An initial formal legal warning letter and reprimand to Senator Gorst, to be circulated to the Governor of Jersey, the press and public and relevant authorities

Subject: An initial formal legal warning letter and reprimand to Senator Gorst, to be circulated to the Governor of Jersey, the press and public and relevant authorities
From: HG/JJ
Date: 23 Oct 2015


A first formal open letter of reprimand, correction and warning to Mr Ian Gorst, Chief Minister of Jersey, cc Jersey’s Lieutenant-Governor, who this formal letter is also aimed at. This is also a first formal warning that action is to be taken and must be taken, in Jersey and the UK to bring the matters below to a close.

This letter also contains a formal complaint against Sir Philip Bailhache, which is to be dealt with by relevant and non-conflicted authorities.

This letter in no way covers my full complaint nor can it, but it is an initial step, expected to be followed by further investigation by the authorities approached or further formal letters/proceedings.

Tribute: This letter contains information made available to the public by the Jersey bloggers. Thank you.

Dear Chief Minister Gorst,

I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you nor sharing my story with you but I see from yesterday’s press release that you are deeply involved in my case. I am sure that as a Christian and a Minister setting an example to your people, you are keen to meet me and hear my story, which makes it surprising that you haven’t contacted me at all about a report about my case that you are fighting to have released. I look forward to your arrangement of a meeting before you proceed any further, as you are currently causing me distress and disruption to my life with your actions, and I am sure that if you are a Christian and a minister of integrity, then you won’t want that. I am sure you are very keen for my side to be heard on equal footing with those who have the advantage of lawyers, money for legal advice and also a voice in the press.

Let me tell you about me. Despite being utterly destroyed and left homeless after suffering very badly in Jersey for a long time for reporting a man who abused me and who was a serial abuser and my second abuser in the Church of England, and despite continuing to be destroyed when I left Jersey because the Bishop of Winchester and Jane Fisher needed to cover up what they did to me, I have rebuilt my life as best I can, although the results of horrendous church and police behaviour will affect me for the rest of my life.

I am disabled, I have physical disabilities and also autism and post traumatic stress from the terrible way I was treated by the church and police. But I am also a person who lives a fairly normal life, I have a flat, I go to work and I go to University. I would like to move on now and stop being ditressed and disrupted by the actions of the Jersey Deanery, who’s bad behaviour is now openly upheld by you and the Governor.

I would gather that people in the esteemed standing that yourself and the Lieutenant-Governor have would not be able to imagine what being able to attend university means to someone who’s lifetime of poverty and abuse has prevented it thus far, no doubt you both, and your parents and children took your places at Oxford for granted because you could, I don’t have that kind of privilege . But what I can tell you is that your ongoing attempts to have the conflicted and invalid Steel report published is badly affecting my work and study, taking away things I have worked hard for and value in a life so severely damaged by the Church of England and police, and if you consider yourself to be just and fair, impartial or Christian, you will desist. You can’t read this and dismiss it unless you are without conscience at all.

Here are Bob Hill’s blogs on the Steel report, just to help you to understand what you are fighting for, it will be sent to you in paper form but for the benefit of a wider audience these links will be clickable online:

I hold Jane Fisher of the Winchester Diocese completely responsible for all harm I have suffered, from being first abused by another church serial abuser when I was 19, to the constant harm to me since and especially for the harm in Jersey where she allowed another serial abuser access to me by allowing him to be in a church position. I hold her responsible for upholding the Jersey Deanery in harming me for reporting my abuser, and I hold her responsible for her part of the cover up, I hold her responsible for deceit and illegal and violating harm to me through agencies and services in Jersey and Winchester including LaMoye Prison and I hold her responsible for making me homeless, slandering me to all churches and outreach in my home town of Winchester and leaving me alienated from my friends and causing me further lasting harm through the police for my response to her cover ups at my expense, I hold her responsible for continuing to pursue and defame me, especially through the police and Korris report in 2013. I hold myself responsible for my shameful reactions to this intolerable treatment when I was unable to recover from what happened to me.
But I hold you responsible for making me live under stress and in danger of continued harm when I need to move on with my life. I will be taking action against Jane Fisher and the diocese of Winchester as well as you if this Steel report farce is not concluded and if I am defamed by any sort of release.

