An Open-Letter to the Girl My Husband Left me for

Subject: An Open-Letter to the Girl My Husband Left me for
From: The Ex-wife
Date: 28 Oct 2017

I know he said he loves you and promised you the world, promised you all of the hopes and dreams him and I once shared. He swiftly moved you into the home we created as a union and into the bed we were trying to start a family in. It used to make me fierce how quickly I was replaced, how he had been seeing you all along. I used to shut myself inside, crying all day, and stay up thinking all night. I used to not be able to look in the mirror unless I was looking for my flaws, wondering what was so wrong with me that he’d break our vows for an other woman. I was a disaster in a whirlwind of emotions not even I could understand. You both made me feel a way I never thought possible. But you both also made me stronger. I used to be upset about my Ex-husband leaving me for you. But it does not effect me anymore. He messaged me the other day to say he misses me and wishes things were different.. don’t worry, I don’t want him back. I saw you’re pregnant with his baby and those harsh feelings started to dread back, but I stopped them. You say he’s drinking the bars dry, coming home late, and you wish you could leave him, but now you’re stuck. When I first found out about you I tried to beg you not to take him away and I tried to warn you he was not perfect, but you deflected my warning and said he’d never do that to you. At first I wanted to laugh at the turn of circumstances for “justice” seemingly being done. But instead, I figured I’d wish you the best of luck and happiness. I hope things change for you and him. I hope you have a healthy baby and a healthy relationship. I hope he doesn’t leave you in a puddle of pain on your knees like he did me.. and if he does, I hope you can overcome and rebuild yourself as I have done. I wish you all of the strength and happiness in the world.. and I know that may not mean much to you, as I’m the “stupid ex-wife”, but you’re going to need it..