An open letter to Jules Power

Subject: An open letter to Jules Power
From: Kevin Naulls
Date: 14 Mar 2016

Dearest Jules...After watching your show yesterday afternoon, I was left with the sound of bitter criticism chirping across Heritage Court. Some said "too commercial," while others said "Urban Outfitters." My comment? You were simply "Jules." Sure, it is easy to make an Isabel Marant comparison, but you shouldn't be criticized for being a knock off when you are making what you love - since when does it make sense for one person to monopolize a market? Don't they know you tirelessly worked for Roots, one of the largest sweat pant outfitters across Canada? As if you don't know what you are doing.

In fact, I was so in love with your basics from fall/winter 2010, that it was a pleasure to see a grey short sleeve classic crew neck sweater with a fastened cuff-sleeve for spring/summer. It was truly minimalist and something I can see every one of my girlfriends wanting. And isn't that the point Jules? To make clothes that women will buy?

Yes, there are sweat pants everywhere and some are less expensive, but are we at a point where we will sacrifice fit for the dollar? If we are more discerning, then why aren't people reflecting on your detailing, or the fact that your cropped sweats this season fit like a glove? But since you aren't just the queen of the Canadian sweat, I'll move on.

Your chain maille knits were so tightly crafted, effortlessly falling just away from the body to showcase a casual elegance. Again I noticed you tapping into what I described as "luxury basics" - I said the same thing last season and you did not disappoint in perpetuating a simplicity that often read expensive.

You sent me down the runway again this season, or at least the girl I'd want to be. She was wearing a fitted navy blazer with tapered cotton sweats. Layering the blazer with a knit top added femininity, balancing the menswear elements and it would not be the only time you'd mix masculine and feminine. A grey cotton tank dress had a hard edge, for the girl who wants nothing flouncy, but the peek of lace under the skirt did not go unnoticed. Even the hard ones want to be girly, even if just a little.

The only deviation I saw were your short tiered skirts - I couldn't really tell how they fit as part of the whole. They were excessively feminine and despite being well made, I longed for some heavy-handed juxtaposition. Despite this minor deviation, I didn't have to wait long before my excited boyish fantasies resumed.

Your camel blazer over textured shorts and militaristic green shirt dress with heels were all perfect separates for spring/summer. Add to that your assortment of prints, including a finale poncho and you have won me over again.

Cheers to you Jules for dressing the coolest girls - if you build it, they will come. Despite some pretension from the peanut gallery, I'd say you are well on your way to making Canada a country of Power.

Your bearded admirer,

Kevin Naulls