It is worth noting that there have been at least 3 court cases regarding the Steel report, one of which led to the Bishop of Winchester agreeing that he would not release the Steel report without first discussing the content of it with me and complying with certain things at very least. He has not complied with this so I think you also need to be contacting me as well as the Bishop of Dover and Archbishop of Canterbury, not least because this report is supposedly about what happened to me in Jersey, and I would suggest that your fight for this report to be released looks desperate and very strange.

Regarding the above, the report is about my case, (well no, it was the Deanery’s illegal hijack of my case) and due to the court order and your actions to try to get the Steel report released, you are actually breaking the law. You are not permitted to cause me distress and harm regarding the Steel report nor try to force it’s release, the Bishop of Winchester is also acting illegally by allowing you to harm me through his illegal reports. You are only allowed to get the report released with my consent and when I agree that what it contains is correct. Do you understand that? So please make contact with me regarding your wishes. This is legally binding and a formal warning.

For the Steel report to have had so many legal interactions and costs associated with it, there is obviously something very wrong with it, plus it will not be the same report that your colleagues originally illegally engineered to clear the Dean and destroy me in the first place if, as is suggested by the Bishop of Winchester’s words, it has been modified, altered, partly redacted. So tell me, how many flight costs did your effort to get the Steel report published cost?

I am just recalling Philip Bailhache’s repeat attempts to derail the Jersey care inquiry because of ‘cost’ and with at least five of you men flying business class to and from Canterbury and all the expenses involved, I think you need to have a rethink about what you are doing, because it is a bit too blatant. And who is paying for your flights? And I can’t not add this – did Philip Bailhache breach the data protection act on the plane again?!
Philip Bailhache usually estimates either £50,000 or £500,000 for things he wants closed down, so I am going to do an estimate of plane fares and expenses for a group of incredibly arrogant and unchristian men from Jersey who are desperately trying to force the release of a whitewash report:

Assume business class and a plush hotel, costs and meals and cost accordingly: £1000 plus. At a time when the government in Jersey are making cuts that affect the general public due to missing money and very poor budgeting. And then this week a probably equally expensive delegation to meet the Chinese president?! Jersey is a tiny insignificant island with no trade with China. So why is your government short of money? Because they waste it trying to look good at other people’s expense.

Using £1000 of tax payer’s money to try to snuff out the life of a vulnerable adult with a report thinly disguised as an investigation but in reality just a pure and blatant cover up and attack on a vulnerable adult? Something is very wrong with that picture. Both you and the Lieutenant-Governor are aware of Bob Hill also taking the matter to court, although he proceeded without my consent. So to see you so desperately trying to get this report released without contacting me to ensure that my views are included makes you appear very very duplicitous or so misinformed and incompetent that you aren’t fit for you post.

Why was this such important government business and who in the States signed the travel money off for it?
I know that collectively your little group who went to Canterbury appear to think you are above any reproof, but I must comment, if Philip Bailhache is so eager to close the care inquiry down, and you still try to give the illusion that the Steel report is to do with safeguarding, how do you square that paradox up? It has laughingly been described by bloggers as ‘Bailhache’s uncoverup’ as opposed to his cover ups.

On the subjects of immigrants. Can you explain why you have spoken about taking in refugees? Jersey’s school, social, housing and health services are atrocious, Jersey’s population is far too much for these systems already and the government and judicial systems are very very conflicted and outdated, and this is exampled in you and the Lieutenant-Governor going with Philip Bailhache to Canterbury. Indeed I believe refugees who come to Jersey will have a worse quality of life not better.

Please can you explain why you so urgently and desperately need this report released? Despite knowing, and you can’t not know when you oversee Jersey, of the links between Dame Steel, the Bailhache Brothers and others?

If you are really desperate for this engineered report to exonerate the Dean and destroy me, then you need to get in touch with me, because legally the Church of England are not allowed to release the whitewash that you are so desperate for, but I will be taking the Bishop of Winchester back to court and asking him to present this report in its entirety and without the amendments made after each legal bid against it.

You need to contact me to access the Steel report that way. Dame Steel will also receive a summons on this occasion and will be questioned about the illegal liaison with Officer Stuart Gull of Jersey police and you are still obliged to investigate this illegal activity as well as the tandem illegal whitewash between Stuart Gull of the conflicted and guilty Jersey police and Safeguarding board to create another whitewash where Johnstone cleared the police without carrying out an investigation, much the same as the way that the Bishop cleared the Dean, and as officer Gull was also ‘appointed by the Bishop of Winchester’ to liaise with Steel, and did so illegally and is a member of a police force who grievously harmed me, why was he involved, having never met or interviewed me, in clearing the police to Glenys Johnstone who announced that they had committed no wrong and that her report was almost complete the year before she made a token pretence of including me?! Time Jersey justice was overhauled by real justice.

