Open Letter to Rapists

Subject: Open Letter to Rapists
From: Alexander M. Le
Date: 8 Jun 2016

This is an open letter to rapists in response to Brock Turner's measly 6 month jail sentence and his father's pathetic excuse of a letter.

Dear Rapists:

Go rape yourselves.

Violently tear off your own clothes, punch yourselves until you bleed, stick foreign objects down your throat and up your ass.

Even better...get real drunk around a group of convicted rapists and let them rape you while unconscious just to wake up in pain and with any self worth you had fallen into pieces near where you lie.

Crazy, right? No way in the world you would do that to yourself, right? What in the world convinced you to think that it was okay to do those things to another human being?

A woman dressed "sexy" is not distributing open invitations for sex. She's proud of the way she looks and more power to her for dressing in such a way. My light just turned green and you're in my path crossing the street. Is that an open invitation for me to run you over?

A drunk woman's slurred speech is not a mating call. She's someone who unfortunately underestimated her alcohol tolerance and needs your help. Help her, not take advantage of her.

An unattended drink is not screaming for Rohypnol. It's meant to be watched over and protected. She deserves to unwind at a bar with a drink without having to worry if she leaves it unintended to use the bathroom that she'll wake up in a strange place the following day. Respect her space and belongings, don't violate her.

Six months for raping and destroying the life of another human being? Six months because a "prison sentence would have a severe impact on you"? What the hell!

Your victim mustered all the strength she had. All the courage to openly read her 12 pages of pain, despair, sadness, anger and resentment. A letter that I tried to read in full three times, but could not read it to the very end because of the anger brewing inside of me toward you. Her letter moved mountains, hearts, and the spirits of rape victims all over the world and at the end you still only get 6 months.

She had to go through all of this anguish or as your ridiculous father wrote, "20 minutes of action", just because you weren't man enough to get a hall pass for your dick. If only you asked politely and was ready for rejection ("NO" MEANS NO) at the same time none of this tragedy would have ever happened. Your victim would have never wished to "take off her body like a jacket and leave it at the hospital with everything else." Now all she's left with are the phantom pains of pine needles pricking her and the image of a Nikon focused on her battered body and sore violated vagina. You euthanized her vagina, it will no longer be the same... She'll no longer be the same again...

I hope that you get to read this, Brock.

To all the rape victims around the world, I’m with you too.

Alexander Le
Concerned Human and Advocate for T.B.T.O. (The Better Treatment of Others)