My passion for driving: why I love my car

Subject: My passion for driving: why I love my car
From: Passionate car enthusiast
Date: 15 Mar 2019

Ever since I was a little boy, I have always been fascinated with cars. From elegant old-timers to flashy race cars, I was able to name every make and model. When I was 16, my parents bought me my first car. It wasn’t the best or the most attractive thing in the world, but it got me wherever I wanted to go and, more importantly, it was completely mine and it gave me the freedom I so desperately needed at that age. That is when my love for driving truly began. From that point on, I have changed many vehicles, opted for different makes, models and styles, but with each car I’ve bought, my love grew more and more. Before I bought my current car, I couldn’t believe I could be in love with an automobile as much as this, but I truly think it is the most incredible possession I’ve ever owned.

My car makes my life easier and better. It gives me complete liberty and independence – I am able to go wherever I want whenever I want, without needing to go through the hassle of public transport. It has enough room to seat my friends or my family, which makes planning road trips and vacations according to our preferences a breeze. But apart from simply getting me from point A to point B, my car truly gives me the opportunity to experience all of the wonders of driving. Cruising down the empty open roads and enjoying the beauty of nature along the way is an incredibly relaxing and enjoyable experience I wouldn’t have the chance to get to know if I didn’t have my own car. I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without such convenience and comfort of complete freedom of movement.

My car protects me and my life. Apart from being covered with a protective shell of steel, aluminium and other metals, my car is equipped with airbags, seat belts, back-up cameras and numerous life-saving features. Traffic accidents can be dangerous and terrifying, but they’d be a lot more lethal without such a strong set of body armour. However, even though cars are built with safety in mind, they can’t take care of themselves – we, as drivers, need to own our responsibility. That is why I always try to embrace preventive maintenance, follow the guidelines in my owner’s manual in order to minimize risk and equip myself with the best protection available, such as Youi BMW insurance, that offers custom insurance suited to my car and my personal needs.

My car is the production of sheer engineering brilliance. Centuries of research and scientific development made my car functional, months of planning, designing and debating in the drawing room made it attractive, while countless hours of hard work on the assembly line made it practical. The incredible craftsmanship, as well as the collaborative effort that is put into making an automobile is truly something to be admired, and I honestly do.

My car stimulates all of my senses. I simply love the look of a striking, masterfully designed car. When I get in, I like to take a deep breath and inhale the combination of my favourite air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror with that new car smell that still lingers on – it just smells like my car and I love it. When I start the motor, I like to hear the sound of the engine revving and the car coming to life. I love the feeling of the leather steering when underneath my fingers, the comfort of the seat against my back, and the feeling of the car accelerating as I drive down the road. There’s truly no doubt that my car is an all-around sensory experience that always brings me joy, comfort and delight.

My car is an extension of my personality – it represents me and the stage of life I’m currently in, and it is the perfect portrayal of the unique way I view the world. Everything from the manufacturer, the model and the colour to the overall luxurious look and feel of my car sends a clear message to the world: “This is my love. This is my passion. This is me.”