I know you made the statement regarding refugees for PR reasons but I would be concerned for any refugees being brought to Jersey when I have seen you fighting for the release of a report that you have been told with evidence is conflicted and when you are well aware of my anguish at the whole corrupt and deceitful process that the Church and press have gone through in the last few years. No refugee would be safe in Jersey, they would be open to harm with no redress. – It is tempting also to say that you would deport them in their pyjamas after brutalizing them if they ever dared to stand up to the wrong that goes on in Jersey. So being invited to live in Jersey would simply be out of the frying pan and into the fire for anyone seeking a better life. I can state that as I am living testament to that fact.

Continuing on this subject, I have several suggestions if you continue to harm me.

Resolution suggestions:

1. As you know, since the Korris rubbish broke in the press, I have been offered homes and jobs in Jersey by numerous people who don’t believe the Jersey Deanery and Diocese of Winchester’s deceitful lies about my case. If you continue to harm me, I will take up those offers even though quality of life in Jersey is poor due to the factors I mentioned earlier. And I will use my time in Jersey to put the record straight very legally and very powerfully – are you ready?

2. I can take you on legally. And I feel that that will make you laugh but Goliath laughed and David killed him. My mum took Greville Janner on for his crimes in the 90s and dealt with a police force as corrupt and dishonest as Jersey’s proudly is, and although I and my family suffered terribly and I am left permanently psychologically damaged, the world knows about Janner now. Believe me, even taking a legal stand against you will go down in history, and it may take years but as you refuse to let me live in peace, then it is time for me to at last start giving the evidence that has been waiting all this time while Jersey and the Diocese of Winchester have been showing the world what immature and deceitful and dishonest mean. Are you ready?

3. You can call an independent inquiry that includes my side of things; now that there is no doubt whatsoever from this letter that the Steel report is known not to contain my side. If you continue to harm me with press releases regarding the Steel report or efforts to release the Steel report, this letter is evidence that you are distressing me and that I have asked you personally to arrange for my side to be shared. After all what is the point of one-sided press releases and reports? They make the perpetrators look incredibly incredibly corrupt and vindictive. So the third and final offer that you make sure my own story and evidence is heard clearly to balance the Steel report. Until you do this, you are stating that you uphold the harm to me. Make sure my story in full reaches the same media as would publish the Steel report.

If you are unable to respond to my options and decide what the best way to continue is, then you must understand that your bids for the Steel report are invalid and you must desist from causing me distress for dishonest reasons. Or indeed, being involved, as it is not appropriate.

Considering that the Steel report is supposed to be a Safeguarding report and you have shown complete and utter disregard for safeguarding me, I would like to know why you want that report released so urgently! So urgently that three of the most powerful men in Jersey had to fly to the UK and couldn’t simply have a phone conference with the Mainland Bishops – Would it be anything to do with you taking more illegally obtained and defamatory documents with you? And did Sir Philip feel the need to read them where they could be seen by the general public again?

You are actually guilty of aiding and abetting crimes, including harassment and defamation. You know you can be deported in your pyjamas without underwear for less than that, right? Did you declare Ian Lemarquand’s conflict of interests to the States and BBC Jersey when he defamed me and also claimed I wasn’t deported in my pyjamas? It isn’t too late so do that, especially as you are wasting my study time and I have two assignments due in as well as an exam in two weeks time.

As you may have realised, I have a bad habit of actually acting on things I offer to do. The Bishop of Winchester didn’t believe it either until he had to pay thousands to a church lawyer to lie to a court of law for him.
I know there was an investigation into police corruption in Jersey, and I know someone who was investigating and she told me she was horrified by what was going in Jersey. Unfortunately I see that nothing has changed and Jersey police are still very corrupt and dishonest, and brutal when they can get away with it.

However, there has not been a full investigation from the outside into the corruption and deviousness of the conflicted Jersey states and judiciary members, which stands out in all its glory in your expensive trip to try to force the release of a report that is technically nothing to do with you, and without you communicating with me, when the report was a result of what happened to me, although I am assured that it is a cover up that doesn’t remotely resemble what happened to me but defames me to exonerate the Dean. Hardly surprising as it was written by the conflicted states and judiciary members, most of whom are involved in the church, including yourself.

This letter, as well as being a formal open letter is a wide circulation letter and even if you refuse to read it, you will be liable for having been sent the contents of it by me and other people to whom it is circulated, if you make any further attempt, knowing what this letter contains and the distress that you are causing, to try to force the release of the Steel report.

Here’s a lovely message from Jesus Himself to you:

‘Philip Bailhache, Ian Gorst, and other powerful and well-to-do dignitaries were publicly stoning a woman to death for having the audacity to stand up to abuse and corruption. Jesus came along, ‘what are you doing, Children of God? He asked. We are right with God and we are good, this woman is bad and we will make a public example of her! In who’s name? We are doing all we do in God’s Name! They replied. And from where do you learn how to behave as God wishes? From the Bible, from Church! They responded. ‘I see’ Said Jesus.
There are several alternative endings, including Jesus joining in because that is what Bailhache and Gorst would expect, but it makes the point whichever way it ends.

Please now read my letter to the Jersey Deanery:
I know that due to the ‘Jersey Way’, the term applied to the unjust systems in Jersey that keep people silenced out of fear, has destroyed a number of people who have stood up to Philip Bailhache, but I am already destroyed, and if it takes my life to stop this injustice, am willing to proceed, before I even came to Jersey I dreamed that I perished in Jersey at the hands of the church, and if that is what will be, then so be it, as long as my crucifixion allows the souls that have been lost in darkness to come out into the light.

I hereby officially, formally, legally and conclusively declare the Steel report null and void, it is not representative of my case nor does it contain my views, it is what it was set up to be, a whitewash that is to be destroyed or formally investigated for illegal access to police and other records without my consent and harassment and defamation. The Steel report was an act of pure madness and the Bishop was told to halt it and call an independent investigation. It is thus continued madness that the Chief Minister and Governor of Jersey are demanding it’s release so loudly and frantically, and should they continue having received this letter, their motives will be Chrystal clear!

On a lighter note, did Bishop Trevor’s sense of humour in the press amuse you? Apparently ‘God’s people are safe in Jersey churches’! Hilarious. It took a million pounds and nearly took a vulnerable adult’s life in order to arrange social lunches for old, wealthy and completely uncaring people in the church and that makes the churches safe! Tell me again why you need the Steel report released?!
Conclusion. HG
The following pages are a formal complaint:

Formal complaint against Sir Philip Bailhache:

Please note. This letter will be circulated online with the links that I will show in the formal complaint, and they can be accessed this way by online readers. The links will appear as text for most recipients of a paper copy of this letter, and some recipients of the paper copy of this letter, including the Chief Minister and Lieutenant-Governor will also receive the linked documents on paper. The reason for this is because a majority of circulation will be online and I am living on about £100 per week so I can’t afford printing costs.

Anyone reading this is very welcome to send it to the Chief Minister and Lieutenant-Governor themselves as well, in order that they cannot claim not to have received it without thus making a statement of incompetence that makes them unfit for their positions.
Points of Complaint:
1. Complaint 1. Breach of the data protection act and abuse of those who complained about it.

This complaint initially occurred without my knowledge and was not made by me, it was made by two businessmen who witnessed Philip Bailhache reading illegally procured police documents and other sensitive information containing my name and the name of my abuser on a plane while he was presumably flying to (or from!) influencing the church or authorities in the UK against me. His flight was presumably paid for by the States and it remains uninvestigated as to why this was States Business. Philip Bailhache a church officer and dignitary was abusing his power and dual roles and acting illegally.

A complaint was brought to Deputy Trevor Pitman by the two witnesses, and they were then openly slandered and attacked verbally by Philip Bailhache, who’s money and power really appear to make him believe that he can behave like a two year old having a tantrum in public. And seeing as he hasn’t been abused and destroyed to lead him to behave like that, he probably should have been deported and left homeless and destitute after a bit of police brutality and imprisonment, no, hang on, one rule for the poor and vulnerable and another for the wealthy and powerful, the Jersey way.

Anyway, back to Sir Philip’s bad behaviour. Trevor Pitman was understandably alarmed at what he heard the men had witnessed and also the reaction of Philip Bailhache to the concerns.
He brought the matter to you, and it is a safeguarding matter as well as a legal, criminal and disciplinary matter.

