An open letter to Michelle Borth, The "listers" and supporters on both sides

Subject: An open letter to Michelle Borth, The "listers" and supporters on both sides
From: A few of us sick of seeing your bullshit (yes both parties)
Date: 16 Feb 2014

I firstly implore you all, read this to the end, you may start reading and think that I am taking sides, I assure you I am not. I am pointing out some valid things on both sides.

Firstly to the Listers. I do love that name, whoohooo, you made a list, good for you ;)
Imagine MB wasn't a celebrity but rather just some popular girl at high school, a cheerleader perhaps. Yes she's made some mistakes, the first of which was getting upset with people for criticizing the character she played (not the actress herself,) definitely she handled some things wrong. Let's go back to you all being high school students on twitter. Even though you are not tagging or mentioning her, we all know who you are talking about, twitter is a public forum. Is it right to publicly mock a person (another high school student) even if not mentioning their name? The rest of the school can see, the rest of the school knows who you are making fun of. Do you get what I'm saying here, it's not nice, plain and simple, if kids were doing it online to a non celebrity we would frown on it. You want to mock someone, make fun of them, talk about them (even if they deserve it) do it in private in dm's, it's not that hard.

Next, Michelle, we know you've made some mistakes handling this, you're only human, however you need to grow a thicker skin. You're not a student in high school, you're an actress. Not everyone is going to like your characters, your acting, or even you. Deal with it, get over it, stop looking for those people and picking fights with them. Not everyone likes Scott or Grace or Daniel, they don't go picking fights with the people bad mouthing them.
Is it fair that as a celebrity you should be held to a higher standard when on social media, perhaps not, but it's life. Just like an adult should be held to a higher standard than a teenager, a celebrity has to be more socially responsible than an average person. You have a great deal of power over your fans, some of your fans adore you to the point that they are not completely mentally stable. You incite them and you end up with them wanting to defend your honour, you name names, they want to help you and make you feel better, they think they're doing you a favour and suddenly we end up with someone offering to hunt down the listers and kill them for you. Those who scoff at this, this happened yesterday.

Not one side is completely blameless here, yes one side started this by acting out, but both sides have continued it by fuelling the flames by tweeting even not naming people and by going looking on timelines for trouble and then getting upset about it. Can you both please just stop, ignore each other, all it takes is for one of you to take the higher road and act like the adults that you are and let the other simmer in their own drama free world of being ignored.