Open Letter To Honest Dragon Slayer Lawyers Of Canada Not Afraid To Sue Solicitor William Gilmour

Subject: Open Letter To Honest Dragon Slayer Lawyers Of Canada Not Afraid To Sue Solicitor William Gilmour
From: Bruce Gorcyca
Date: 16 Aug 2015

Help Wanted: Dragon Slayer Lawyer in Canada Not Afraid Of Suing Solicitor William Gilmour...

Finding good help to fight unethical and predatory lawyers is not easy when the shady lawyer brags that he represents the Peel Police Department whose minions owe him "at least ten years of favors" for "getting their Chief off the hook for major corruption charges when he was guilty as sin" (circa 2001). This guy was once my friend and I was glad he was in my corner – at the time. But after he failed me miserably in a fake extradition case, began "misplacing" key evidence, accepted money from people the RCMP/FBI said were probably the same Russian mobsters threatening to kill me and my family, I wish I had heeded the warning of another lawyer who had warned me I should not hire him.

By the time he finally confessed that he himself was arrested for beating his pre-teen son on August 14, 2001, had been asked to resign from the RCMP or be fired (related to accidentally shooting an unarmed young man in the back), and having an affair with murder victim Jeanette Kelly, it was too late.

I had already paid him about $20,000 and entrusted him with all my evidence including the two documents he admitted "temporarily misplacing" to the court. Today more than 10 years later, those critical documents remain "misplaced" just as other documents he "misplaced" for one of my witnesses, Erling Ingvaldsen, who can now never return to Canada to testify to the Law Society or a court of law because of that missing document.

When I once sat in his Brampton office and heard him coach Peel cops how to lie in court about a police brutalilty case (circa 2001) I recall thinking he has brass balls or years of experience lying in a court room. Later when he confessed his sins to me under the influence of a few martinis, I realized the answer was both. He claimed that a dozen cops owe their freedom to him, and after seeing him in action, I don't doubt his words.

Yes, I know what you are thinking ... this was all 10 years ago! Yes indeed, but this man is still terrorizing and threatening to bankrupt my wife while his fake police report against me keeps me exiled in China against my will and separated from my wife and children for six years as explained here:

Maybe if I helped him cheat his other client Vic Richards like he asked me to, he might not be so exploitative. He has already caused my wife to lose a house in Ohio and have a miscarriage, but the greedy guy just won't leave her alone seeing how vulnerable she is all alone with our 5 year old autistic son to raise.

We sincerely thought the Law Society would stop this guy, but instead they covered up for him and their invisible investigator never even contacted me, my wife, or any of the other 18 witnesses I put on the list I was asked to provide. Both my wife's complaint and my own were dismissed without any explanation. As a former federal agent/investigator of the U.S. government myself with almost five years of law enforcement experience, I know I provided plenty of rock-solid evidence and background of his negligence, greed, and legal incompetence as well as breach of ethics – like when he tried to sell my case files and information to a lawyer named Leo Konski in Florida for $50,000 without my knowledge nor consent. I later learned he made the same offers to Brian McWilliams of Affinity Capital and another Canadian. Here is my official law society complaint. You be the judge:

Did I not have grounds for intervention and relief from the law society? By the way I have been waiting 9+ years for the Law Society to provide me a copy of their investigative report and tell me how to appeal their decision. I have offered three times to take and pass a polygraph exam, but that offers gets no response at all – simply ignored.

We spent six hours doing role play in Gilmour's office about what I would testify about when he called me to testify at my extradition hearing including:

  • My role as a Confidential Informant for the FBI on the American Financial Group $43 million swindle of Canadians and how the U.S. Justice Department knowingly allowed the swindle to continue for 4 years even after I provided all the proof to the FBI. See:
  • About my 25-year history as a whistle-blower involving 12 government and 3 corporate crimes including the HIV tainted blood of the Red Cross, and the IRS Hit List that caused my IRS partner Liston Smith to be murdered in 1984
  • The corrupt FBI Agent who operated a billion dollar drug smuggling ring in Canada for years and who was allowed to jump bail with no effort to extradite him. He was caught red-handed in 1997 in Regina by the mounties,6 and his name is Terry Nelson. Google him for the details.
  • About my role in introducing people off-shore who secretly sold Enron shares to government officials.
  • How I was tortured for 3 months in U.S. custody and was threatened "to get more of the same" when I was sent back to America if I did not "cooperate". Details are here:
  • How people tried to kill me four times including the event witness Erling Ingvaldsen testified about and another described in the affidavit of Toronto detective Abraham Chris Bailey.
  • I was going to play some audio and video recordings in the court room of both honest and corrupt FBI agents to prove I was telling the truth.
  • I was going to show the note left on pour family car threatening the lives of my family if I did not shut up. (One of two documents "misplaced" by Gilmour.)
  • I was going to show the court the hand-written letter from Canadian John Pierre Gonyou that exonerated me and confirmed the off-shore Enron deal for a former Vice-President.
  • I was going to testify about the $1.25 million in cash I was asked to deliver to "JB" and Katherine Harris by American Financial Group in 1996, and the time I delivered cash and documents on behalf of AFG client General Manuel Noriega, and what I took to his lawyer's office (Frank Rubino) when I worked two years for American Financial Group as an executive.
  • I was also supposed to testify how three efforts were made to buy my silence for $100,000 a month by a certain FBI agent.
  • I was also going to talk about how I met murder victim Al Chalem and what he begged me to do about 7-10 before he was found with a few bullets in his head.
  • I was supposed to testify about the four agents and Russian mobster who came to visit me in Canada and what each said to me and asked me to do.
  • I was coached by Gilmour how to explain and describe the two times federal agents stole my book manuscripts at gun-point without a warrant in front of quite a few witnesses.

