Date: 12 Jul 2016

To whom it may concern:

This past week has been so disheartening and mind blowing. To live in this daily reality is too surreal. Growing up I would have never imagined I would witness so many catastrophic events and right now we are in yet another phase of turmoil.

I'm not writing this letter to complain but to be a voice of a possible solution to begin the healing process of the reality's of all police brutalities. There are a lot of individuals speaking out in rage, anger, sadness, hopelessness and are in turn hit with political jargon that has yet to propose a possible solution leaving people to feel like their words are hitting a brick wall and that there is no one to give them hope that some type of justice will come out of all of this.

Marching's, rallies, online post, tweets, rants, unjust rulings, news are not doing enough to rectify this epidemic. Everyone is very aware of all the chaos and injustice that is happening but there is no solution yet to be announced. I feel like right now this situation is something in comparison to a house that has many tenants with a lot of on going issues. There is holes in the wall, cracks in the ceiling, pipes about to burst ect…..but the biggest issue at hand is the pipes are leaking and about to burst. Whats disheartening about this situation is that no matter how many times the tenants call to complain to higher authorities about this issue, the trained maintenance crew that comes out never seems to implement what they have been taught or fix what they where trained to fix and the outcome makes the situation worst off than what it already is, damaging the house even more. Which leaves the tenants that made the calls and wrote the complaints feeling disappointed, neglected and frustrated. Another frustrating thing that is going on in this house is that while the main concern at this point is the pipes about to burst and flood the house, you have other tenants that have there issues and concerns as well waiting to be answered and at times there voicing there frustrations and wanting to silence the tenants that are speaking out about the main issue at hand.

The solution to this madness does not start with tenants, it starts with maintenance crews ability to properly execute the elite training they were taught and their ability to apply this training in and during these situations. Im not saying that the maintenance crew has to be a 1st resolve every time they have a call or that they have to be perfect because we are all human. What I am saying is that there should at least be a better way the maintenance crew can properly do there job so that the tenants can feel safer in the house and can place there hope back in them. So how do you go about this?

The proposal that I have to resolve police brutality is this:

I think that there should be a reform of some kind in all police departments where Major acts of police brutality is being reported. I think that it should start with bringing in a team made up of distinct well educated high profile psychiatrist that are not affiliated with the internal affairs, buddies of, friends of or relatives of the police force in any type of way and that these trained specialist perform a psychiatric evaluation to determine the mental capacity, anger and aggression levels of individuals from the top to the bottom of the police force to determine if they are fit to be on the streets or out in the field. I think with the psychiatric evaluation those who display display excessive anger, aggression, uncontrolled tempers and out burst should be limited to office work possibly, refresher courses, sensitivity training until they have displayed that are adequate to handle "out in the field" situations and if they can't display or show improvement then at the discretion of the higher authorities, those individuals that don't show signs of improvement be removed.

I think that going forward after the reform, that there should be some type of recertification, training, testing, or refresher courses that should be implemented on an annual basis to protect lives of not only the cops themselves but to also protect citizens from all walks of life and backgrounds. I believe just as Nurses, physicians, gym trainers and other career affiliates that have to be refreshed and pay for licenses to maintain there job to prevent ill practice, the same standard should also be applied with police officers, maybe on a yearly basis or every two years. I believe that being reminded from the refresher trainings and having a full understanding of the rules and regulations and that these individuals took an oath to protect and serve will promote a healthier outcome in such a frustrating time.

I believe that with the psychiatric evaluation, refresher courses, training and either annual or every two years relicensing that this will begin the much needed healing process between US Citizens and the Police force across the nation especially when it comes to the African American Community and promote a more positive light to be shed for all communities. I hope that you take this information into consideration. I do care about the future of the US and all the lives of this nation.

Thank you for your time,

Russell Joyner