Open Letter to Jersey's Safeguarding Partnership Board

Subject: Open Letter to Jersey's Safeguarding Partnership Board
From: HG
Date: 20 Feb 2016

Dear Safeguarding Jersey Partnership and LSBC, cc police and other agencies,

As you cut me off and delete my messages, I will re-iterate my formal complaint by email and also add a formal complaint that you don't have any right to try to silence a legitimate complaint and wouldn't treat the defendants in my case this way because they have status whereas I am vulnerable.

In 2013, the conflicted Jane Fisher, Stuart Gull, Bishop of Winchester, Glenys Johnstone and church dignitary Ian Gorst liased to create a series of Whitewash reports to ensure that church and police were collectively cleared at my expense while I was left voiceless.

Ian Gorst is openly conflicted in his support of the Dean and no report arranged by him is credible. Jersey Police treated me so horrifically that I will never recover, but Glenys Johnstone liased with the police without my consent, got only their side of things, and told Bob Hill that the police had done nothing wrong, a year before she made a token effort to contact me, having finished this whitewash report. This glaring misconduct has gone unchallenged by Senator Gorst or the church or police or press or indeed any authority, but that is very typical of Jersey. Jersey is a haven for anyone powerful enough to be protected by it's corrupt government and it's agencies, if they want to commit misconduct and abuse, they will, and will never be challenged on it.
And that is proved yet again as Stuart Gull remains the press stuntman for the police, showing off every few months in the news about abuse cases for the benefit of the care inquiry, despite his illegal actions in my case.

I am sure I am not the only victim of SOJP beatings for reporting abuse who sees this press stunt madness with horror and disgust, and as for the victims who the police have killed...

Jersey police's actions and their sustained efforts to make me out to be mad and their very serious and criminal dishonesty remain unchallenged, but who is going to challenge a corrupt police force overseen by a corrupt government?

In 2013, Glenys Johnstone claimed that the police had done no wrong, well if their serious misconduct isn't wrong, then Jersey is as dangerous as the fantasist bloggers think it is, Johnstone told Bob Hill that the police had done no wrong. I never authorized any conversation between Mr Hill and Mrs Johnstone, nor sharing of information nor any interaction at all, so Johnstone has broken the law in declaring her whitewash to a member of the public in Jersey, especially after she stood by and allowed Philip Bailhache to breach the data protection act and release my name and my abuser's name to the general public without any protest or action on her behalf or on behalf of the safeguarding team.

Indeed they have failed to respond to various complaints regarding my welfare at the hands of the conflicted church-states members in Jersey as lies continue to be released into the press by Philip Bailhache - presumably Gull isn't investigating Bailhache and nor are the church, even though he has posed a risk to children and the vulnerable by his actions in protecting paedophiles and other wrongdoers, which in turn has led to repeated abuses that Bailhache has showed no concern or remorse for.

The Bishop of Dover's claim that the churches in Jersey were safe could only have been a joke while Bailhache is lay chair of the synod, having publicly attacked me with no reaction from the church and having enabled abuse by defending various paedophiles and allowing them to continue to abuse, as well as the Dean having openly been a friend and supporter of my abuser and thus allowed to destroy me, aided by Jane Fisher, and that is only a small snapshot of the church's lack of safeguarding, but again, Willmott's press stunt was for the benefit of the care inquiry, and while what I experienced in the church has not been investigated or dealt with, Willmott is a blatant and knowing liar. But unchallenged in the 'Island without Safeguarding' of course.

Knowing that Stuart Gull is dishonest and willing to behave illegally, I would assume his repeat 'investigations into high profile figures' every time the care inquiry makes Jersey look bad are of this form 'pretend to investigate chosen people so that the care inquiry cannot investigate them, then let them off, having used the usual police and chosen lawyers Jersey Way, and thus the inquiry can do nothing about them', although some of the blogger fantasists think the inquiry are complicit, which wouldn't be that far fetched, to be honest, we know nothing will be done and nothing will change, the police in Jersey only have the power to brutalize and lie on record about vulnerable people, they do not have the power to hold to account the people who pay their wages/bribes delete as appropriate.