All of this I was going to explain to the court so they would understand WHY the U.S. government did not want me walking around free in Canada, yet Gilmour "forgot" to call me to the stand!?

And this here explains how he traveled to another country just to steal my family home of 40 years. where without perjuring himself he could never have prevailed. He swore under oath that he NEVER signed any agreement with me, yet one was submitted into evidence as you can see at the above link.

And for the record, I transferred ownership of my home to my wife about a year BEFORE I ever even met Bill Gilmour or even knew such a dishonest man by that name even existed. The transfer was made more than seven years before I was finally indicted, and to this day I was never served with any notice nor subpoena from the SEC for the hearing they illegally held without my knowledge nor opportunity to attend and testify on the record!

The reason for the transfer was because I was having frequent chest pains at the time and my father had two heart attacks one of which was fatal. I feared the same fate and want my wife to avoid the expense of a probate court case.

Because this all worked out conveniently for my former lawyer Gilmour he filed no objections nor notices with the Ontario Superior Court which proceed to extradite me even without the mandatory "charging documents" required by law. Even a group of law students I met at Osgoode Hall picked up on this blatant legal failure, but Gilmour refused to meet with the students as well as MP Paul Szabo who agreed "something was not right" and offered to help me.

Granted, no lawyer is so perfect to catch ever error, but there could not be a more glaring and obvious legal issue in an extradition case. Then as you saw in the Law Society complaint he simply "forgot" to call my witnesses and let me testify on my own behalf, and refused to pass my note to the judge – AFTER he read it himself and realized I did not want him to proceed on my behalf as my lawyer. It is all a matter of court record.

Also, before Gilmour was arrested he was arranging a polygraph examination for me, but after he was arrested, he abandoned those efforts without an explanation. Before his arrest he claimed he hired a private investigator, but after his arrest he never spoke about it again and I never the invisible fellow. When I later hired my own private investigator, he found 13 glaring discrepancies in less than 30 days that were in front of Gilmour's nose for a year.

Today I still want some justice for my family and me, but it seems lawyers have some code of honor among them that they will not sue one another if they work in the same town. They ignore each others blunders and count on the law society to cover-up or explain away the mistakes.

Therefore, I am looking all over Canada for some gunslinger lawyer who is not intimidated by threats of this guy (he made quite a few and followed through on two of them). Less than a month after I arrived in China, someone shot holes in the windows of my wife's Mississauga home and then shot her car up a week later. The Peel Police had to respond to the call but they never found the shooter.

In January 2008 a rookie cop at Peel Headquarters was helping me file a criminal complaint for extortion against Gilmour when a duty sergeant stopped him, advised him Gilmour was a "friend" and "represents the department" and told me I should "contact the law society", not knowing that I already went that route.

To be real clear, I speak only for myself here, and always. I never speak for third parties including my wife who speaks for herself. From China I cannot do very much to help my family but I can search for an honest attorney who can help me get some justice and stop the legal harassment he is so very good at. I now regret not going to law school as was once my dream.

A lot of people behind bars claim to be innocent. My experience and research shows that about 12% of them actually are. But in my case, I spent about 13 months behind bars without ever being charged with a crime during the fake extradition ruse, (10 of those months in Canada) and Gilmour never once filed the Writ of Habeas Corpus I instructed him to do.

In fact, he said no judge would even consider it. Yet when I filed one pro-se, Chief Justice Patrick LeSage had me in his courtroom within 10 days and I was released before he could even rule on my motion.

I want more than a refund. I want some genuine justice. Any good lawyers out there? If so, please send your litigation record and contact information in confidence to [email protected]

Please do not be distracted by all the red herrings posted on line by Gilmour and his new American friends to smear me. In my entire life, I have cheated nobody, and I do not owe anyone a dollar. In 50 years, I had employed nine lawyers and what a surprise – they were all paid in full. Would Gilmour really claim otherwise if I was living in Toronto and able to get his fabricated bill assessed?

Look at the above photo. That is the kitchen window of my wife's home where the four shots are about 18 inches from where my young son played on his computer.

Not all terrorism comes from Muslim extremists.