Irregular Periods

Subject: Irregular Periods
From: India
Date: 11 Aug 2020

Irregular Periods
It is very essential to get periods on time for overall reproductive health. Here any deviance from expected arrival of period is a major concern for any woman. It may trigger problems in getting pregnant and it may give rise to other health issues. It can make you emotionally vulnerable and you may develop low self-confidence because you start questioning your ability to give birth of a baby . So, you should not ignore this health problem if you are already suffering from this.
What is an irregular period?
Normal menstrual flow comes within every 21 to 35 days. Any deviation from this time period can be considered as an irregular period , like, if you get a period more frequently like before the gap of 21 days or you wait more than 35 days then it is an obvious sign that you are troubled with irregular periods. Or if you don't get periods on a regular time period like sometimes you are getting periods within 21 -35 days gap but sometimes you are waiting more or getting early than this then it's a sign of irregular periods.

Sometimes you may get to hear that 28days of a periodic cycle is absolutely unique for any woman but that's not the truth. Don't get stressed out by that misleading information. The 21-35 days gap is healthy, and getting a period within this time frame is absolutely okay
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