An Open Letter to Terrorists

Subject: An Open Letter to Terrorists
Date: 15 Nov 2015

Dear terrorists, suicide bombers and mercenaries,

You might believe your deadly attacks are causing fear and panic, all while signal boosting what you stand for.

You might believe these attempts at causing terror will help you gain followers, or maybe scare everyone enough so we stop fighting. So we cower and let you beat us to the ground, as if we were mice, easily crushed under your feet.

You may be brainwashed into thinking this, or you may think it of your own accord.

Either way, you are wrong.

Because we, the people of the world, will NOT bow down to you. We will NOT cower, scamper and hide while you destroy our lives, tear apart our families and turn our homes into piles of rubble.

We WILL stand strong. We WILL come together and face your threats head-on. We WILL resist you.

You may have succeeded in causing fear in Baghdad, in Syria, in Lebanon and in Paris. But you have also failed, because the world stands with the injured, and the world does not fear. You have brought us together, united us in the face of your atrocities.

You have also failed in your efforts to instil terror in our hearts. We are not afraid of you, because we know that your hatred is nothing compared to the love we share. You have made us determined to fight, to protect our homes, our lives, our families — to protect the people of the world.

You cannot win, because the world stands against you. We have linked arms with each other, and we will NOT let you win.

Remember this, because if you chose to leave your hatred behind, to end your reign of terror and band with us, we will accept you. If you are being forced to do such acts under threat, let us know, and we will help you.

We, the world, are one. We need to abandon petty rivalries and violence. We need love and humility. We need to become the united people we are meant to be.

Now, as if you haven't already done enough, you are threatening Canada. You tried scaring us last year, but we were not afraid. You can try scaring us again, you can say we won't "feel safe in our bedrooms," but our answer is the same.

We are not afraid.

All you do is bring is closer together. We are one, and we stand as one.

With love from a teenager who is done letting terror win.