An Open Letter to Justin Bieber

Subject: An Open Letter to Justin Bieber
From: The volunteers at the Reaching Hand NGO, India
Date: 2 Feb 2015
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Dear Justin Bieber,
We write to you on behalf of the children living under the care of an orphanage. It is a good organization and we have grown to love these children a lot. We spend a lot of time with these kids and along the way we volunteers came together and recorded a track and made a music video of their favourite song- As Long as You Love Me. They voted for it all by themselves.
At first we could not understand why they loved this song so much. But as we spent hours in the beatboxing, singing, recording, video editing sessions we began to really listen to the words of your song and began to understand what this song meant to these kids.
We initially made this video for fun simply because they loved you so much.
Over the course of the two years that served as the run up to this final video another event arose in the lives of the children. The NGO has been asked to move out of the current accommodation for the kids, because the house owners need it for themselves. Fair enough. It is their house.
How ever we don't want the kids to be moved again by an outside force. We want them to have a home of their own. And so, we got desperate and looked at what we could do. We needed a hero and that's when we looked at the kids' hero, you. At first we just wanted you to watch this video and maybe tweet one out to them or give them a video message. But now we have decided to be bold and ask you to help these kids. Maybe even come meet them for yourself. For about 1.5 million US Dollars we can build this Dream Home for 500 children. For the cost of a medium sized house in Los Angeles you could build a home for 500 kids that have never enjoyed the stability of a permanent home. Once these kids turn to adults this space will serve as a home for another 500 kids and so on.
The people that run this an NGO have done a great job and hence we volunteers help them out in any capacity that we can.
A number of local artists come and do workshops with these kids and now they have reached a point where they can sing, Beatbox, juggle, hula hoop and play soccer really well. At one point these kids were struggling with the basics of life and now they have this video that demonstrate skills that so many kids of much higher income levels cannot match. This NGO and the local artists have done a great job. But we really are in need of hero that could help build this #homefor500 over this next year.
Please help us build this home.
Thanks and regards
Emily and Jacob
Volunteers at
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