Letter to the depressed me

Subject: Letter to the depressed me
From: Smarter now
Date: 5 Mar 2015

I know right now you feel like crap.

Life is grey and bleak and seems hopeless.

"What`s the point when I can`t even get out of bed," you think.

"I cannot go on and I just wish I could die"

What if I told you this is just a temporary time that will pass.

It won`t go on like this forever and eventually it will end.

Life isn`t over.

There`s life beyond these 4 walls and you will enjoy it again.

Maybe not today or tomorrow but that's Ok.

Do the little things you need to do.

Like get up, make that bed, shower and clean up.

Make a hot cup of tea.

Thank God for the ability to walk and talk ( even if it is to just yourself)

Cry if you need to.

Eat something.

Look in the mirror and smile at YOU., Yes YOU!

See? you are doing it.

Life isn`t all sunshine and rainbows.

Some days it has to rain and rain hard.

But soon things will come around.

You survived difficulties before and you will again.

You just have to believe in you and keep a positive outlook in the future.

It begins with you!