McKinney Police

Subject: McKinney Police
From: The guy you beat
Date: 7 Jul 2016

Dear McKinney, TX police,
Thank you for beating the hell out of me for being suicidle at one point in my life, it really seems like the best option for someone that needs help. I mean that's what officer Wilkerson said as he approached me the night of February 21st 2016. He said "I hear you need some help." I told him no I am fine, which I was, otherwise I wouldn't have been back at my house. I guess he didn't like that answer, so he grabbed me. Well as a natural reaction since I didn't do anything wrong I tried to pull his hand off mine. I don't remember much after that but my brother told me you hit me in the face 2 times. I'm guessing that's the part where I stopped remembering everything. The next thing I do remember is being tasered in my driveway pulling it out and being tasered again. After that I remember a pool of blood with my face in it. Maybe a minute at the hospital and next thing I knew I was in jail for assualt to a police officer. Wow! That was some help. So I tried to use my rights and request the video footage that you have but for some reason our Constitution is not applicable in this scenario. The reason I want to see the video is because I don't remember the part where I assaulted you. I do know I had a concussion that took me a few weeks to get back to normal from. I also have a chipped tooth and a hand that no longer works like it used to. I do feel like you are hiding something by not showing the video. I was the one that assualted you so what's the big deal to let me know for sure I did it, atleast thats what officer Wilkerson says. I tried to find many lawyers but I can't find one that will represent me due to politics. Wow again!
If I'm guilty then show me the video, pretty simple. I really don't see how showing the video would sway the publics option but I guess we the public don't have rights that were created to protect us from bad officers like Mr. Wilkerson. If I was a cop I would choose to use my words and not violence if I was going to go help someone if they were suicidle. Yes I was going through a hard time but that is not the way you handle it. It's officers like you that make it worse for the good ones. To the chief of McKinney. I asked for a simple apology, that was it. Instead you supported your officer and his actions which makes you just as bad. You changed my life that night and made it a little more difficult. I'm working with it though. If I could I would arrest you officer wilkerson and tell you to prove your innocence to make this a little more honest, because you sir are a liar. I think you need to reconsider your profession as a officer. You made me have to reconsider mine with my hand not functioning properly.