You did not act on it, you did not discipline or reprimand Philip Bailhache, who then made a confused statement to the States, nothing further was done, and despite you saying you believed the witnesses, you then promoted Philip Bailhache to the post of External Affairs Minister. Now would you like to explain that to me when you meet me to get my side of things to counter the Steel report? Can you also explain why you want a safeguarding report released so urgently when you haven’t dealt with this matter?

This is a formal complaint because this is a serious matter and harmful to me. You are responsible for arranging for Philip Bailhache to be disciplined as you have stated that you believe the witnesses.

This is Trevor Pitman’s account of the data protection incident, it will be sent to you on paper with this letter but appears here as links for the benefit of the wider audience:
Philip Bailhache contradicts himself, link to evidence:

2. Illegal influence of an investigation and illegal handling of police documents
This relates to the matters above, Sir Philip Bailhache has no right to influence police, church or safeguarding investigations from his abused dual roles in church and States, he has no right to use his legal expertise or colleagues such as Dame Steel to defame a vulnerable adult, you need to arrange a safeguarding investigation in order to ensure that he never uses his position to do this again, especially as he frequently flies to other countries in his role. Also, neither he nor Dame Steel have any right to have police documents or records relating to me, and you are obliged to carry out a very serious formal investigation into this, you will need to enlist an agency outside of Jersey to do this.

3. Defamation of a homeless and distressed vulnerable adult who he had never met.

In 2013 Philip Bailhache abused his power and dual roles in church and States by circulating letters about me to the church and public, a defamatory attack on me when he had never even met me or heard my side of things. He left me traumatized. He misled the general public, as he has before and since, and used his title of ‘Sir’ and his role in the States to influence people to sign a letter demanding the re-instatement of the Dean. He didn’t give anyone who he influenced my side of things, and you didn’t act on his bad behaviour and this blatant safeguarding failure, nor did Jersey safeguarding board, who I contacted.

Now let me put this in context. It is illegal to name a rapist or murderer, and it is illegal to keep up a sustained public attack on a rapist or murderer. You have aided and supported Philip Bailhache in publicly harming me, and you, and he, both claiming to be Christians, are stating in this ongoing attack on me, that I am worse than a murderer or rapist and that I have no right to privacy, dignity or freedom to go on with my life.
And on the subject of rapists, abusers and all other criminals you think I am worse than. We need to talk about the repeated incidences of Sir Philip’s name being brought up in conjunction with protection of paedophiles.
Here is Philip Bailhache’s defamatory attack on me:

4. Abuse of power in dual roles in Church and state.
This is already mentioned in the complaint so far. But I must give an honourable mention to the recent fracas in the States where it was claimed that Deputy Tadier was claimed to be doing something wrong by using ‘what would Jesus do? As a sentence to make a point, his actions weren’t wrong. Any Bailhache with years and years of actions which Jesus would abhor has no right to speak or use their personal faith as an attempt to control or gag anyone, especially not when they have allowed the notorious bully, Terry LeMain to invoke Jesus’ and God’s Name in the States repeatedly.

As well as in my case, Philip Bailhache has used his role as an attempt to influence the general public into calling for the care abuse inquiry to be closed down, misleading them about costs and putting emphasis on how ‘tax payers money will be wasted’. It isn’t a waste of money but Philip Bailhache does not want an inquiry that calls him to account for failing victims and protecting abusers to continue. However, he appears to have used his position to meet with the inquiry in secret and thus affect the outcome presumably, this has dismayed and distressed witnesses. This should be looked at and considered. Be aware that I am writing this using a number of sources of evidence and this complaint is too big to be completed within one letter, so I will await your arrangements for interview and investigation, and until you are able to disprove the conflict of interests and answer this formal complaint and resolve the issues around it, you are not in a position to continue pushing for the conflicted Steel report to be published.

This is one of the examples given of Philip Bailhache protecting a Paedophile:

And here is a recent article that the State Media had the audacity to publish, which you also need to investigate:

5. Abuse of dual roles in church of government.
As previously described, Sir Philip makes no differentiation between his church and government roles nor professional boundaries. He sat on the synod with my abuser as a church officer and was and is in positions where he has regular contact with people involved in cover up and wrongdoing regarding this matter. He is therefore not behaving appropriately in being part of any government delegation demanding the release of the Steel report; he is also a former colleague of Dame Steel and wrote publications on law with her, evidenced. And he asked her to be a speaker at a conference that he hosted. Dame Steel tried to lie to Bob Hill about this at a meeting in which she defamed me. She has never met me or heard my side of things but was asked by me to resign from the investigation due to her conflicts of interest. Now that you are aware of that, are you really going to continue to try to force the report to be published? (You were already aware of it but I am making you formally aware of it).

