An Open Letter to Prince William County VA Govt. DSS, DFS, CPS and COURTS (JD & R :: CIRCUIT)

Subject: An Open Letter to Prince William County VA Govt. DSS, DFS, CPS and COURTS (JD & R :: CIRCUIT)
From: A mother who will fight and give her last breath to ensure the physical and emotional safety of her child and not hesitate to hold the courts legally accountable for their blatant and egregious misconduct and lack of diligence.
Date: 20 Sep 2016

An Open Letter to Prince William County Govt.

My Name Does Not Matter
Because It WILL NOT Change a Thing
Loudoun County Virginia

September 20, 2016

Dear Anyone Who's Been Betrayed By the Courts and Trusting the System and All Those Who Take an OATH to Uphold the Law and Choose NOT Too,

This letter is for everyone who has been failed by the corruption in Prince William and will hopefully act as a warning to all those seeking answers. The way I see the courts are 0 for 2 with my now 5-year-old son, as well as 0 for 2 for his 9-year-old half sister. I am still very close with my ex-step daughter's mother and as such feel, I can speak on this. The matter of the fact if my ex a resident of Prince William, Virginia and he is a dangerous predator to children and women as a whole, in almost 4 years he has severely and traumatically hurt both these children. Luckily I have primary physical custody and know my child is safe, I wish the little girl's mother could feel the same. Somehow our mutual ex a true monster and shit stain on society is allowed to have this child unsupervised.
The first interaction came when you became involved because my ex-husband their father threatened to kill me with a loaded gun in from of my then 5-year-old step daughter and almost two-year-old biological son. He was then given a deferred finding plea deal and allowed to keep his carry conceal From this point even with prior protective orders protecting my biological son and I you keep seemingly siding with the abuser their father and intentionally and directly putting the lives of young children unable to fend for themselves in danger. From this point, it's been court date after court date for alleged and proven abuse in the father's home with PPO’s put in place, agent after agent investigating legitimate claims against the father without fail weeks later having a malicious claim against myself that is always unfounded. Further, now we have a child who has been duct taped in the father's home and this is not seen as enough to take away the custody from the father and replace his 3 days a week with supervised visits we have an allegation of attempted sodomy on the child by the father voiced by the child. A child who is 5 and shouldn’t know a winner gets inserted into a butt, a child who shouldn’t be showering with his father period at his age. A child who was truthful when the duct tapping happened and discredited due to his age as he will be again. A child who admitted the attempted/ propositioned sodomy to a CPS worker but was not video recorded so it can not be entered into evidence by VA law. A child who has a Guardian Ad Litem and no one see a need to file an emergency change of custody for his emotional and physical safety. A child who I as his mother filed a PPO that was denied in front of judge Bailey in JD & R and it was denied with the duct taping and then told by said judge “Let CPS handle it.” However, the Protective Order didn't stay in place and if someone did something 2 years ago when this occurred then this continued and more brazen abuse would never have been able to have occurred. A child who all this has happened too and is in bi-weekly therapy as a result with no financial help from the father and allowed to miss appointments because the father's attorney threatens the mother if she won't release him on the weekends as he the father gets one a month. Further this time even with an allegation of credible nature with witnesses to parts of the events no police investigation as of yet has occurred and we are now the almost week into the allegation. A child who is afraid his father will kill his mother from his own words. A child who stories of showers with his father is backed up by his sister in the home. A child who is terrified of returning to his father's home. A child who I blame his PTSD and attachment disorder on PWC courts for direct negligence. A child whose father in 2014 uploaded nudes photos of his mother and faced no consequences. A child whose father retained and disseminated photos of a 16-year-old girl at the time online publically viewable ion a porn site naked and explicit and was never held accountable. A child whose father abuses his mother verbally and states he hates “his dad for being so mean to his mom.” A child who said he knows “daddy is a bad person and he scares me.” Yet the courts and DFS/CPS/DSS won’t protect him, and if I as his mother try I get reprimanded by judges that have 30 minutes for a hearing to 2 hours, which is not nearly enough to cover all the history make a decision and look badly upon me (as they have before) for not following the court order to a tee. A mother making ends meet pro se because the father hasn’t and won’t help with a single bill although court ordered but will threaten legal action and never show without an attorney or team of them by his side against the child's mother pro se. A court system how look as a blind eye to keep the tax dollars coming at the expense of the mental health of the children they are sworn to protect.
I know this letter won't change anything as I’ve contacted legislatures, the FBI about the father's child pornography distribution, the department about the malicious nature of the fathers false complaints, the police about the uploading of my nudes, CPS about how the father is responsible for the duct taping to as he hired that live in provider and as such is responsible and nothing, a court system who allows a man who threatened the life of his child's mother in front of the child (when the child still asks if daddy is going to kill mommy) and still allows this all to go on by turning a blind eye. I hope that accountability begins and the abusers are finally held accountable if I am a victim in such a drastic measure with repeated infractions against myself, my family and my child I can only image the other cases you all carry on your hands. My case is history repeating itself I don't want to be the next Hera McLeod in your court systems, I don’t want to have to bury a child due to your negligence and oversight, I refuse to let my boy be the next Prince McLeod, and you shouldn't allow this to happen either, you should uphold your oath to the people your were sworn to protect no matter how much of a caseload you may have. The next one you rush through, or close too soon could be any of our sons/ or daughters and this blood is forever on your hands, immunity in your position or not when they needed the protection most you failed them intentionally and recklessly. When his father has nothing left and finally kills me as he's previously attempted or kills my son let this serve as my last testament.

A mother who will fight and give her last breath to ensure the physical and emotional safety of her child and not hesitate to hold the courts legally accountable for their blatant and egregious misconduct and lack of diligence.