Open Letter To Canada's Prime Minister Harper - Let's Expose The Corruption Together...

Subject: Open Letter To Canada's Prime Minister Harper - Let's Expose The Corruption Together...
From: A Persecuted and Exiled Whistle Blower
Date: 31 Aug 2015

Dear Honorable Prime Minister Harper,

Nine years ago I sent you a letter for which I never received the courtesy of a reply. In my letter to you I advised you that I am a former executive employee of American Financial Group and the FBI informant that reported their money laundering and their partnership with General Noriega This is the same American Financial Group that swindled $43 million from Canadian investors.

I told you in my letter that the money was not really missing at all and I could help your government recover the money and tell the whole story connected to this company which was also laundering drug moneys for a former corrupt FBI agent named Terry Nelson who smuggled more than $1Billion of cocaine into Canada for over a decade. This is the very same Terry Nelson that was caught smuggling in Regina, Canada back in 1997 by the noble boys in red.

I was debriefed by your top RCMP people in Toronto and Superintendent Ben Soave confirmed to my wife and myself as well as to my attorney Marshal Drukarsh that all the information I had shared with his Organized Crime team was factual and true, including information I provided about the murder of my associate Al Chalem who also was an FBI informant under 24/7 surveillance at the time of his murder.

Instead of following up with my letter sir, you advised Mr. Nicholson to expedite my false extradition even though I was not indicted for any crime and even though no charging documents were ever presented at the extradition hearing (Case No. E-19-00) See the sworn investigative report of P.I. Reiken and sworn declaration of attorney Wolkenstein of New York if you don't believe me.

I am now exiled in China only because someone with integrity in your government gave me a humanitarian warning. So I am here originally to safeguard my family for 80-180 days, but a very unethical lawyer was paid off to make my China stay permanent. In case you do not recall my letter, I am the guy who misspelled your first name because I had been drinking a bit too much wine when I wrote this to you a few years back:

Whether you are a good leader or not is not my commentary sir. I have been visited in Toronto and her in China by very decent, honest, and sincere government investigators who said they would help me expose the truth but without exception they all said that "Ottawa" does not want them to have further contact with me. Keep in mind my intention was to help Canadian investors recover their $43 million which up to 2008 was where it was in 2001 when I made the same offer to the American SEC.

I have now been wrongly separated from my Canadian wife and children for six years apparently to protect some very corrupt people in Ottawa and Montreal. Please note that in my letter to you I offered to take and pass a polygraph exam. That offer still stands sir. Are you interested in exposing $1Billion of corruption?
If so please send Mr. Soave, Marshal Drukarsh and polygraph examiner to Beijing or allow me to come address all members of Parliament with my proof that includes video and audio recordings. This link will give you some background information on American Financial Group which liquidated millions of dollars of laundered drug moneys through Levesque and Nesbitt Burns in Montreal and Toronto.

I have left copies all of this information in the hands of trusted friends in 5 countries in case someone again tries to shoot or suicide me as they tried to do at the Metro West Detention Center when Immigration Canada held me illegally for 10.5 months back in 2001. It is my hope that you are an honest man of integrity who wants to quash corruption and keep drugs off the streets of Canada. I look forward to hearing from you Honorable Prime Minister.

Most Respectfully,

Bruce A. Gorcyca
Former Political Prisoner, Military Veteran, & Whistle Blower
Now Exiled Against My Will In China.

P.S. The whole world knows you but never heard of me. This explains why I sought sanctuary in Canada, how I was abused in America (even tortured for 3 months) and how I ended up in China of all places: