A letter from the Heart

Subject: A letter from the Heart
From: Anwesha Sensarma
Date: 18 Apr 2015

Dear BollywoodLife,
First of all being an aspiring and wannabe Journalist I follow all media companies, Page 3 magazines, online news sites etc. I read newspapers of all areas on a regular basis. Let me tell you I dont read it like other people do, I read it as a story book. Trust me if You ask me to repeat the entire article verbally I can exactly say all that is written on it even after reading it once. Such engrossed I am over it. But having noticed your media group for quite sometime now I want to say something. Isn't the first thing to be taught in Journalism refers to Unbiasness? I guess everyone is told that you can have your own favourites, likes and dislikes but you just can't openly engage in portraying your choices in public reflecting them through your articles. What is most annoying to all the readers is that we feel you people nurture an extreme hatred or hold a grudge against a particular celebrity because I have never read articles which make such random personal attacks on stars.
Why always write only about one person, disgracing him all the time whether by comparisons whether by normal false news whether by meaningless insulting polls whether by nasty comments or whether by furious headlines which are absolutely Shameful? Why just openly disclose your objects of fancy and aversion to all the readers? I know you people will say its Yellow Journalism. I agree it means adding spices to the gossips but there is also a way of presenting it in a dignified manner without hurting anyone's sentiments. Besides I don't think Yellow Journalism allows you to be partial. The rules remains the same, right? Honestly speaking I know you people don't care what we think but let me tell you if we stop voting in those polls and sharing your links or unfollow your official account I am pretty sure your reporters have to find some other job and run for money. Aren't you all forgetting that a media company becomes famous only if we people read those articles and appreciate it? Such news sell because we buy it. Its us who are doing you people a favour so its a humble request if you could please just think beyond crass ways and raise the standards high by getting involved in some pure and serious means of Journalism. You all must be thinking I don't have the right to counter you people. Who am I to judge or teach you professionals the real meaning of Journalism? Well I will tell you who am I. I am that reader who used to gorge on your articles everyday looking for new pictures, interesting informations or reports, who used to sing praises about your voting polls, who used to spread the link of your websites. If I can do that then I also have the right to put forward my viewpoints, to correct you when you people go wrong.
Just ponder over the rules and try to recaputalise it and you will know what I meant to express through this letter. You will understand what kind of Journalism you people are aactually doing. I can't let a famous Journaliatic Company lose their minds, ruin their name and spoil their image like this. This is not a letter of allegations but a letter from the heart to the field I admire. I have an utter amount of respect for all the people associated with this profession so please don't let me lose that respect. I don't want to think you people as a medium of gross piece of Voyeurism.

Anwesha Sensarma