6. Bullying and silencing of States members and the public, abuse of power.
Interestingly Deputy Bob Hill’s recent evidence to the care inquiry illustrated this point. The abuse of power that silences complainants and victims, this situation is caused by police, states and press, and a lot by Philip Bailhache.

Deputy Tadier is the latest in what is becoming a line of people who are seemingly suspended, bankrupted, imprisoned, deported etc for saying or doing something that certain people in the States, most notably the Bailhache Brothers, don’t like. And I watch this happening and I see that you don’t act, don’t speak up about it. Shona Pitman was bringing a vote of no confidence against Philip Bailhache, and of course Trevor Pitman brought Sir Philip’s data protection act breach to you. And so they are bankrupt. Stuart raised the systemic abuse matter and Sir Bailhache literally tried to silence him. The States went as far as trying to remove Stuart's blog and the evidence available to the general public.

Philip Bailhache and His Colleague Michael Birt, who incidentally has also been involved in defaming me in his town church and States positions, have both given liberation day speeches that have undermined and rubbished abuse victims and made the Jersey Way attitude of the States clear. You would rather defame, silence and ruin abuse victims and their supporters than admit the abuse and abuse of power problems, Jersey looking good as a finance centre is far too important, but you and Bailhache seem to fail to see that you have given Jersey a bad name by doing just that.

You need to take action to reprimand Philip Bailhache as his behaviour, actions and words are not befitting for a man in roles such as the ones he holds. Especially as he is Jersey’s main ambassador to other countries and makes many trips, you must make sure money is not being spent where this man can cause offence and harm, it reflects badly on Jersey and is a waste of tax payer’s money. You need to ensure that Sir Bailhache receives training in how to conduct himself in public, and you need to reprimand his decades of unchecked bad behaviour.
You also need to contact Canterbury again, I know you are so keen on safeguarding that you have been over there begging for the release of a report, but you need to make sure that the Church of England suspend Philip Bailhache from all offices in the Church due to his decades of bad behaviour, insulting and slurring people, even people that he has never met, attacking a vulnerable adult who he has never met and using his dual roles and influence over the press and public to do so.

Acting in a way that is detrimental to vulnerable abuse survivors who he has failed while he has been in law and judiciary positions. Attempting to close down abuse inquiries that he didn’t like and hijacking inquiries to protect wrongdoers, protecting paedophiles and discrediting their victims, acting in conflicted roles even when he has been told that they are conflicted, this is an exhaustive list, so please start referring to the evidence presented and make sure that Dame Steel’s friend and colleague Sir Philip Bailhache is suspended and investigated, and in the meantime he is not credible in using tax payers money for delegations to Canterbury, and to be honest, because of his actions, I have grave concerns regarding his frequent trips abroad at tax payers’ expense because his behaviour poses a risk to the vulnerable.

Did you see the video of Sir Philip’s behaviour at the meeting he and the conflicted Gavin Ashenden set up to further harm me? Please ask Bob Hill for a copy for your investigation.
I hope that you are as pro-active and eager in responding and auctioning this complaint as you have been in trying to force the release of the Steel report.
This letter is not the complete story; it is part of it, the tip of the iceberg, so I look forward to you facilitating the illumination of the full and true story.

You may be interested to know that instead of just one book about the way myself and others have been destroyed by the Jersey way, there are going to be two books, one will simply be a collection of the letters written over the past few years. Would you like signed copies?

Philip Bailhache’s behaviour is not fitting of a man who calls himself a Christian, nor is it fitting of man who holds States, Church or Judiciary roles, he appears unable to see two sides to things nor do anything but abuse his power and behave badly with no fear of consequences. The recent farcical trip to Canterbury means that that exactly the same applies to the Lieutenant-Governor and yourself, the Chief Minister of Jersey.

Due to the fact that sexual abuse has been a part in this matter, it is illegal to release my name or any confidential details to the public or to anyone who might release my details to the public, and on the same subject, another reason that the Steel report cannot be released is because Philip Bailhache released all details and made me and my abuser traceable and identifiable, other breaches of the data protection act have also occurred and are evidenced, therefore you are not allowed to know or publish my legal name.


HG – Korris report complainant.

These documents were written very quickly so please excuse errors in spelling, grammar or references.