An Open Letter to Bishop Paul Butler and Macsas

Subject: An Open Letter to Bishop Paul Butler and Macsas
From: HG
Date: 2 Mar 2015

Dear Bishop Paul Butler,

I was reminded of you through your recent match with Macsas in the Church Times,

Of course this kind of MAtch game is an ongoing thing, and excruciating to watch, with both sides as self-interested as each other, and it tends to be amusing and tragic at the same time, because neither you nor MACSAS make things better for abuse victims, they don't because they are so self-absorbed and political and I have first hand experience of just how harmful they are as a loose-canon, wounded survivor charity, because they are political and unethical and in my case have even broken the law because they are without ethics and without any ability to regulate themselves or help victims within boundaries. I will go back to that later.

In your case, you shout in the press and make a fuss about safeguarding in order to mislead people that the Church of England care about safeguarding and abuse and vulnerable people. You have kind of a joint deception agenda with Archbishop Welby.

Neither you nor Welby should have time to shout and stomp in the press and mislead the general public, until you have dealt with the serious miscarriages of justice in my case, and also, as you have been repeatedly asked, dealt with 'safeguarding director' Jane Fisher. the woman who has, even according to her cover-up 'Korris report' which has now been moved from the Diocese website and even the archives, after I took the Bishop to court.
And notably it was on the Diocesan Website and available online until I took the Diocese to court, despite my protests and the protests of the Jersey Deanery that it was inaccurate. It is, for once both sides were right. The Korris report was a triumph in duplicity, Church of England glorification and public victim-bashing, and the smears and attacks from strangers I suffered, just because the Church wanted to show off, have not been acknowledged or apologized for, and as yet, my clergy discipline measure against you has also not been dealt with, because you are still denigrading and discouraging abuse survivors by your comments in the Church (rag) Times and National Press.
Not least you were part of a defamatory attack on me in the Church Times last year, no concern for my welfare whatsoever as you allowed me to be libelled yet again by that biased rag of a paper that misleads clergy nationally with it's propaganda.
No wonder the Church is such a mess and lacking in any sound set of ethics.

I don't want to spend my life living in fear of more whitewash and defamation and writing to you and the Church, I want to live, and at the moment you are choking my life with your whitewash reports and defamation of me, and the damage is severe, all the while you are showing off in the press, claiming that the church cares about abuse, it is the ultimate hypocricy, and you were obviously put in place not to care about the survivors of abuse, or safeguarding, but to make a noise to mislead the general public that the Church cares about safeguarding and abuse survivors.

If you care, then why are you not doing something on a practical level? Why have you left me being destroyed? Why have you not arranged for me to have a proper hearing? Instead of having me vilified? That vilification is not Christian, that silencing of me and giving my abusers and their supporters a voice is not only not safeguarding, and not condusive to safeguarding, it is not Christian.

You are well aware, because I have written to you, that I have a complaint against Jane Fisher, and you are well aware because I have written to you, that I have not been treated fairly in the massive show-off inquiry. Have you done anything in the two years that you have been aware of it? No, you have been busy showing off in the press, but not telling the public that all this frantic showing off was because the church managed to avert a government inquiry into church abuse. And so you have misled the public, wrecked my life all over again and vilified me.

You have not reprimanded the Church Times for behaving heniously in their deliberate bias to my abuser and the Dean of Jersey and Gavin Ashenden, you have stood back and let them pointedly give an account that makes my abuser look innocent and me a troublemaker, and you have allowed them to print these biased headlines and omit things like my abuser being a serial molester of women. You have also allowed the previous abuse I suffered to be completely omitted from any report, in fact, my story, what happened to leave me broken, traumatized and raging, while Jane Fisher, who had failed completely to do anything about my abuser, took my complaints against the Jersey Deanery for protecting my abuser personally and systematically and utterly destroyed me, see this letter:

Neither you nor Macsas are doing anything about safeguarding in the Church, and as they told you, the legislation that you have hurried through, for show and to mislead the public through the press again, is inadequate. It is nice to see Macsas are doing their homework, but they are only doing their homework because it is to do with politics, they are not geared up to victims or their needs, as a fellow abuse survivor once told me, he tried to get help from Macsas and found them as useless as I did, so there is a useless Church abuse charity fighting with an equally useless Bishop Butler, and either way, no abuse survivors benefit.

