To Savannah, the girl who came out to her church

Subject: To Savannah, the girl who came out to her church
From: The LGBT+ Community
Date: 19 Jun 2017

To the beautiful, brave girl who came out to her church
Your story is inspiring. I cannot begin to imagine the trepidation you felt writing the speech you would read out to your entire community, or the way your heart pounded as you bared your soul to your church. It must have been crushing to face rejection like that after all the time you'd spent and the energy you expended.
You will always have a place and a home where you are accepted with the LGBT+ community. There will always be people who will try to beat you down but never let them get to you. Wherever you turn there will always be someone who understands and is willing to support you. That's the beauty of our community, we all stick together.
You are never alone. You have a wonderful Mother that loves you for who you are. You have your LGBT+ family.
I guarantee you that there will be a temple somewhere that will be willing to marry you and your future wife one day. This is a progressive age, where acceptance outweighs rejection.
Keep being you, keep making your voice heard.
This site has lots of resources for you, your family and your friends;
If you ever feel down and don't know where to turn there's a wonderful project that's free to call any time of the day and you can find out more here;
And finally there's a fantastic community on this app of people exactly like you;
All our love,
The LGBT+ Community