and destroy me.

In all of this you appear to forget the basic principals of Christianity and you are not representing God, you have forgotten that Jesus taught forgiveness, and the release of the Steel report would be an act of hatred towards someone who forgives her destroyers and has moved on and wishes to rest and die peacefully among her friends and community, you are about to again publicly flog a woman who has made her confession to God and been baptized anew and did not provoke your terrible dragging up of the past to flog her for 14 months solid at a time when she is trying to make her peace with the world and enjoy as best she can, the time she has left.

Finally and formally, I would ask that you desist from your actions against me in press releases and the release of harmful, biased and actions, I would ask you to stop harassing and defaming me and causing mental and emotional anguish by releasing reports and media statements and interviews that injure me.
This is a cease and desist warning letter from the vulnerable adult known as HG in your reports, press releases and interviews,
who is being harmed by you and has been harmed by you constantly despite her pleas daily by phone and email for this damage to stop.

You are aware from the content of this letter that if you continue this harm you will destroy this vulnerable adult and to no good result and for no good reason.

You are also aware that as a result of your actions I have written a blog, to tell you and others what has been happening to me, you will be aware if you read the daily blog, that I am deteriorating and that I am angry and upset and do not understand your unforgiveness, hatred, in what you are doing, effectively constuctively destroying me, for what reason? to what aim? To pander to the powerful men who answered your foolhardy public attack on one of their politicians, the Dean of Jersey?

You need to come to your senses and do as you should have done in the first place, deal with your clergy discipline matters in private, because no matter what I am perceived to have done in this six year one-sided matter, my side is suppressed, I am being destroyed, and you, if not a Christian, as a human being, should know that there is no good outcome for me in this and no reason for you to go on injuring me at this late stage.

Imagine if your daughter, Anna, was not from a wealthy, stable family and instead was vulnerable, alone and abused because of her vulnerability, imagine if she suffered years of harm at the hands of clergy and people who call themselves Christians, imagine her being publicly humiliated and imagine her standing there, curling up and dying inside, voiceless as relentless condemnation pours over her and she has no voice, as powerful people who claim to be Christians, publicly stone her and repeatedly destroy the life she has fought to build.

Can you imagine it? Can you imagine it? Can you see what you are doing to a vulnerable child of God? Can you stop before you prematurely extinguish a human life for the sake of the Church and wrongdoer's reputation? Or are you still human enough to remember the basics of Christianity and let this destroyed person die peacefully with her friends and community around her?

This letter asks again for you to stop harming me, to cease and desist. I enclose the formal legal letter sent to you last year in November in answer to the harm being inflicted and state that you have not ceased to harm me since then and that my correspondence with you has been me pleading with you as a result.
From the moment you receive this letter, you are to desist from any form of further harm to me.

HG, Jersey abuse complainant, known as ************* to the Diocese.
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