Regarding the macsas article, I think it is the first time that your real priorities really really show, because you are trying to dumb Macsas down when they say a lot of abuse victims will come forward, you hope not, and you will do anything you can to prevent that, you are 'working closely with the inquiry' - yes, is the new chair of inquiry a member of the Church like the last two were? You really had it made when you had Butler-Sloss nominated, and then you had the unfortunate problem of her being exposed, and a lot of mention of her attempts to whitewash at Chichester.

So, are you still going to be allowed to influence the National Inquiry still? While still not dealing with the damage you have done to me and your continued employment of an abuser, Jane Fisher, as director of Safeguarding in the Winchester Diocese? Because if you can't deal with that, then there does need to be an outside inquiry, into what has happened to me in the Winchester Diocese since I was abused aged 19 and vulnerable, to now. You have not adequately resolved this matter and have not provided me with justice or a voice.

Back to Macsas, unfortunately no-one should be funding them and I am considering contacting the Charities commission about them. They failed to help me when I contacted them when I was in Jersey, because basically they are mainly led by a shallow woman with little sense, who somehow was able to become a barrister despite her narrowness. She failed to grasp the situation in Jersey and once I was made homeless she pretty much rubbished me, from someone else's email address, for some reason she decided she was called Douglas to rubbish me, and told me after I explained to her that I was still being provoked, defamed and hounded by Jane Fisher and Scott-Joynt when I was on the Streets of Winchester, that 'Macsas could not help me until I was housed', this was after I had explained in full how damaging the defamation by Fisher to cover up for the Diocese while I was on the streets was.

Macsas then stopped being involved for a few months, standing back and letting Fisher and Scott-Joynt defame me to all churches, homeless services and help I might have received in Winchester, and thus allowing Fisher to have me beaten and locked up for responding.
The damage was done by the time Macsas illegally stepped in in London, illegally contacting my family, which apparently either they or the church have continued to do without my consent, this is a violation akin to rape, and I am estranged from my family because of the Church.
Anyway, Macsas tried to liase with my family to have me captured by the outreach, as if I was an animal to be netted and put in a pound.
I gave Macsas a formal warning, but they don't care about that.

In March 2013, they brown-nosed the Diocese of Winchester, illegally liasing with them to try and shout about 'what good news it was that the Diocese cared and believed me!' because apparently Macsas were stupid enough to think that the Diocese launching a whitewash report that covered up for Jane Fisher apart from showing how her priorities lay where Paul Butler's do, in covering up for the Church, covering up at my expense.
Macsas quickly disappeared again as the smear campaign broke out and the Bishop illegally had me traced by the same police that Jane Fisher had had me destroyed with.

Macsas disapeared from suddenly 'supporting' me, without any warning or explaination, they had only been along for the ride and the glory while it was in the press, a kind of 'look we are macsas, we are great!' they did nothing to help me and left without explanation, after contacting me only presumably because it was all in the press and they were fooled as many were, that the duplicity campaign by the church was something to do with genuine safeguarding and care for the vulnerable. Although how they or you, thought launching your version of my case into THE NATIONAL PRESS could be anything to do with safeguarding, I do not know.

People around me who were supporting me, recognized me and shunned me, and complete strangers attacked me, insulted me and blared their opinions. That is not safeguarding, that is a powerful attack and a complete abuse of power by the church.
I was homeless, and you attacked me in thatway, and macsas backed you up, again you had something in common, using the press and the vulnerable to further your aims.

The damage to me is for a lifetime, but the Church really don't give a damn, because they used me and moved on, much as an abuser does to their victims. I remain voiceless, damaged for life and waiting for the next defamation.
Neither the Church nor Butler know or care how I am damaged, neither read my blogs. My daily blog tells you who I am as a person, not a crazy person who accuses people of abuse, no, now I am out of Jane Fisher's way so that she cannot hound me on the streets of my home town of Winchester, I live my life as the real me, not the crazy me she portrayed me to be while she was violating me and estranging me from my dying friend after having me imprisoned and made homeless.
This is my blog:

And this is Paul Butler and Macsas, and I have to say, for once Macsas are winning, maybe the airheaded barrister didn't get a say in the matter:

If Paul Butler cares enough to make such a show ahead of the National Inquiry, where he is going to 'work hard' and 'liase closely' with the inquiry to protect the church, not to expose abusers or help victims of course, because that looks bad for the church, then surely he can work hard to make sure that the new unfit-for purpose legislation is changed or a new bill put through, and surely he could have included the views of Macsas, SNAP or survivors before putting the legislation through? I seem to recall that the church were too busy boasting in the press to do any of that, too busy using the new legislation to glorify themselves, as usual.

