An Open Letter to Disney About Baby Clothing

Subject: An Open Letter to Disney About Baby Clothing
From: Stacey
Date: 22 Jul 2015

Dear people at Disney who make baby clothing,

I am in the ad industry, so I get why you don't make much Star Wars and Marvel clothing for girls. I understand you have a target market of little boys, and you intend to keep your money flowing toward that target.

I get it. Maybe someday the halo effect will change the strategy, maybe not. Same reason there aren't Ariel clothes for little boys. Same reason Totino's doesn't market pizza rolls to elderly women. Old ladies like pizza rolls too!

And here comes the "but" that you've been waiting for.

But why not make more baby clothing with Star Wars and Marvel characters adorning them? Infancy is the one time in life where grown geeks can pretty much dress children however they like.

My baby doesn't know who the Hulk is, but a cute onesie with an adorable illustration on it would make me so happy. You don't have to make girl onesies, I don't care. I'll dress her in them just like I wear men's shirts if I like them.

I've resorted to buying an iron-on R2-D2 patch from Amazon.

I know you make some items, Rosemary brought me the cutest Vader from Florida, and we have a Boba and Chewie for when she gets bigger. Where are the smaller sizes?

Etsy is filling the void, you should partner with some of these designers:

  • Spiderman Onesie
  • Hulk Poop Onesie
  • Baby Iron Man Onesie

DC is killing you in this area. Kmart has a whole newborn section of Bat/Supe gear for babies. Onesies, bibs and hats emblazoned with logos, and it's almost always sold out of 3-6 month sizes.

H&M did a super cute Batman collaboration. I snapped up what I could.

Even Hallmark has Batman and Superman onesies. They also have an adorable toddler Batgirl costume, must buy.

I went into the Times Square Disney Store and couldn't find a stitch of Marvel infant clothing. A shame because I would buy a lot.

Do you hear that? I would BUY A LOT! Pretty sure I'm not alone in that sentiment. Just saying.