An Open Letter: We Are All Just A Bit Busy.

Subject: An Open Letter: We Are All Just A Bit Busy.
From: An open letter from your busy, but caring friend, child, spouse, grandchild, student, and everything in between.
Date: 18 May 2019

I have to start this off by stating some facts. I love everyone in my life, I am more than blessed, I am so grateful for every opportunity that I have been given, I know I chose to take on these responsibilities, and this does not contain complaints.

I have taken on the responsibilities of having multiple full time and part time jobs, volunteering, attending summer school, and trying to stay afloat. The reasons I have chosen to do these things range from needing to pay for school and debt, all the way to trying to get ahead in life to be able to do the things I love.

My life has given me many trials and also many victories, much of those victories have come with the help of my friends, loved ones, and people who are close to me and for that I am so thankful to everyone. Another thing that comes along with these responsibilities is the fact that I have very little time for myself, my social life, and those around me.

My intention has never been to neglect or not appreciate those who are around me. I want nothing more than to give these people my undivided attention and companionship, however sometimes my commitments get in the way of that. There is a certain amount of things in my life that I have a lot of control over those of which that I do not. Once I have given my word to something of someone I know I must fulfill that commitment to the very best of my ability. So that includes, working long hours, studying late after work, a lot of driving around, pretty much living out of my car someday because I have multiple different things to do in a day, not getting to sit down for family meals, and always trying to just make things work.

With that being said, I now must say that none of this would be possible without all of the support that I receive from those around me who take time out of their everyday lives to help me. I promise that I want to know about your day, how your relationship is, what you’re doing this weekend and the latest news from your life. So please, even if I don’t ask and don’t always answer right away, I still want to know.

Something else that I have to own up to is being a bit bad for reading a message and then saying I will answer it later but never do because I forget. I am also guilty of missing calls and never checking my voicemail or call log. For this reason I want everyone to know that I would love it if you notice that I haven’t answered in a few hours to maybe just say hi again or even send a question mark just to bring it to my attention once again.

I know that the people who are close to me are aware that I do care and that I love then very much, and that this sort of lack of communication and radio silence is not very typical of me. But from May to the end of August I am in full speed of working, studying, and volunteering.

We are in the years of beginning our adult lives and settling into a lot more responsibilities than just some homework and an extra-curricular activity. Its such a great feeling to be on our own and taking on the world! But it can also be a bit scary. Bills can be scary, deadlines can be scary, job interviews and taking chances that may or may not work can be scary, losing people you’ve always had can be scary. Sometimes growing up is just a bit scary. But growing up is a privilege denied to many, including people we all have known and loved. So every second that I am growing up I am grateful just for having the chance to do so.

The point of this message is not only to explain my own situation, but also to explain the situation of many others. It is not that we do not care or are purposely neglecting those in our lives, but we are just trying to chip away at our own piles the best way we know how, just like you.

We love you all, and we appreciate you all. So this is a special thank you as well, to the moms, dads, grandparents, parent figures, siblings, friends and significant others who support us and understand where we are right now because they have been here too. Those who support us in these moments of challenge are the things that keep us going. You are all the spark that lights our flame and keeps us burning.

Please bear with us just as you always have, we promise we are on our way we just might be a few minutes late.

Sincerely your busy, but caring friend, child, spouse, grandchild, student, and everything in between.