An open letter to Beyonce,

Subject: An open letter to Beyonce,
From: Serious Sam
Date: 6 May 2013
Beyonce tour

Firstly, it’s great to have you in the UK on your Mrs Carter world tour, though I’m pretty sure I and many others won’t be able to get my hands on a ticket (a friend just showed me some tickets are on sale for £10,000). Of course the next best thing for those who aren't willing to make indulgences is being able to watch videos and see pictures of your performances, that’s when I read that you had banned professional photographers from the whole of the world tour.

It struck me as a curious thing when at the end of the day all publicity is good publicity and your known for being one of the best performers in the world. The media will instead be given a link to a website that will have selected shots from her Amsterdam, Belgrade, Zagreb and Bratislava performances, all of which were taken by hired photographer Frank Micelotta.

This led to much speculation as to the reasoning behind it and this was especially the case when your UK publicist confirmed the above to the Guardian newspaper.

The only logical reasoning behind the ban is that it was a reaction to this year’s Super Bowl, when multiple sites compiled “unflattering” images of your facial expressions and dance moves. When sites were asked by your publicist to respectfully “change” their article, saying: “I am certain you will be able to find some better photos”, you must have known you were asking for trouble.

It should have been a case of just turning the other cheek and moving on, so I was really surprised at your decision. Now it is reported that the press will have to rely on photographs the public are taking, which are likely to be even less flattering! And we all know that the media will do anything to have unique photographs.

Anyway I’m sure it won’t affect your popularity in any way and fans won’t be bothered in the slightest. So maybe it was just your way of getting back at the people who offended you, perhaps it should even be celebrated as a rare victory over the media!