An Open Letter To Kim Kardashian

Subject: An Open Letter To Kim Kardashian
From: Christine Lee
Date: 7 Mar 2015

Dear Kim,

Please stop bombarding the internet with pictures of your vagina. Please. Just. Stop. Everyone is super happy you’re so proud of your naked body. But really, it’s enough already.
As a card-carrying member of the vagina club (translation; I have one too), I can assure you the world is NOT– I repeat NOT– your gynecologist. And (this will shock you) your vagina is not unique. Every woman has one pretty much just like yours. And you know what else? We’re proud of ours too even though we don’t air it out online like you do.

I know writing this open letter is giving you more exposure, and I’ve tried turning away. But like the killer in a bad movie, everywhere I turn, YOU’RE THERE. It’s creepy. It’s time to take some responsibility.

Now, I refuse to be a mean-girl blogger writing nasty, foul-mouthed words without regard for you Kim, the human whom these words are about. So, please take my criticism constructively.

Consider how what you think are positive actions–uploading infinite “Sexy Kim” selfies that make you feel popular, valued & relevant–are actually negatively affecting millions of people. People you don’t know, but who are forced to know you.

Whether you realize it or not, you are glorifying vanity to a level that is frightening and extreme. An army of impressionable young girls and boys are learning that posting naked and narcissistic pictures online is not only okay, it’s cool. Is a world where self-respect is based on conceit a place you want your baby girl growing up?

Parenthood usually brings out a protective nature in us. It makes us want to set a finer example for our children, no matter how wild we were before they came along. Since your daughter was born, your selfie posts have gotten more frequent, more graphic, and have even included the ultimate in selfishness–cropping out your own child to showcase YOU.
We all want to do things that make us feel good. I get it. I’m a wife, a mom and I work. But posting photo-shopped pictures for instant gratification online doesn’t really lead to happiness. I think YOU know that, but I’ll bet millions of your young followers don’t. It’s that pesky,”with great power, comes great responsibility thing” that keeps getting in the way, right?
You’ve mentioned that your nude pictures are art, and that’s fine. You also say you regret making that infamous sex tape and wish people would stop talking about it already. Don’t you get it? What you’re posting now keeps “Porn Kim” alive. And truthfully, to most people in the real world– not your surreal world– there is no difference between Porn Kim and Art Kim.

So many people–stars or otherwise–stand for something good and that something compels you admire them further. When I tried to see what is important to you, Kim, it’s KIM. Your own brother, Rob Kardashian skipped out on your wedding to Kanye because you reportedly made him feel embarrassed and depressed over his weight. And when you do raise money for a cause, well, let’s just say investigations are ongoing as to whether you keep more than you give, thereby making a profit off a charity auction.

I for one really hope that’s not true. Because despite your public persona, I still am optimistic that you are MORE than just a gorgeous face with a fabulous closet filled with designer clothes. That’s why I’m taking the time to share my opinion with you. You are a wife, mom, sister, daughter, business woman. I would love to see that you’re NOT the one-dimensional caricature you insist on serving up to the masses.
Being confident is awesome. Loving your body is awesome. Being a successful woman is awesome. But the next time you get the urge to take a velfie (vagina selfie) pull out a hand mirror instead, and stare away. I don’t care. That doesn’t affect me.

But your incessant, egocentric, calculating, opportunistic, obnoxious, shallow posting online does.
I am not a prude. I don’t have anything against nudity. You are a beautiful, stylish woman. I’m simply sick and tired of the “look-at-me-I’m-naked-again” and “look-at-me-I’m-wearing-haute-couture-again” overexposure. It’s not new. It’s not fun. It’s not cute. It’s not adorable. It’s not fresh. It’s not empowering.

It’s harassment. If the world could sue you, I think we’d win.
Of course, you might say, “don’t like it, don’t look.” My response to that involves a famous quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. who said, “my right to swing my fist ends where your nose begins.” In other words, Kim…you certainly have the right to go topless, bottomless, completely nude. But that right ends when your vagina keeps smacking the rest of us in the face.
We’ve seen you naked. Now kindly cover up, and show us your brain.


Christine Lee