An Open Letter to David Cameron About Gay Weddings in Churches

Subject: An Open Letter to David Cameron About Gay Weddings in Churches
From: John Goovermen
Date: 8 Dec 2012
David Cameron

Dear Mr Cameron,
You argue that gay couples should have equal rights but suggest that religious groups decide for themselves whether or not to marry same-sex couples. Why is there an opt-out for any religious groups who choose not to allow their church to be used for marriage?
The last time I checked, this country is a secular one. Churches and religions are allowed to practice their beliefs, but within the boundaries of the law. Many also have charity status and get benefits from the taxpayer. So why oh why are you allowing churches to decide that they can turn their back on the traditional values of liberalism and enlightenment in this country?
Homophobia is a crime. Yet any religion that wants to can continue to be prejudiced against homosexuality and gay marriage. It can prevent same sex marriage ceremonies from taking place at their venues. This should not be allowed. If same sex civil partnerships are now allowed and even encouraged by you, how can you permit some religions and groups to thumb their nose at authority?
You are a leader, so lead. Tell those that want to opt out that if they want to ignore the will of Parliament and the will of the people, then they can pack up their church and ship off to somewhere that tolerates homophobia.
You said, Mr Cameron: “I'm a massive supporter of marriage, and I don't want gay people to be excluded from a great institution”. But gay people will be excluded from many churches. How will that make them feel? Wouldn’t same sex Muslims want to get married in a Muslim church? Ditto Catholics, Seventh Day Adventists, etc.
Mr Cameron, I applaud you for taking this stand and being so open-minded and liberal, I only wish you would bring pressure to bear on all churches and religions to do the same. The more you pander to those groups who choose to hide behind their creed and discriminate against gay people, the more you will find that British society is being divided and polarised. This is not a step towards integration it is one encourages separate societies within your “big society”.
So a thumbs up and a thumbs down. 50-50. Don’t let some religions poison this secular state. The Rule of Law rules. I think there is a storm coming, and these forms of religious appeasement do not bring society together, it encourages certain religions to see you and your Government as weak. And perhaps ripe for take-over or revolution.