I can assure you with confidence, not one of those 'high profile figures' will be named, shamed or blamed, you will not see their names dragged through the mud, you will not see them lied about in the press as I have been.
Can you see the difference between the poor and vulnerable and rich and powerful in Jersey? There is no safeguarding or justice for the vulnerable, while the powerful in the police, church and states can act exactly as they please, and the care inquiry won't change that. Because it has no power.

As long as I remain voiceless, slandered and subjected to henious whitewashes, I will go on suffering and it will go on affecting my mental and physical health, so why has Glenys Johnstone not resolved this matter that she and the LGO and LSCB and Police complaints and social services have received for three years? Because you are determined to try and keep the 'Mad' label on me? Then you need to ask why you are in your roles at all.

Wouldn't you say that years is a bit too long for the safeguarding board, notoriously bad as they are, to resolve this matter?
I understand there has been another article about failures to safeguard, hence Gull's recent showing off, and presumably this is why so many people are viewing my blog and looking up Glenys Johnstone and Jersey Safeguarding Failures. Which reminds me of the trauma and damage Johnstone has done.

In 2014 Mike Higgins, a crackpot Jersey Deputy who meddles, and as a friend of Bob Hill, meddled dangerously in my case and damaged me, demanded answers from Ian leMarquand, who as you know, thinks one-off paedophilia is not a problem at all (as if there was any such thing), and who was also Home Affairs Minister, overseer of the police and also a Church reader and friend of my abuser.

LeMarquand failed to declare his conflict of interests and background as a reader in one church where I had been treated shamefully for reporting my abuser, and instead publicly defamed me and lied about me and my case in the States and in the press and media.

The Safeguarding board did nothing to prevent or act on this, because their job is not to safeguard the vulnerable but to protect powerful abusers such as Mr LeMarquand, who was allowed to go on and give evidence to the inquiry as a witness not as an abuser or paedophile protector.

I wonder if he is even one of Gull's 'high profile' fakes?
Higgins hasn't apologized for his actions against me, he is a bit like the bloggers, so deluded that they are doing good, they have no idea that it is human beings they are using, not puppets. Again it is a safeguarding issue, but as yet, there is no safeguarding in Jersey. Safeguarding presents in accountability, and Jersey is famous for not having any of that in stock.

Gull shouldn't be in a position of working with abuse victims or showing off about the high profile people that he will liase with lawyers such as Heather Steel to clear. He has had a formal complaint against him for his tandem illegal activities in liasing with Heather Steel illegally and with Glenys Johnstone while he was conflicted by his liason with Heather Steel to help clear the Church of England. So when are the safeguarding board going to act on this? Oh, they can't, they are headed by Gorst's chosen cover-up chair, Glenys Johnstone!

Unless the Care Inquiry can change this culture of back-scratching and blatant illegal action, then they will have been ineffective in changing things in Jersey, and judging by their secret meetings with Bailhache and others, they won't be making any difference, but presumably the whitewash reports are on hold until the care inquiry leaves.

But what is the point of all these whitewash reports? Just box ticking? Because while abusers and wrongdoers have had their say, I have not been invited to any fair or impartial investigation at all. I have been treated with complete contempt by the church and Jersey authorities, and the smear campaign makes people feel that is justified, it is not, there is no justification in attacking a vulnerable adult and drive her to despair, the law forbids you to attack a murderer or a rapist the way I have been attacked, so why have Jersey Police and the authorities allowed abusers and paedophile protectors to attack me as if they are shining angels? And why doesn't any single person in safeguarding or social services understand that if someone is abused and voiceless and provoked constantly they will get angry?!

Jersey Safeguarding board are obliged to call a genuinely independent investigation which includes me. They are not legally allowed to go on allowing me to be harmed or defamed.
Also, make sure a very strong point is made about investigating the illegal 'safeguarding' meeting that Bob Hill mentioned to me.
No consent was given by me. Also all the safeguarding board were doing was a box-ticking cover up for the diocese of winchester, make sure the diocese and their illegal actions are properly investigated, they knew Steel was conflicted, they also knew that I had a complaint about Jersey Police, and they knew that Gull would not be credibly allowed to liase with Johnstone and Steel as Steel had been named as conflicted and her aim of protecting the Dean on behalf of her colleagues the Bailhache brothers and Michael Birt was very clear.

