An open letter to God

Subject: An open letter to God
From: Your child
Date: 15 Aug 2015
I'm sorry

Lord I am sorry.

I might have offended you for my actions. I am really sorry. In times that I needed you . You were there but I wasn't paying attention.

I believe now. I believe that you are in fact real. You are my salvation. Please be rid me of all the evil that's surrounding me. I want to return to you God. Please be my strength. Help me be whole. I believe you. I believe in you. Please take me back to you. I hope you could still accept me. I want to return to you father. Let me be your child again. Guide me. Love me. Forgive me. I am truly sorry. And for all the things that I seem to can't express right now, for all the things I couldn't say I hope you could hear them. I don't know God if you would forgive me, if I am still welcome, but I want to serve you. My life according to your purpose. Please forgive me.