A letter to Jane Fisher and Bishop Tim Dakin

Subject: A letter to Jane Fisher and Bishop Tim Dakin
Date: 21 Feb 2015

This is a formal letter calling for the resignation of the Bishop of Winchester, Tim Dakin, and his Safeguarding Director, Jane Fisher.

The horrendous fiasco of the war between the Diocese of Winchester and Deanery of Jersey should have led to the Bishop's resignation in 2013, while Jane Fisher's actions for 7 years have been so serious that she also should have been removed a long time ago.

They are both currently responsible for the prolonged and untenable suffering of a vulnerable adult, who has made numerous formal complaints, but nothing has been done by the Archbishop, Clergy Discipline Panel, police or any other authority as yet.

The nature of the wrongdoing of these two people is described on my blog and on numerous other blogs, and is evident in the catastrophic mess made by the Bishop of Winchester in his actions since March 2013, leading to the Jersey Deanery being transferred to the Canterbury Diocese/oversight of the Bishop of Dover, and also in the continued use of a PR company by the Bishop. Use of a PR company in a matter like this, and by a Bishop, is inexcusable. if the church are there to be a 'Christian Presence in every Community' Then the money wasted on this matter should be being used to help the poor and vulnerable in the community, not to destroy one vulnerable adult and squabble in the public limelight. The Bishop of Winchester and his safeguarding director have been and are representing what Christianity isn't, and their biased and defamatory reports about me that exclude me in order to protect wrongdoers are a henious and barbaric act, they do not make any difference to safeguarding and they are doing the opposite of safeguarding.

Making me live in fear of this matter continually resurfacing with inaccurate press reports and slurs of me and squabbles and the danger of further defamatory reports is a serious misconduct, and the Bishop has not at any point attempted to stop the harm to me, the severity of the harm to me is serious, and presumably the Bishop who has never arranged for my side to have a hearing, feels enabled to allow my suffering continued because he believes the slurs on my character from Jane Fisher and the Jersey Deanery and associated wrongdoers, so he refuses to even respond to my concerns. This situation of me being silently destroyed has gone on for too long, it is inhumane and it is criminal and it is also very obvious from the recent comment by the Bishop's PR spokesman, that the Bishop is still happy to release the conflicted Steel report and have me further and irreparably destroyed.

After all the damage I have already suffered, and seeing no justice from conflicted reports, I think it is deeply wrong that over and over again I am made to suffer the pronouncements in the press and media about the Dean being cleared, he hasn't been cleared because he is innocent of wrongdoing, and by his own admission in the 'apology' he did things wrong, but he has been cleared because the Bishop of Winchester has no power in Jersey and did the most stupid and utterly unacceptable thing by launching the matter publicly in local and National press, suspending the Dean when he had no power to do so, and for some reason hadn't researched Jersey law or the situation of connections and dual roles in Jersey. So he was forced to re-instate the Dean and had no power to discipline, so instead, he has scapegoated me, again.

Instead of being honest and representing himself, the Bishop has wasted hundreds and thousands of pounds in destroying me and failing to even produce a safeguarding report, despite claims that this matter has been about Safeguarding.
The Korris report is a cover up for Jane Fisher, while the Steel report is conflicted by Steel's relationship with the Jersey Deanery. The Gladwin report is irrelevant as Gladwin is a Church of England Bishop and not independent. So basically, as well as these reports being compromised by their lack of independence and omission of my side of things, they further put the Diocese in the wrong because of their claims that these are independent. Added to that Korris was not suitably qualified to carry out the nature of report that she did, and it is messy, insulting and lacking in any chronology or clarity.

Another example of serious misconduct by the Bishop and Jane Fisher is that I made a formal complaint against Fisher in 2013 as I continued to be harmed by the Korris report and Jersey Deanery smear campaign, but the Bishop didn't deal with the complaint nor did he make sure it was dealt with, nor did he suspend Fisher, instead, he allowed her to make illegal arrangements with the NSPCC about me, which was ridiculous, a lie was told about the NSPCC housing me, when they are a Children's charity and do not house adults, I have had conversations with the NSPCC about this.

But the reason Fisher referred me to the NSPCC was because the Bishop wanted to do a press release, and he wanted to keep up a pretence of caring about me, despite him threatening me when I contacted him and Fisher, begging them not to keep violating me, which is what Fisher did for years solid with illegal interventions and intrusions, and yet here she was again, illegally referring me to the NSPCC without my consent.

How can the Bishop pretend to care when committing such deceit and at the same time as clearing wrongdoers, who have still done wrong, but he failed to conduct a proper investigation and acted illegally in defaming them and me in the press and online to a national audience anyway?

The Bishop's press release, after he had apparently tried to force the NSPCC referral on me, was terrible, because he claimed that they had been 'working hard across the Diocese to get me help', and yet they had had no consent to do any such thing! And further to that, the horrendous mess the Bishop had created, with me voiceless, excluded from reports and slandered by the Jersey Deanery had disrupted the help I had been receiving voluntarily, for which I had self-referred, as well as shattering my network of friends and support yet again, the Diocese having done that previously on having me imprisoned and left homeless and then again as they slandered me round my home town of Winchester.

The Bishop's press release claimed him to have been 'called to help the lost, last and least'. Which shows just how low the Church of England and Diocese of Winchester have now fallen. No-one, especially not a Bishop, should be foolish or arrogant enough to judge others as 'lost, last or least'. Especially not a Bishop and Safeguarding Director who have behaved as badly as those two have.

Those of you who are reading this need to seriously think about what happens to children and vulnerable adults who cannot write as I do, it is only luck and chance that I learned to write as I do, and thousands of vulnerable adults or survivors of childhood church abuse end up dead, imprisoned and mentally ill as a result of the Church of England's draconian and duplicious behaviour and press cover ups, along with their absolutely unacceptable pretences of care. No-one gets a good deal from the church if they are abused, and in my case, I am left to go on and on and on suffering, and it is now intolerable. If the Bishop cared enough to make an illegal referral to the NSPCC, then he can care enough to rectify the slurs that his 'clearing' of the Dean and others without me even having a hearing has done. If he doesn't, then the Church of England need to remove him and stop the fancy talk about caring about the vulnerable and safeguarding, because they are just empty words.

It doesn't matter what I am percieved to have done, Bishop Dakin and his Safeguarding Director have treated me in a way that no rapist or murderer is treated, they have deliberately exposed me to prolonged public shame and harm and why? Why was a permanent criminal record not enough for them?

According to Korris and Steel, I am either 'Not Autistic, or 'Normal and just a troublemaker' and neither of them have the power or authority to make that diagnosis, the fact remains though, I was diagnosed by a world leading hospital, I am also assessed as suffering severe PTSD, so why, if the Bishop 'cares about safeguarding' Has he spent 2 years doing nothing about safeguarding and allowing me to be subjected to such severe harm? And why have copies of these reports never been sent to me pre-publication, for amendment?

And when will the Bishop explain to the general public about dual roles and conflicts in Jersey, for example my abuser's nephew being a prominent man and church elder in the Jersey Deanery and being involved in the Steel report, and the retiring Bailiff and Sir Philip Bailhache being in positions in the church and Jersey Deanery, and so much more that the conflicted reports and biased press releases are not telling the general public, so I am being harmed by these prominent and conflicted men advocating for the Dean. And don't forget to mention former magistrate/Jersey Home Affairs Minister Ian LeMarquand being a Jersey church Reader and friend of my abuser, who said it was a sad day when he was sacked from the position previous to the one that he abused me in.

Because both sides are not being heard, wrongdoing is being blatantly covered up, and I am being slurred and abused for reacting, with the conditions that I suffer, to repeated abuse and cover up, the most serious and psychologically harmful being the regression and abuse in Jersey, followed by shunning for reporting it, and police punishment of me for reporting it. The whole charade of the last few years is not a safeguarding investigation, it omits me, the victim, and shows no insight whatsoever into the cumulative harm of abuse on abuse and regression on a background like the one I came from.

Therefore the threatened release of the Steel report is nothing more than an act of utter madness on the part of the Bishop of Winchester, and an act of unutterable cruelty, that he would still consider giving the victory of utterly destroying me to wrongdoers who have acted deceitfully and done such massive wrong.
Anyone who is reading this and does not know what I mean, please see Bob Hill's Jersey blog, his series of posts on 'Jersey's Dean', you may also want to see my blogs on this matter, especially my three letters of Warning to Bishop Dakin.

As most of you know, I could keep writing, and as most of you also know, the subjects of this matter are exhaustive and are much explained on my blog and Bob's blog, and the other Jersey blogs linked to mine. So I will cease writing and repeat my call for Tim Dakin and Jane Fisher to resign. They have used approximately a million pounds to no aim whatsoever, and appear to feel that they can sacrifice my life to make this justifiable, despite knowing that the extra international defamation from the Steel report will kill me, I am broken and living in fear.
The money they have used has caused division, anger, hurt, discord, division, serious harm to a vulnerable adult, deceit, duplicity, misleading of the general public, and most of all, they have almost deliberately ensured that other abuse survivors will not come forward if they are abused 'Thus shall be done to the person who dares to speak out'.

As a result of all this limitless, exhaustive damage, I am calling for Tim Dakin and Jane Fisher to resign.
I call on the Archbishop, the clergy discipline panel, 10 Downing Street, Her Majesty the Queen, the Home Secretary, and all other church officials, to ensure that Tim Dakin is removed - do your usual 'moving him to other things', and Jane Fisher is an abuser and a danger to the vulnerable, and no cover ups will change that, so she must also go.

Thank you for reading this, it is a formal call for two very seriously compromised people to leave their positions where they have caused and are causing, very very grave and serious harm, and Tim Dakin's reports and investigations must go with him, not be released, as I will still continue court action against him if he continues to harm me, his reports are nothing to do with safeguarding or what happened, so they are not relevant.