A letter To Jersey's external Affairs Minister, Sir Philip Bailhache

Subject: A letter To Jersey's external Affairs Minister, Sir Philip Bailhache
From: HG
Date: 9 Mar 2015

A First Open letter to Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, Member of the States of Jersey. With Tribute to Jersey’s local media and citizen’s who’s articles are referenced in this letter,( and although those in power can dismiss the citizens who are intelligent and brave enough to look at the counterpoint as ‘conspiracy theorists’ they obviously are not) This letter and it’s links will take the average reader some hours to get through:

Dear Philip Bailhache,
I thought that I would write to you together as you have extensively worked to vilify me and clear the Dean and wrongdoers in the Deanery of Jersey.
It is the second anniversary of the Bishop of Winchester’s foolhardy launch in the press of my case and the Dean’s suspension. I do not condone his incredibly wrong actions, but nor do I condone your response.

Before I continue, I will just mention that it is 9am in the morning here, and although this letter may not be finished this morning or today, because my adoptive Mum is coming over today, there is a vigil for abuse survivors in St Helier at 11am today, and I am sure that you will be proud to see Jersey represented there as a caring and supportive island, not one that covers up abuse and stops inquiries at all costs or with the excuse of costs. Jersey has such a bad name for cover-ups now, what with Victoria college, Roger Holland, the care abuse and cover ups, and of course my case. So I do hope that you were back from your trip to Brussells in time to support the Vigil today.
I will just add links to the case I mention above, for people who do not know about how things work in Jersey:

The comments on this next article refer to my case and are enlightening:

And the BBC Jersey article, which is surprising considering that the press and media in Jersey are very biased.

I must get back to writing to you directly, but I will just provide 3 more links for online readers, please do read the comments:

Senator Bailhache, I understand that you do not want the care abuse inquiry to go ahead because of cost, but what about the cost to the victims? And didn’t you spend rather a lot of taxpayer’s money in ensuring that my case was stitched up? For example, money was spent on legal services for the Dean and Deanery? While I was left voiceless, just as you are intending to leave care abuse survivors voiceless by removing their inquiry because of costs, and a cost figure that seems to come from nowhere?

Don’t you think that rather than you spending money on trips to other countries as external affairs minister, that money would be better spent on promoting Jersey by showing that Jersey cares for it’s own, by funding the inquiry?

Oh, that sounds a bit rude of me Senator Bailhache, but I recall that you have never met me, but have maligned and defamed me publicly in an open letter giving your opinion that I am a troublemaker.

You failed to state in the letter that you were a churchwarden and on the Deanery Synod alongside my abuser, you also omit the other conflicts of interest in the Jersey Deanery, which appear to be exhaustive, and you abused your dual roles in the Church and in the States to persuade people to support your cause, and you misled people with the defamation of me and your inaccurate version of my past and my life since I left Jersey. Have you ever interviewed me? No, and Bob Hill quite rightly brought this up at the ‘Grouville meeting’ A meeting which showed just how lost the Church are, to still claim to be Christians while behaving as they have and are doing,and still thinking, believing, that this is how to serve God! This is the Grouville Meeting:

Here you are showing that you are prepared to publicly slaughter an abuse survivor for your own agenda, and also you incredibly talk about me needing psychiatric treatment, when even the report to the court in Jersey said that that would not be appropriate, and even before and since, the opinion of professionals is that Psychiatric Treatment is not suitable for me. I need therapy, psychological help as I am profoundly damaged, but sadly the UK health services do not help me and I can barely afford food, let alone therapy.

You also claimed that I had made previous complaints in Guernsey and Twice in Winchester, seeing as that is untrue, where did you source that information? And why was it in the press as if it was true? And even if I had made previous complaints, do you really believe that I, or other vulnerable people or children can only be abused once? Or are simply making the abuse up, because that suits you? That certainly appears to be your track record now, with your recent efforts to close the Jersey care inquiry down.

