An Open letter to Deputy Mike Higgins - Jersey Deputy

Subject: An Open letter to Deputy Mike Higgins - Jersey Deputy
From: HG
Date: 4 May 2015

Dear Mike Higgins,

As you have failed to respond to my emails and concerns about your harm to me, and indeed you blocked me for my distressed response to you, I thought I would write to you publicly.

In 2013 you repeatedly harmed me by raising my case in the States of Jersey, baiting and goading people in the States who were protecting my abusers and the associated wrongdoers who covered up for the abuser and the Dean who protected him.

The most notable person you baited, but failed, as Bob Hill did, to tell people that this man was a church reader and friend of my abuser, was Home Affairs Minister, Ian LeMarquand.

And although Bob Hill kept nonsesically saying you were helping my case, all that happened was that you gave Ian LeMarquand an opportunity to slander me and lie in the press, also not declaring his conflicted status, causing me unlimited anguish, with no relief and to no purpose, you refused to respond to my concerns at all, and this was after I had asked you to leave my case alone and you had said you would.

You did not have my consent either to bait LeMarquand for your own purposes or to fight to have me harmed by publication of a cover-up report done by the sham safeguarding board. You did me massive damage and have never apologized, neither has Bob Hill, who claimed that you did this to help me, and never explained how having me publicly vilified helped me.

Obviously in the years since then, no good has come of you furthering the harm to me by conflicted members of the Jersey authorities, and so I am still waiting for an answer as to how you helped me, but as yet, neither you nor Bob have answered, nor did you provide any support as I collapsed in anguish and despair. Bear in mind I was a rough sleeper at the time and suffering massive harm from the warring Diocese and Deanery and the press and police.

I understand that Bob was egging you on because of his obsession of blogging about my case, inaccurately furthering and spreading the harm to me.
But your motive for publicly using my case in the States seems more obscure, apart from Bob egging you on for his own use, someone contacted me and told me that the situation is that you continually go up against the States publicly in order to actually aid them on another level, ie you are subversive.
And that most certainly would explain your repeated assaults on my character and privacy when asked by me to desist. You enabled harm to me and tried to have me wiped out by a whitewash report when I was in collapse. As well as your and Bob's failure to announce Ian LeMarquand's conflict of interests as you directed questions at him and published his slander and libel of me in response on Bob's blog, doing nothing but furthering it.

You know as well as I do that reporting you to the States would be a waste of time, if reporting wrongdoing by States members worked, you would have a hell of a lot of vacancies to fill, and Shona and Trevor would still be Deputies, and maybe Stuart would still be a Senator, but that does not mean that you can do as you please, and I would like to know why I am the only abuse survivor out of many, who you personally ran a vendetta against?

You had an invite to work with me on my case and you ignored it, so your own personal use of my case was misconduct, you knowingly harmed me and did not stop or apologize, even after initially saying you would stop when I pleaded with you.

You are, in my shattered and horrific memories, part of the attack on my life, part of the way I was destroyed, and I still don't fully understad why, but you are the onlyperson who deliberately raised my case in the States in order to harm me.
What I do know is that you and Bob call yourselves human rights activists and thus you totally lost the plot when you trampled all over my rights, freedoms, privacy and dignity and had me publicly trashed. I know who's side you are on, Mr Higgins and it is not, and never was, mine.

I will finish with this link to what you and Bob and Julie did to me in November 2013: