To The Man Who Ruined My Life: Doug Stoner

Subject: To The Man Who Ruined My Life: Doug Stoner
From: Your victim, Katie
Date: 15 Apr 2016

Man Who Ruined My Life: Doug Stoner,

Thank you for being so low to abuse me when I was three. My mother trusted you and you took it upon yourself to drag me through the house by my hair that was past my butt. And when my mom asked why I was already asleep and why I had bruises, you said I fell off my bed? Good thing she didn’t buy that. Still to this day I cannot talk about it.

After the incident, Mom said I didn’t play with my toys for weeks. I couldn’t tell her because every time I imagined myself telling her, there were your threats screaming in the back of my head. “I’ll kill her if you tell.” Well guess what, I did. And we’re alive, without your help. I remember finally telling my mom what you did to me. She broke out in tears. My papa held her and me in his arms; God, he was so mad. I told her she couldn’t go back to you because of your threats and she said she would never. We moved in with my grandparents with nothing but the clothes on our backs.

You could have killed me. Doctors said that if Mom didn’t take me the hospital when she did, I would have been worse. But x-rays showed you had only broke my collar bone and nose. Not that that’s any better.

Thanks to you, I flinch when my friends go to touch my face. Thanks to you, I recently found out that you shifted my jaw slightly to the right because you put your hands on 3-year-old me, and that’s why it pops constantly and causes me pain. Thanks to you, every time I go to a hospital to get x-rays, I get flashbacks of the sweet nurses setting me up there and telling me it’s okay while they were checking to see what damage you did. Thanks to you, I have flashbacks and not to mention god-awful nightmares too often. Thanks to you, I can’t look in the mirror and be satisfied because you broke my nose and believe me, you can tell.

And to the parent whose child was a previous victim of Doug Stoner, who broke her tailbone and was locked in the closet by him, shame on you. You could have gotten your own daughter justice by reporting the incident and you could have saved me from these haunting, antagonizing memories.

To my mom, thank you for being woman enough and having unconditional love for me to report this and deal with this first-hand.
To his new baby who is now a toddler, your father doesn't deserve you. I wish you the best and I will continue to pray for you. I hope he never hurts you like he did to me.

Cheers to you Doug Stoner, for being the lowest low you could have been. I hope you sleep well at night for what you've done and I hope your conscious haunts you. But of course, that's probably not the case. Good thing what you've done to me will always be on your record for everyone to see. I would say I hate you, but that gives you the advantage to be a part of my life.