No one in Guernsey has ever abused me. I have thus never made a complaint about them. And The only other abuse complaint in Hampshire came to light as a result of the Jersey Deanery trying to liase with a man in Hampshire who abused me, in order to do the same as you have done, make me out to be someone who goes around falsely accusing people, as well as distorting what actually happened in that situation. I suffered that slur while I was in Jersey, and all the last two years of dirty war have done, is magnify the same mistreatment of me again, and bad behaviour of the Jersey Deanery.

Here is my letter to the Jersey Deanery from 2013, at the height of you slandering and destroying me while I was still homeless and massively traumatized, the fact that I survived is incredible, and the reaction by Gavin Ashenden to this letter was also incredible, he claimed that the Bishop should ‘apologize to me and the Dean’ – No thought of apologizing himself!


Sir Philip, I think as well as speaking to survivors (if any would actually speak to you) and beginning to understand abuse and it’s after-effects, you need to educate yourself on abuse, vulnerability, psychological effects of abuse on behaviour, and the psychology of cover-ups – well maybe you don’t need to do the last bit. But the fact that you are and have been in high positions in Jersey judiciary, law and government, and yet, as is apparent from your track record, you have no understanding of abuse or it’s effects, and certainly in the Roger Holland case, that shows.

So, sadly, it is not abuse that is denigrating Jersey’s reputation, it is your lack of understanding that abuse is wrong and harmful, and when someone is abused, they should be able to speak up, and they should be able to see their abuser punished and be safe from them. Have you any thoughts on the fact that the churchwarden who abused me was a serial abuser and yet is supported by the town church and allowed to take a visiting woman home since this matter broke in the news?

Unfortunately the Jersey way does the opposite of justice for victims, it sees abusers left free or freed to distress their victims and strut, often protected to do so, and vulnerable people and childhood abuse survivors living in fear, not daring to speak up for fear of ‘the Jersey way’ that sees the brave who speak out punished by smears, bankruptcy, deportation, imprisonment, homelessness, shunning in the small closed community, threatened, and other punishments. Some Jersey people speak to me in secret, afraid of what would happen if people found out. That says it all.

There are so many blogs and articles on this matter, and the views are those of the people who write and contribute, but I found this one, because if you type ‘Philip Bailhache, Jersey’, so many of these articles come up:


As a Jersey clergyman said to me on this subject ‘In Jersey you keep your friends close and your enemies closer’. I am sure if you truly believe yourself to be a Christian, you must be able to see how very wrong this is. And no, this opinion is not the ranting of someone deranged, because it is an opinion and an experience shared by hundreds, some of whom are not just very sane, but some have also held or hold positions in the police, government and other services in Jersey. Do you feel that the Dean has made any improvement to the culture of cover up and secrecy in Jersey? I think his position as the ‘Christian leader’ in Jersey means that he should have been working on making Jersey more equal in his time there. And something else about Jersey’s church continues to surprise me, I have never heard a single person speak out against the fact that there is a statue to the devil on the North Coast of Jersey.

you need to even things out and bring Christianity into the situation by maybe apologizing to the care abuse survivors for putting costs first and not even appearing to think of them as they see long awaited justice suddenly snatched from their hands after so many let-downs, and then you need to interview me and ensuring that the general public know both sides and the conflicts of interest in my case.

Including the conflicted Ian LeMarquand, former magistrate, Home Affairs Minister, Church of England Reader, friend and colleague of my abuser, said it was a sad day when he was sacked from their church for previous misconduct; Bridget Shaw, Magistrate, wife of a Jersey clergyman; Your own position as a church member, States member and member of the judiciary, your brother’s conflicts of interest the same; Michael Birt, former Bailiff, member of the Dean’s church; Gerard LeFeuvre, churchman, prominent member of church and famous musician, also my abuser’s nephew; Gavin Ashenden, former lawyer, former chaplain to the Queen, Jersey clergyman, has never met me but has used his legal experience to influence the Steel report and was interviewed for it despite never meeting me. unfortunately this list is exhaustive and these conflicts are hidden from any report.

