An Open Letter To America

Subject: An Open Letter To America
From: A fellow American
Date: 12 Jun 2016

Dear America,
You truly are the land of the "free". Free enough that innocent people are TAKING THEIR LIVES ALONG WITH OTHERS, and that is NOT okay. Look at the world around us: Basically almost every other country is either scared of us or hate us, and it's not "Cause they ain't us." It's because we are beyond stupid and way too lenient with criminal justice. We are a mess! Of course, America in itself is great... In the previous generations. So many great people had taken their lives because this generation and way of life is WAY too much to handle. Robin Williams? Kurt Cobain? Marilyn Monroe? GET THE HINT! We are a failing generation!
Wake up, America! Today, an innocent soul was taken from us because some idiot wanted to "Go out with a bang"! Imagine if it was someone like another president or if the shooter just so happened to even look Muslim! Hell would have been raised, but it's not because it was just a "Sad American" and everyone's "Shocked and Devastated" to hear that Christina was taken in the process. Excuse me? Get a grip! Tighten your grip on the Criminal justice system! Strengthen gun laws! Make help for the mentally suffering free and more accessible!
Do SOMETHING to prevent another innocent and amazing soul from being taken from us! If there isn't a president or someone that can do something about this, I say we reject and reject and do what ever we can until there is! We can't go on as a nation if our terrorists have power! And by terrorists, I mean the criminals, no matter the nationality, whether they're American, Mexican, Japanese, Muslim, etc.. It doesn't matter! The Definition of a terrorist is the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes. ESPECIALLY. It doesn't say FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES ONLY. So a terrorist is a rapist, a gunman, mass killer, ANYTHING that strikes fear into one person or many persons. What have we done, America? We've let police get away with abuses of their authority and celebrities get away with crime just because they're loved by a lot of people. Caitlin Jenner had committed vehicular manslaughter and got away with it, Justin Bieber only spent a couple of nights in jail, but was released over a stupid hashtag! And if a celebrity is raped, apparently it's "Showbiz" and they "Asked" for it. HELL NO! Kesha was raped and still had to work with the man who did it because "That's showbiz" and "It's her career and if she leaves him she's let down her fans". Do you not see where we went wrong?! So please, wake up America, and use your voice to put an end to all of this unnecessary violence.
A very upset 16 year old