Open letter to our Father

Subject: Open letter to our Father
From: Frank Ammerlaan
Date: 9 Jun 2015

Swimming in the deepest ocean
Or flying, high up in the air
God always sees us
As we are
He knows we are
He is witness to all things we dare

He asks us to honor Him
With our whole heart, soul and mind
And to love every other person
Friend or foe, as our own kind

I picture Him
A friendly old man
Full of love, always kind
He is always trying to help us
To do each other
As good
As we might

Someday I hope
To be in His paradise
His Kingdom, may it come
It must be a joyful place
No more pain, no more sorrow
Not for anyone

In this we are all different
In our worship for Jahweh, our Lord
In this respect, everyone is playing
a different tune
a different accord

I wish we could all share in this
And together, someday soon
Play Him some music
Make Him a song
Something beautiful
Something awesome
A totally matching
Kingdom tune