Mr Tyley Perrry

Subject: Mr Tyley Perrry
From: Charles Tsabedze
Date: 17 Jun 2016

As a kid l grew up with a lot of dreams but along the way they all shattered away like dust into mud by the rain. l grew up in a small village called Matsapha in Swaziland, like every child with a mom and a father had no worries and stress just to go to school and come back to play.
It was 1997 when my life changed, see My father was a military man and he drank too much, though he was never abusive a very generous man who loved his wife and son so much. Trough an illness that the doctors said it affected his lungs and kidney my father lost his life and my mom was to be the "bread winner" from being a house wife. I asked her where dad was and her words were"Your father has visited heaven and he will come back again soon". I waited for my father to return all the next years but l guess he was too late to return because my mom was gone in 2003 she died and l was 13 years old, since l had no brothers and sisters there people who had to tell me was my uncle who was a pastor and his wife(my uncle was an older brother to my dad). They called us early in the morning and told me my mom is dead, well my best friend was dead.(God will make my dream one day and you will hear how l survived that).
I am 26 years now from losing everything it all turned me to a street kid, l started drinking, smoking and making bad friends. From watching Diary of A Mad Black Woman, Good Deeds they made me cry, l did not complete school but your movies gave me a purpose and a role model (YOU). I realized God gave me a gift to write, act, produce and direct. Being in a country like Swaziland putting my career into action because of lack of support and having no equipment.
I really don't want money from you but for children in Africa to see that its not where you are that can make you a better person but where you want to be. I just need help in starting up my passion which is my career. l PRAY ONE DAY TO SAY THANK YOU IN PERSON.