An open letter to the Cast and Producers of Flower Crew

Subject: An open letter to the Cast and Producers of Flower Crew
From: Bekah
Date: 6 Jun 2016

First of all, I’m going off the information I’m finding on Twitter and also on Tumblr, some things may not be worded exactly how they happened but I am too upset/annoyed to even watch the Broadcasts myself.

And as I am posting this I cannot find them on V-Live.

Please feel free to add your own messages or thoughts.

To the Management/Producers behind the V-Live show, Flower Crew.

Your voting system was a stupid and flawed idea, admit it. Bringing one member from one of the most, if not THE most popular boyband in Korea right now, onto this show was going to cause MANY people to watch this, Korean and International fans.
As many people have stated, you should have clearly thought of how many people watch BTS on average and also thought of how many hearts their Live Broadcasts get.

You knew 100% that Jungkooks Cam was going to be popular, YOU KNEW THIS and it amazes me that you thought using the Heart function on the APP was a good idea.

What enrages me even more is that you clearly did not think any of this through and you did not even seem to think about the effect this could have on not only Jungkook but the others on this show.

I understand that Jungkook was late to the broadcast (or so I’ve heard) but he was being a respectful person and was thinking about the well-being of the others around him and his elders by going out and BUYING FOOD, he brought them food for crying out loud.

I understand if the others had eaten (which I think they mentioned) but that gives them no right to turn down food is such a rude and disgusting way.

As elders to Jungkook I expected them to accept or POLITELY turn down his offer, not to throw it back in his face like the ungrateful people they are making themselves out to be.

Speaking about one person in particular Seho.
As I understand 쳐먹어 is a very offensive term when used in this type context which I found out from this lovely person here.
There was no need for Seho to be so rude and ungrateful towards Jungkook and also Minseok. (Who I believe this was directed at).

I understand that there is a “respect” system in Korea with Elders and/or people higher than you, but that does not excuse this type of behavior from these people.

A not-so-short statement addressed to Jo Seho.

You are considered my elder, but from your disgusting behaviour on Flower Crew not only towards Jungkook but towards the fans in general, I shall not address you as an Elder.

You are a Comedian? You are considered someone who is known in Korea? Then please grow up and act like it.

Your behaviour was disgusting to say the least, you could have acted more like an Elder and politely declined Jungkooks offer of the burger, but no, you had to go ahead and try to be funny by simple handing it back to him and then making some smart ass comment about him being “weird” (I believe it was Seho who made this remark, correct me if I am wrong)

You really think you’ll earn any credit or praise from treating someone like that, someone who is younger than you at that.

I looked you up on Google and 2/5 things that pop up are you bullying someone by saying “They are not popular with girls” and someone asking “Does anyone else find Jo Seho annoying?”

I’m not surprised at all.

Your comments to Jungkook throughout the first episode were uncalled for and just plain stupid.

This was in no way “Jungkook’s show” or “A show made for Jungkook” get over yourself, honestly, you acted like a baby from the minute Jungkook started getting votes. Oh Boo Hoo, you are not getting as many? You are not as popular as someone 13 years younger than you? GROW UP.

Do not even get me started on the rude way you addressed Minseok either.

Your behaviour was disgusting.

A statement addressed to Seo Jang-Hoon.

Your behaviour was also disgusting and I shall also not be addressing you as an Elder.

Trying to ride the tail of someone who’s 22 years younger than you and treating them in a horrible way while you are at it? Great Idea.

You are obviously blind if you could not see how uncomfortable you were making Jungkook while trying to act like he was your best friend.

You have met him before and took “Such great care of him”? Then why the hell are you treating him like absolute crap during this broadcast?

If you are such “good friends” with him why didn’t you step in and say something when Seho was being rude?

Because you clearly do not care about anyone but yourself.

Not only your behaviour but Jo Seho’s behaviour caused Jungkook to feel like he was/had an unfair advantage and even went as far as trying to tell his FANS to stop voting for him.

You both had no respect for this boy and pressured him into feeling like he was the center of the show.

You both wiped the excited, happy smile off his face within the first episode.

On a lighter note, a small statement to Minseok.

Thank you.

Thank you for being the only one kind enough to accept Jungkooks offer of food and thank you for looking after him.

Just, thank you, I really hope you and Jungkook get along and I hope you both look out for each other after the events that happened today.

I hope you are healthy and I wish you all the best.

Please take care of our Kookie.

To our Golden Maknae, Jungkook.

Even if they are your Elders they have no right to treat you like that and you should not let anything they did or said to you affect you in anyway.

You were being respectful by offering them food and thinking about their health and well-being.

I hope we can see more of your smile in the coming episodes later today!

Remember, even if your ARMY can be crazy and over the top at times we have your back no matter what.
We will love and support not only you, but the other boys too.

It hurt me to see you look so down and simply scared, it must be hard not having your Hyungs around to back you up, but just know they’ll be supporting you and so will your ARMY.

And just remember, you can always share burgers with your ARMY! ^-^

Keep smiling Kookie-ah, that’s what Noona would love the most!

From Bekah.
An ARMY from little old New Zealand.
Written on behalf of all ARMYs from across the world.