Open Letter and Poem for Taylor Swift

Subject: Open Letter and Poem for Taylor Swift
From: Frank Ammerlaan
Date: 18 Jan 2016

Your enkindling kindness and attention for others
That's what I like and appreciate about you
But most of all, that through it all
You don't think more of yourself than you have to

Your performance has developed and grown
Your concerts became more powerful, mature and smart
But I think the best quality you own
It helps to keep you on every hit chart
Is the kindness for others you've shown
May it never disappear from your heart

I trust your mother will be fine
But please keep us posted about things
So that we may support you in good and bad times
We also get to hear about you and that nice mr Harris

When needed, I'm sure, you'll treat your mom with a kiss
Or sing her a song about how special she is
With attention like that, I can know, I'm also a dad
Sometimes even the worst day can turn into bliss

I feel a bit too old to go to your concert
I'm almost forty and think I'd fall out of place
Lots of teenage girls screaming and yelling
I'm afraid it would leave me numb and dazed

But maybe if you visit Europe again next year
I will have changed my mind, I may come anyway
I do want to hear you live, in real time, on stage
It feels so bad not to go, when your show is so near

These are the things I wanted to write to you
Just a simple poem I wrote out of respect
And who knows, maybe someday, you will actually read it
Hopefully you'll appreciate it
as my show of affect

Not just for you, but also for your family
Especially for your parents
Since they supported you in everything