You are certainly aware of the distress caused to me, and also the distress caused to the family of one of Roger Holland’s victims, but do you know the impact of your recent public effort to close the inquiry, do you know how it affects survivors and people fighting for justice? If not, please read this links:

I am aware that you usually crush your opponents, with the help of your circle in Jersey, but I am not in Jersey and you have already crushed me, so I am writing you an open letter, just as you wrote one about me, and I am only following your Christian example in enlightening people about you, just as you gave people your opinion of me. The difference is, I am an abuse survivor, in a position of weakness and at serious risk, and you are a very powerful man. Now, what would Jesus say about this? I am sure that you, as a Christian can answer that.

You can buy the press, but you cannot change the truth, and as yet, as well as denying me a fair inquiry into what has happened to me, you are also trying to deny the care survivors an fair inquiry. In my case, a lot of taxpayers money was spent on legal advice for the Dean, in the case of the care survivors, you want taxpayers money to be denied so that there is no inquiry. Paradoxical. I mean, a huge amount of money was used from the criminal confiscation fund to buy Plemont Headland, did that restore lives and bring justice? Human lives, those of victims, are priority, those people have been wronged in a system that you preside over, they are deserving of taxpayers money.

The problem is, you have done as you do, mislead the public, put a figure of 50 million on the inquiry and asked the public, these who do not care, those who keep their heads down and want to keep things sweet, if the inquiry is worth the money to pay mainly the lawyers. It was a weighed, misleading question, very unfair, and again from your position of power and influence.
On the subject of power and influence. You and Dame Steel are close, you are colleagues, you have published law books together and you have asked her to speak at one of your events before. If you want the report that you engineered, why don’t you bypass the Bishop of Winchester, who is a rudderless and inexperienced Bishop who has truly and utterly screwed up, and just simply get the report from your friend, Heather Steel? That would get Dakin out of a situation where he keeps lying through his PR firm. Although I am not giving you consent to get or release the Steel report, it is an illegal document, forged from alledgedly illegal actions, by you and your conflicted colleagues and friends in the Jersey Deanery, who are or were also in judiciary and law and the States.

Here is a link to one of many articles that help to educate on the effects of abuse on victims:


You were allegedly seen on an airplane, reading documents about my case, in full public view, including police documents that you (and Dame Heather Steel) had no right to. No consent from me has ever been given to you or Dame Steel or Officer Stuart Gull, who was not in Jersey when I was and only has inaccurate and misleading police documents to go by, for any of you to view my police record or notes or to use them in an inquiry or take them to England to meet with anyone.

And yet, when you were confronted by these two businessmen and their local deputy, you accused them of malice and lying. When further confronted, you made up a story that wasn’t very convincing, and Senator Gorst allowed this, and then had you promoted to external affairs minister. The Jersey way again, (also a church of England model of behaviour, they promote wrongdoers) a serious data protection breach, illegal access to police records in order to clear the Dean, and you get promoted, and spend a lot of money flying to other countries when Jersey has little or nothing to export or trade any more, but you would like to deny the survivors of abuse in Jersey the money for an inquiry.

Here are links to the case of you breaching the data protection act on a plane, it remains a criminal matter, and one that the police are obliged to look into, but Jersey Police are well known for being selective in what they look into, or record, and who’s side they take, in much the same way as you, you are seen as above the law in Jersey. I know you and your circle try to close the blogs down too, but, as they are saying what the JEP and Media need to say but forget to in favour of a more biased approach, I think it is great that people have access to the other side of the story through the blogs, please note, I had no knowledge or say in the matter of the business men on the plane, nor had I been in touch with deputy Pitman :


Now, although there is apparently criminal activity on your part, in having documents you have no right to, and in breaching the data protection act, and in libelling me and inciting hatred and smears against me, Jersey’s police and safeguarding board have not yet acted on this, despite the safeguarding board being made aware of your actions and the harm they did. This shows again why the committee of inquiry into care abuse must not be closed down, because this is a pattern.

