The Law Society of Upper Canada is a fraud - Solicitor William Gilmour is living proof!

Subject: The Law Society of Upper Canada is a fraud - Solicitor William Gilmour is living proof!
From: One of many victims
Date: 9 Mar 2016

Lawyers in Canada pay annual dues to the Law Society. This money amounts to over $5 million in Toronto alone. The lawyers gladly shell out big bucks to the Law Society because when they get caught over-billing, extorting, cheating, and even raping their clients, they can count on the Law Society to help them avoid criminal prosecution and keep things quiet and out of the media. In fact, if you are dumb enough to file a complaint with the Law Society, they will make you sign an agreement that says you will not even discuss your complaint with any member of the media or even the police! Hmmm... Why?

The outrageous case of Solicitor William Gilmour who was arrested for child abuse, forced to resign from the RCMP and told to resign by his former law firm for billing fraud that caused a Revenue Canada invetsigation and audit, is proof positive that the Law Society of Upper Canada is a corrupt "Old Boys Club" that investigates less than 5% of all the complaints received (over 1,200 last year) and then "dismisses" 80% of them without even interview witnesses of the victims!

Gilmour is a lawyer from Brampton (a suburb of Toronto) who amongst other things...

* Misrepresents his experience and hides his own arrest

* Is a former Toronto Cop and RCMP official who was told to resign or be fired and prosecuted for shooting an unarmed teen in the back.

* Had an affair with a colleague's wife - murder victim Jeanette Kelly

* Was arrested on August 14th, 2001 for child abuse in Brampton, but arranged to have the file sealed becuase he represents the Peel Police Department.

* Admitted "Misplaceing" key video and documentary evidence of a client in a fake extradition hearing. See

* Abandoned his client during an FBI debriefing he arrange so he could avoid becoming a witness to threats made against his client.

* Worked as a government informant against his own law clients for money.

* Tried to steal the motorcycle dealership of his client Vic Richards of Big Brute Motorcycles.

* Extorted his own client's wife for over $200,000

* Fabricated a $250,000 legal bill knowing that his client could not legally attend the hearing to expose the lie.

* Committed blatant perjury in an Ohio Court

* Tried to sell his client's confidential legal files to third parties for $50,000 each

Its all here in black and white with over 19 credible eye witnesses,, yet the Law Society did not even contact one of those witnesses. Why?

The victim even offered to take and pay for a polygraph test for himself and for Gilmour, but the Law Society ignored the offer. Why?

The answer is simple: M O N E Y & C O R R U P T I O N

In 2014 the Toronto Star newspaper exposed many cases of this blatant fraud. See

If any doubt still remains here are even more horror stories that tell me the directors of the Law Society must have attended Mafia University in New Jersey for their Phds in Racketeering. Who are the real thieves and corruptors in Toronto? Those who enter this door...