The police were thus able to act illegally in covering their own tracks, aid Steel illegally, whitewash with Johnstone and leave me voiceless as the Bishop of Winchester boasted in the paper about reports and 'care' for me, which involved an illegal and inappropriate referral to the NSPCC which he tried to force on me and threatened me.

I know Jersey is inefficient and unable to safeguard or recognise corruption and illegal police-states-judiciary actions as wrong, but three years is a bit much for me to wit for resolution.

Dear LSBC if you put the phone down and cut off my messages about this, you are not fit for purpose, there needs to be a genuine serious case review now that includes ALL the abuse that I have survived in the Church of England and ALL the failures of social services and police and others and the criminal interferences by Jane Fisher, and the massive discrepancies such as her openly slandering me as a troublemaker when I returned homeless to my home town of Winchester and yet describing in the Korris rubbish the things she slandered me as a troublemaker as 'things that had been forgiven' isn't it funny how a devious liar like Fisher or Julie Wallman can re-write a story to suit their audience?

And speaking of Korris, it is very important that there is a serious review into that as it breached the data protection act, was an attack on me to cover up for the church, excluded me and my story, covered up for the police and Jane Fisher and failed to give a true picture, and not only that, it was sent to the police and published internationally as if it was fact and was thus used to base all following reports on. As yet there has been no apology, redaction or anullment of it at all.

(Make sure all these whitewashes are annulled and that I receive an apology from yourselves and the church).

Following on from that, the police liased illegally with Fisher again, my abuser and destroyer Jane Fisher, to try and cook up a way of clearing the abuser they had protected between them at my expense, the police decided they now had 'evidence' that apparently Fisher had witheld, but as far as I know, she has not yet been arrested for perverting the course of justice, why not?

Anyway, the police launched on me, presumably they expected me to be stupid enough to come to Jersey and be brutalized and called mad and flung in a cell while they cleared my abuser, instead, they got a formal complaint for harassing me.

Jersey police do not punish abusers, they punish their victims, and their first punishment of me, that day they first let my abuser go in 2008 was enough to leave me out of my mind, hence me going 'mad' as I did, and to this day I haven't recovered and I don't think I ever will, sometimes I am back there on St. Clements Bay, and the sea is frozen and the darkness is deep, and nothing will ever make the dark and cold go away, nothing.

The police came and got me that night brutally and viciously, brutalizing me, threatening to handcuff me and they threw me on the floor of a cell and slammed the door. And what had I done? Nothing worse than reporting an abuser, because back then, I really hadn't started fighting the church for justice. I was deeply traumatized and fragile and at breaking point, and what had the police done that day? sent me an email clearing my abuser and claiming that 'the poor man had learned his lesson and I should leave the poor man alone'.

This poor man is the one who laughed when he saw me in the street, a serial abuser who slandered me round the churches and went to services with the Dean who was supposed to be investigating him.

Jersey police's actions towards me that day, viciously assaulting me and flinging me in a cell while calling my abuser a '[poor man' caused me a massive breakdown that led to me degenerating rapidly and never recovering. You can bet your life that none of that is in Johnstone's whitewash. And the Korris report whitewash and brown-nosing of the police for fisher was unbelievable.
And Gull wasn't there when the police behaved heniously and covered up for themselves but he is liable for spreading the untruthful slander that is a joke of a police record, and also allowing Philip Bailhache, Dame Steel's colleague illegal access to those records that Bailhache then shared with the general public.

So when Jersey police contacted me, I contacted a Jersey Politician and asked him to act as a mediator to inform the police that I had no faith in them or their motives and that if they tried to subpoena me to clear the abuser who they had protected, I would very easily be able to provide a medical certificate stating I was not fit to appear in court.

I was not fit to appear in court in Jersey when the police destroyed me for the Dean, but the police lied and said they had had me assessed, they most certainly did not, you cannot assess an unconscious person and no-one assessed me when I was awake.

Anyway, Stuart Gull then proceeded to further mislead the general public and press by claiming there was no case against the churchwarden, while omitting that I had stated that I would not under any circumstances co-operate with the corrupt and brutal police force, it is entirely their responsibility that an abuser is free and laughing and knowing he will be well looked after by church and police if he wishes to abuse again.