Bishop Butler, it is time you stopped focussing on legislation and showing off in the press and time you started looking at the ways the church fail to investigate or deal with abuse. Jane Fisher spent two years prioritizing the church's reputation, at my expense, jeering at me, trying to silence me, liasing with police, telling me what happened to me did not, and as a result, I have ended up imprisoned, scarred for life, homeless, deeply damaged, and all you have done is waffle about 'praying for everyone concerned' and stood back and let me be destroyed all over again.
I think you need to step down as PR officer for the church of england, and either do something about safeguarding and my case, and the case of other survivors who have been treated the same, or you need to resign.
I am re-submitting my clergy discipline complaint against you, not that that seems to mean anything, but your constant misleading of the public while leaving me suffering and Jane Fisher unpunished, is conduct unbecoming to clergy.

Safeguarding and care of the vulnerable is not out there in the press, it is within your own church.
And despite all this glorification in the press and misleading of the public, you still have, and uphold in the church times, an apartheide against the poor and lone vulnerable, which does not apply to the well-off vulnerable.
You re-iterate that at every possible point in the church times but still do not tell the vulnerable.

You pronounce in the church times that 'sometimes vulnerable people are taken into people's houses and boundaries are crossed' you instantly blame the vulnerable.
Because, sometimes non-vulnerable go into people's houses and boundaries are crossed.
So what?
Your policy is 'exclude the vulnerable, do not tell them'.
And that policy is hurtful, harmful and nothing to do with safeguarding, it is to do with your insurers.
You exclude the vulnerable from church houses, you do not tell them they are excluded, you invite paedophiles and abusers in.

You do not exclude the rich vulnerable, who pay for the upkeep of your churches. An example is one of the people who the church use against me, a mentally ill woman who took over my life and said she was my carer, she was allowed in church houses and to visit the sick, and caused them and herslf a lot of problems because of her emotions, she was wealthy and so, deemed by her wealth to hold church positions, as that is what qualifies laity office in the church, and thus allowed in church houses, while in my case, when Jane Fisher found out that my curate friend invited me in for coffee regularly, she had me banned without telling me, and that, along with Fisher interfering, broke up a lovely friendship, is that in any of your whitewash reports about me?

I continue to write on my other blog, about what happened to me, and how the church is behaving, and I will continue to write as I wait for you to either kill me with the next libellous whitewash and press releases without warning. In the meantime, could you remind Bishop Dakin that he still has to put me in contact with the 'legal and safeguarding experts' that he is wasting more money on using to examine the whitewash Steel report, because otherwise he is wasting that money, because, no amount of scrutiny will make a report done against me by a very conflicted judge and omitting my side, into anything other than a whitewash character assassination, and you have already done one of those with the Korris report (of which I have unlimited copies).
Remember the Korris report? That report launched into the press and handed to the police as fact when it didn't include my views, and how can you do a report on an abuse victim without her views? You did, and Dakin lied to the court and said Korris had tried to contact me, she hadn't and even when I did contact her and the Diocese, my views were not added. The Steel report is so much worse, having been done by a judge put forward by the Dean's supporters, and having been done to deliberately vilify me and clear the Dean.
What is the point of these anonymous experts looking at a report that omits my side? You need to make sure they interview me, don't you? Otherwise you are completely wasting your time in trying to give the church the image of caring about safeguarding.

The Church don't tend to read my blog about my case, interestingly, considering their keenness about ensuring safeguarding, they don't read my blog, apart from ocasionally Jane Fisher, and in the past, Christine Daly.
Here is the church blog, the previous blog link is to my daily blog, it may be messy, but it contains information that the church are ignoring and need to know:

I hope that you have the courtesy to start to rectify this henious injustice now and in the meantime, stop misleading the press and public.