An open letter to @varun_dvn

Subject: An open letter to @varun_dvn
From: Isha B
Date: 2 Jun 2016

Hi Varun,
I am writing this letter out of love & concern.We all know that you are a fantastic actor. Be it SOTY,MTH,HSKD,BADLAPUR,ABCD2,
DILWALE you have shown what you are capable of.You said that you wanted to be known as an actor & not a star.The audience are expecting a lot from you.Post Badlapur everyone is hailing you as the next superstar.Being a superstar does not mean only Box-Office success but also balancing it with content.Unfortunately,you seem to be stuck in the quagmire of comedy.Don't get me wrong.Comedy is difficult but doing only comedy & masala films is not good.I know you said that DISHOOM is a serious film.I have faith in you.Your range as an actor is outstanding.Please explore that range by doing more films on the lines of Badlapur.There is no pressure on you from us for perfoming at the Box-Office.We want you to be known as Varun the actor rather than Varun the BO king.I hope you understand what I want to say.Sorry if I hurt your sentiments.Ciao.