Abuse victims in Jersey have been threatened, defamed, made out to be mad, repeatedly.
Jersey’s so-called safeguarding board pulled a publicity stunt recently over an elderly man who died, but they are ineffective, on their board is the same officer Gull who has rubbished me and who has illegally liased with Heather Steel when the Bishop publicly ‘appointed him’ despite the fact that Jersey police have committed misconduct in my case and are thus conflicted and I did not agree to any officer being ‘appointed’ by the Bishop to look into my case and certainly didn’t grant access to my inaccurate records by people who were not also taking my side of things, and isn’t it a co-incidence that he was appointed by the Bishop when he is also on the sham safeguarding board and also was not in Jersey when I was, has never met me and has only inaccurate records and your circle who are against me to tell him one side of things. Do you see why the Care inquiry needs to continue? Because conflict and bias is recurrently preventing justice for children and the poor and vulnerable in Jersey, which isn’t acceptable in this day and age.

And apparently the sham safeguarding board decided, without meeting me that Jersey police had done nothing wrong, which again is incorrect, which is why the care inquiry needs to look at how Jersey’s systems can be changed for the better, so that victims can be heard, believed, and see justice, not be defamed and smeared and denied justice.

Should a serving police officer be able to act in a conflicted way, being appointed by a hostile party to act illegally at the same time as influencing a serious case review to make a decision without any input from the victim? I am sure you are quite happy with all that conflict and unprofessional behaviour, but that doesn’t make it right or just, and in my case, when you are in a position where your impartiality and professional behaviour are very important, you have behaved extremely unprofessionally, in the public eye.

And because Jersey is Jersey, nothing has been done, not by police, safeguarding, your chief minister, or anyone else, because you have more power than any of them.
As a man of great wealth and power, who has been privately educated at great expense, please show some compassion for those who have suffered such deprivation that they ended up in the hands of abusers of one kind or another, and still deserve to see justice and/or closure. After all you claim to be a Christian, and sit on the Jersey Deanery Synod as a result, and Jesus consistently teaches compassion, mercy, justice and also what the rich and powerful should do for the poor.

When Jesus was teaching this, he caused much dismay to the Pharasees, who were also well off because they ran the church and also conflicted church and judgement and government. The Pharisees didn’t like anyone speaking contrary to them, so they crucified Jesus, much as you and your circle have crucified me.
I am 33, and travelled homeless for three years, condemned by the Church, and although it is looking unlikely that I will ride up to Winchester on a donkey in two weeks time, your circle have recreated the story, and you and they need to change direction and start looking to the abuse survivors with compassion not contempt, and listening to them, and making Jersey a more fair and just place. Turn back to Jesus, Sir Philip, you and your Deanery of Jersey, and support the survivors, don’t keep denying them justice.

As this letter has now reached 8 or 9 pages, I will have to end it, and call it the first letter to you, as there is so much simply not covered by it. But in conclusion, You are doing wrong, even if you are coercing people to support your efforts to close the inquiry, just as you misled people to support the re-instatement of the Dean and sent not only an open letter misleading people and defaming me, but also a circular letter misleading people.
Unfortunately, while you influence people to a certain extent, you are misleading people and causing anger and distress and stirring trouble against people who have already suffered enough, as you have a pattern of doing. And eventually there must be an end point to what is effectively abuse of power. A new article came out today regarding this matter:

Also recent relevant articles: http://voiceforchildren.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/jersey-child-abuse-rally-...

The Question is now: Do you leap to slandering me in the press and media and risk them actually publishing some of this letter rather than doing as they do and calling it my madness, slander and lies?
Do you go all out to get the Steel report released? Or do you coldly ignore my letter but in the knowledge that other people will read it, not in the JEP where they read your letter about me, but through other media, because Jersey’s media and press are very select about who’s side they publish, an example being Teri Bond, who had met me once but was close to the Dean and his wife, usually having the Dean over for supper when his wife was away, having uncensored lies about me published as if they were fact in the JEP.


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