A Message To My Narcissistic Ex

Subject: A Message To My Narcissistic Ex
From: Your Unhealed Ex
Date: 11 Dec 2022

After months of dealing with the pain, I have come to the realization that most of what I felt is due to the fact that the person I once loved doesn't exist at all.

You are an illusion. An idea I created in my mind based on what you try to portray. I believed you, I trusted you and in the end, I got betrayed. But that's ok inspite of all the sufferings. I know God loves me for finally getting rid you out of my life. Because he knows how you are a disaster who wants me to tolerate all the things that you have done even if it's so wrong. Funny how you easily escaped everything and come out clean like you never make someone suffer, like you are the victim. And truth be told, how you try to paint all the wrong things you did with rose colored lies. You can act all good for now, keep on telling them stories of how you're a hero in your fantasy world _ the same way you did before when I first believed it. But the truth will come resurfacing someday. Time will tell you how you should make peace with the truth before it haunts you for real. And when it finally happens, everyone will know. Good luck in trying to protect the image you created with your lies. No mask can be worn forever, it will fall off some time. For now, enjoy your new

God knows what you did. God knows it!