An Open letter to SULTAN Salman Khan identity Killers !!!

Subject: An Open letter to SULTAN Salman Khan identity Killers !!!
From: Sanam Nawaz
Date: 26 Jun 2016
Salman Khan

It is rediculous how ppl are reacting to a simple slip of tongue ,,,nothing intentional at all about rape victims ,,In any work we love to do ,,, some parts of our work are way too stressful and drive us insane and we all normal human beings make thoughtless remarks about work ,, call our bosses and coworkers bitches ,,,b******** , and God knows what not ,,,,etc on a regular basis ,,,AND WE LAUGH IT OFF !!!!,,,And here when a Legendary Humanitarian ,,Mr Salman just uttered something a bit frustrating about his experience and immediately realized and said he should have controlled d word ..The Media is cruel to Salman ,,,,and all those who criticized him without a thought ,,,
Arbaaz is right if Salman had said he worked like a donkey ,,, sure animal supporters will file a case and all d donkey haters would have suddenly become donkey lovers !!!!and ask Salman to apologize to d donkey species ,,,,,and I'm sure the donkeys would be more sensible and not mind it all ,,It take a lot of heart and wisdom which the judging public may not have enough ,,,with due respect ,,,,,to understand what tender characters make a humanitarian a, Legend ,,,,,And he does not have to apologize for a mistake he hasn't done ,,,,, PPL ,,,ask ur tongues u must have done INTENTIONAL millions of such insensitive comments .:::: to goto jail for d rest of ur lives ,,,,the unfair cruel ways YOU treat a good hearted generous Salman ,,,,,,,,,Allah knows best !!! Let's Put a camera on ourselves and live a day with a clean tongue without any disrespectful words towards family , friends and forget strangers ,,,,We'll know how tender and fine Salman is ,,,
Plz Get back to better work ppl !!!! Just because YOU don't understand him .... And Kabhi kabhi ,,jo Khud Matlabi Hota hai woh acche nek logon ko Bhi unhin aankhon se dekhta hai ,,, kabhi yunhi aur kabhi jaan bhoojh ke ,,,,bad naam karne .......with due respect to the rape victims ,,,as a women .myself ,,.I can know which man is not mocking you ,,and actually which men n public are using you to create a scene ,,,.MashaAllah he is a gem ....and only gem like ppl are his friends family and supporters !!!!