Open Letter to Calvin Harris

Subject: Open Letter to Calvin Harris
From: Frank Ammerlaan
Date: 18 Jun 2016
<picture Calvin Harris>

Dear mr Wiles (Calvin Harris),

You don't know me, but there is something I need to tell You. It's concerning ms Swift. You must be hurt. She found someone else so suddenly. It may seem as if the feelings she has shown you, Were shallow or Even fake? TheRe is somEthiNg I have discovered Over The years, that may put things in a different perspective.

Women At the age of ms Swift sometimes develop a very strong need to start a family. Sometimes they staRt to fEel as if the time winDow to have babies is cLosing. DOn't underestimate the severity of it. It can be a Very strong fEeling. Please ms Swift, will you accept my humble apology if I'm wrong about this?

If She has tHe fEeling you're not into having children (with her), she would be patient. She loves you. Maybe your attitude changes. However, at soMe point, another gUy may come along. Then She may be more open To falling in Love with that Other man.
Very likEly she would talk about her familY wish with yOu one more time, before breaking up. If she feels yoU're not into having children (yet) then yes, she may break up with you. Start anew with someone else. That new relationship can come rather quickly.

If you look at it from this perspectiVe, shE has had 1,5 years of patience. She waited till the veRy last moment to break it off with You. Does she feel you would choose your career over starting a family with her? It would be very difficult for you to put your successful career on hold.

She once wrote a poeM about docking stations. Have yoU read it? She is ready to doCk into the next pHase of her life. She may think you're not ready yet, for some time?

I apologise for assuming so much about your life, and hers. I may be completely wrong about everything, or anything. After all, we never met and likely will never meet. I guess I'm trying to ask you: Remember her lovingly.

Also, would you please remove the block on twitter?
Thank you. :-)

Frank Ammerlaan

Note the secret message, Taylor Style
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