To be honest, judging by the volume of illegal actions by the church and police, it would be unsurprising if church, police or even the safeguarding board pointed my abuser in the direction of vulnerable children or adults for a couple of quid.
Just to remind you at this point that my abuser regressed me so I was like a young child while he abused me, he is a paedophile and the police tried to make my warnings about him and the yatch club cadets and his grad daughter out to be me committing an offence.
I guess in Jersey logic trying to protect children against a paedophile is an offence, especially the brother of an alledged rapist member of the states who is too important to be tried for rape.

The damage by the church, police and press is being compounded and prolonged by the fear of these whitewash reports and it is time this prolonged and completely unjust punishment of my whole life is ended. These reports are nothing to do with my case, from the Korris rubbish to the Johnstone whitewash, I have had no voice, these reports have each been arranged to cover up and deny responsibility.

And it is time someone stepped in and stopped the discrediting of me as mad, and ended this matter, for what kind of psychopaths are the church and police and safeguarding boards to inflict this on me if they think I am mentally ill? It would imply they are trying to force suicide by defaming me and allowing me to be smeared in the press while not having any voice against the lies in the reports and not having any report detailing my side of things !

Presumably the authorities think I am either going to stop making a complaint or they are going to silence me in the traditional way attempted by the police on behalf of the church, the vicious brutalizations and police jeers which have scarred me for life but are not mentioned in any report.

No, my complaint remains for every single day that I wake up suffering and every single night where I have nightmares, so basically the complaint remains to the end of my life, which I do expect to be as a result of an 'accident' in a police cell as I continue to live in fear of the private mafia that the police are.

What amuses me recently is that fantasist bloggers Neil McMurray and Rico Troll-Sorda are all over 'operation coverup-showoff-whistle' and think it is genuine rather than a smoke screen that will blow away with the care inquiry's departure, but if you saw Sorda and McMurray causing me anguish by using my case to attack their hated states and using the Korris rubbish as if it was fact but also never recording my side of things, maybe it isn't that surprising, but again, there is a massive safeguarding issues with these bloggers, they are doing all this stuff, and Bob Hill's anguishing and horrific re-write of my case based on the Korris rubbish, has left me further severely damaged.

I am hanging on by a thread, and I am concerned that other survivors will have been used by the bloggers and driven to suicide, purely because Jersey's authorities are failing survivors and allowing their cases and mine to be handed over to these unqualified but well meaning spectators who step in and can only do things that fit in with their own political aims.

If you look at the fantasy blogs, commentors who bring a polite counterpoint or disagree or state their concern either with points in the blog or with comments on the blog - are attacked and called names and told - anonymously of course, things that equate to 'go kill yourself' and McMurray especially both allows this and when challenged, says he sees no problem. This is despite the bloggers being obsessed with a troll called Jon Shorrck-Hawoth who they attack for apparently doing exactly what I have just described.

Now surely safeguarding in Jersey should both be adequate to bypass the need for these vigilantes taking over cases as they did with mine, and to prevent all of this from happening, the Korris report is so very pointedly a lying cover-up that it nearly caused me to commit suicide as it was illegally published internationally, leading to hate attacks by strangers and great efforts to trace me, again, I was homeless and very traumatised, it is a miracle I survived it and held on as the attacks continued and have never stopped, and I live as a fugitive.

The bloggers and Bob making statements and taking actions based on the Korris report, further spreading it's harm and deep deep shame of me, was nearly the last straw, and I haven't recovered.

Nothing whatsoever has been done about Jan Korris's serious breach of BACP ethics and the law and safeguarding boundaries and my safety and privacy. Nothing, and the church have failed at any point to address my concerns, which re-iterates the fact that none of this has been even remotely to do with safeguarding.

Also, the church remain unable to even contact me to apologize for the harm done or their action of allowing the Steel-Gull-Johnstone whitewash even thlough they were told with evidence that this was a serious conflict of interests and breach of my privacy and rights, the 'appontment' off officer Gull of the conflicted Jersey police by the Bishop of Winchester was illegal and Gull was not permitted or in a position to liase with Steel and Johnstone.

And yet during all of this, no attempt was made to include my views, indeed Steel didn't intend to interview me and didn't contact me until I actually got her @ChurchofEngland email address when she was reported in a massive advert in the JEP to be acting on behalf of the Jersey Deanery in a complaint against Bishop Dakin, which was hilarious as her report was supposedly being done on his behalf, a massive conflict that again no-one has explained yet, but I contacted Steel to ask her to resign as she was both conflicted and malicious.

She didn't. Nor has the Bishop of Winchester been removed for attacking me and the Dean publicly and following that with a long serious of serious misconducts to protect himself when he realised belatedly that he had no right whatsoever to do what he did.

Another thing out of thousands of points in this massively conflicted and complex case is the complete omission from any report of the glaring conflicts within the church in my case, for example the Dean aiding the liason of my abusers and their families and friends to brand me as a troublemaker and Jane Fisher not only not acting on this but also both aiding and magnifying it.

No report mentions that nor does any report or any person in the police, press, church or safeguarding counter it with my side of things why? Well because no-one has got my side of things, no one has recorded and reported my side of things, instead the archaic church and politician and abuser trick of labelling a survivor mad and a troublemaker and using their PTDS against them has been used to the max. And incredibly in this day and age, no one has questioned this.

Also I must comment and eventually something must be done before too many more vulnerable people are killed by police, neither Jersey nor Hampshire Police are capable of understanding that trauma is not madness and madness is neither a punishable offence nor curable by brutality, jeers, refusing to hear their victim's side of things or other serious misconducts.

They are in the dark ages and completely ignorant of autism or trauma or even understanding that someone like me could not cope with the prolonged and sustained trauma and abuse I had suffered, as yet nothing has been done and there is no system to complain about the police and ensure my side is on record rather than me being left as a branded fugitive who's life is very limited and ashamed as a result of the branding.

I look forward to you arranging a proper independent investigation, although I doubt that you are capable of that. As you know, I have a lot more to say but I also have two assignments to do and this letter, written because the LSCB would rather protect Johnstone and put the phone down on me and delete my messages, has taken up a lot of time. This letter is not comprehensive it contains a fraction of my concerns about this complex case, a fraction!

Make sure the investigation includes Jane Fisher's persistent illegal actions and obtaining of confidential information and interference in my interactions with services, authorities and people in Jersey when she had been told clearly and persistently by me to stop harassing me, and also her continued and persistent interference in Winchester after she aided the Dean in destroying me and leaving me homeless, most specifically her illegal liason with the council and homeless services and especially social services who thus made me out to be insane and refused to protect me from Fisher, who was allowed to continue to harass me and use the police against me for my reaction.

So far what you have been doing is protecting Fisher and the horrendously behaved police and their branding of me, and leaving me voiceless and hanging onto my life by the skin of my teeth, I cannot begin to describe to you the damage to my health and my trust for services that should be helping me.
The Korris report deliberately omits the fact that Jane Fisher provoked me and interfered constantly and relentlessly, breaking up friendships and my interactions with support services and what she and the Bishop claim is harassment was me screaming for this illegal action to stop.

If Fisher had been stopped early on when she made sure I was attacked by Matthew Price and threatened for saying perfectly truthfully that the Dean had committed misconduct, while Fisher got her and the Bishop's side of things broadcast to cover up for the church, if she had been stopped then, and intervention had protected me from further harm by Fisher and Fisher had instead ensured my abuser was dealt with instead of protected by the Dean, I have no doubt that the irreparable damage that has occurred would have been prevented.

Unfortunately Bob Hill likes Matthew Price and instead of listening to the fact that Price was also protected by the church for destroying his clergy wife, Bob does as he does, and omits that whole incident from my story because it suits him better, and again, how can any report that omits the severe breakdown and the ensuing misconduct by the police even begin to be accurate.

It is time for me to be heard, and it is time for action to be taken regarding all and every person who has left me living in fear and suffering severe emotional and physical health problems as a result of this prolonged and very nasty matter. I want to move on, and although I will never really move on from the police brutality because part of my brain stopped as a result of it and is in the dark on St. Clements Bay forever, I have to live and I have to keep moving forward, and being forced to live in fear is a breach of my human rights (not that they have heard of those in Jersey).

This letter will now be published on the internet.