My open letter to We the People of the United States of America

Subject: My open letter to We the People of the United States of America
From: Sirrix
Date: 4 Jun 2020
treat everyone equally

My Open Letter to We The People - Racism must stop
I am really disgusted at how everyone is acting over the death of another black man. Most people want to start blaming, talking and giving their opinions. Well I am going to shoot it straight with you.

When you start blaming people (pointing the finger), remember you have three fingers pointing back at YOURSELF! (I have room to talk, I will explain later).

People want to blame the President now, but when the killing of a black boy in Ferguson Missouri happened in 2014, Obama did not step in, he let the city leaders and governors handle it, and half of the city was burnt down, and all across America stores burnt and looted. The murderer police officer got off free and still walks around today,

Obama didn't intervene.

Obama never got any blame 

Why is that, we have a double standard here?

At least this President has gotten the FBI and Dept of Justice involved to see these bad cops got justice. If you want to de-friend, un-follow me now, then you're the problem, you have your own racist problems.

The problem is not just Blacks, the problem is Racism. 
Whether you are Latino, Hispanic, Black, Chinese, LGBTQ, everyone has to be treated and respected equally.

So now if you have three fingers pointing back at yourself, ask yourself why? You can change.

You see I can say to you today, that I have helped trying to curb racism my whole life, and I think I have not done enough. But most people would rather let one person do it for them, because they are too lazy to get off their ass and do something. That's the stone hard truth.

I remember a black boy in Elementary school being bullied, I stood up, pushed the bully up against the wall. I was the one who got in trouble for pushing the racist bully, but the racist bully stopped bullying people. I took the shit, to stand up to no racism.
My whole life is dedicated to the cause. I have friends of many colors, I help black people (and Hispanics, people of other colors) on the streets, feeding them, giving them food, and clothing, and for two years had an organization that feed over 30,000 people a year, and gave their children Christmas toys at Christmas time.
One day a black lady and her too children walked in my office she was beaten by her white husband, and was scared for her life. I got her to a safe shelter, got her a job, and at the moment provided money, food and care for her. Then we got the man arrested. I can write a book about these stories, but this is not about me.

I treat everyone equal it is not a black or white thing with me, it is not a "black lives matter" thing.


Now you probably stop reading and quit following me just because I said that, and included all races, not just Blacks. Well shame on you because you probably have some degree of racism in yourself, have a look.

I don't care what race you are, but if you are only about your own race then you need to stop pointing fingers and start accepting and treating everyone equally!

I have helped a Hispanic organization, for 12 years now and still going, funding it, all myself, to help support their causes, but how many people help me ? Hardly anyone! How many people give to keep it going, 1–3 people, an organization that has over 50,000 members. How many of them get involve to help none except the 6 founding members. Most of them want to sit on their ass and let other people do it, and complain about it when things are going well.

It's the same with the death of this black man, everyone wants to sit and complain or riot or loot.

So now the talk is straight in your face.

Of course many of those people also will go out and protest, and riot just to be seen and make their ego get a little bigger, but that won't do anything for the cause.

Peaceful protests and marches will help and getting involved in organizations and starting organizations that will make change will help but rioting and looting and killing won't help.

If Martin Luther King was alive today, how many would march with him peacefully? Probably Zero or two or three people. That's the problem.

So today you have an opportunity, first to quit rioting, looting, burning down your own churches, cars and homes in your neighborhood (or if you were sent by a political party to do riot another persons city) you can all go home now.

Next you can organize peaceful protests, and start working in your local city for changes. I bet if your city council meeting had 100,000 people show up to talk about police abuse, they would listen and make changes. I bet if you showed up with Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, Asians, all races and said enough is enough, it would start to make an impact, but Peacefully march, peacefully stand at the court house, at the Mayor's house. 

Next time you see a person of another race go help them, be friendly, not some kind of thug or some rich snob!

I don't have the answers for police brutality but it starts with all of us, working to make changes in the judicial system.
If there is a cause that helps a community, then donate money or time to it, get involved. I am not talking just about your own ethic group.

Everyone has ideas to create change, so now it is time to do it.