I'm being bullied and destroyed by Operation Amberstone

Subject: I'm being bullied and destroyed by Operation Amberstone
From: J
Date: 28 Sep 2016

Operation Amberstone is a new initiative by Hampshire Constabulary to pretend that they care about abuse and the vulnerable after their consistent failings were picked up by HMIC the other year.
Hampshire Constabulary remain corrupt and brutal and not properly overseen. As described here by Good Cop Down, a police officer whistle blower who has suffered for speaking up just as I have. As yet none of Hampshire Constabulary's victims have justice and I suffer daily and nightly flashbacks to what they have done to me in the past. And I write this in fear of my life at the hands of the police.

Here is Good Cop Down's blog https://goodcopdown.wordpress.com/category/whistleblowing/

This letter is being written using the rule that what I write cannot be unwritten. This is because after a month of renewed attack on me by Hampshire Constabulary I do not believe I am going to survive and their nastiness and coldness indicates that they are happy with that. This letter will remain after I am killed by these thugs that call themselves a police force, and I hope someone picks up on the letter and takes the matter further.

Dear Hampshire Constabulary,

Here is a description of Operation Amberstone's harm to me.

You are and always will be the private mafia who destroyed me for my abusers and beat me and jeered at me and refused to protect me, that is you, eternally and with no apology or effort to put things right, indeed, as usual you fobbed me off and ignored my complaints, as you do, as you always will until the police have a proper overseeing body.

But your renewed attack on me, although always half-expected, has come as a massive and traumatic shock and I am reeling.

Early this month 'Operation Amberstone' turned up at my house, slandering me to my landlord and leaving me shamed and slurred to the whole of our small street and my neighbours. They showed no consideration whatsoever for me and my privacy and feelings and welfare, and the impact of them letting the whole neighbourhood know that I was 'trouble' is still affecting me.

Although my landlord has had a lot of humour at their expense, it still affects my relationship with him, and as Amberstone continue to harm me, I really have no choice but to move house, which is catastrophic as I am ill and tired and have no money, especially as Amberstone are wrecking my work with their traumatic onslaught against me.

These stupid Operation Amberstone police who turned up without warning or warrant, got a flat battery on their car and my landlord had to bump-start them after they had left one of his tenants in collapse, he finds this hilarious and has a lot to say about their stupidity, but I don't find it so funny, they aren't competent to run a car and they broke the law by turning up and blackening my name in a close community, they definitely shouldn't be working with the vulnerable. And so far as Amberstone continues to harm me and treat me like shit, that applies to the whole team.

The Amberstone idiots left without being able to explain why they turned up without warrant or warning and blackened my name, and I fled my home, because I knew I wouldn't survive another beating such as Hampshire Constabulary had inflicted on behalf of my abusers in the past again. But the damage was done, it took me a week to stop roaming, semi homeless and creeping back into the flat in the dark and not using lights or noise before creeping back out at 5am.

The police, professional standards and IPCC failed and are still failing to respond to the complaint about this.
Indeed the police have been as rude and nasty on the phone as expected, their usual and consistent attitude, I mean, this is Hampshire Constabulary we are talking about rather than a real police force.

The police appeared dissapointed that instead of returning to long term rough sleeping as I did before as a result of their beatings and harm to me on behalf of my abusers, after a week I came home and tried to hold my shaky rebuild of my life together. It is less than three years since I recovered enough from the combined damage by them and my abusers to stop rough sleeping, but anyway, the police, Operation Amberstone, decided to have second attempt to make me homeless.

What they did was as nasty and calculating and vile as you can get. Very Hampshire Constabulary.

They decided that sending letters to my home, but in my old name, would go down a treat. My name was changed to protect my identity and although the police had now blackened my name here, they had not yet released my original identity, as far as I know, so they did, by sending letters in my old name, to my block of flats, where residents have one shared letterbox.
This isn't just nasty, and it isn't just vicious and vile and calculating, it is illegal. The use of my old name, knowingly, is illegal, and as the police turned up here using my new name, they knew very well what they were doing.

I made another complaint, still no reply from police, IPCC or professional standards.

I have continued to suffer trauma, I compulsively go to the window all the time, expecting the police outside, and I suffer trauma and flashbacks all the time.

After the police turned up here I was ill for weeks, and after drifting semi-homeless for a week, while the police failed to answer my concerns at all and were rude to me, it took another week or two to resume my normal work and leisure activities, and I only started back into my music lessons last night, disruption of my life is serious as I am a part time degree student and my learning difficulties put me at a disadvantage especially with the music side of things.

So when the police took to sending letters in my old name, letters that demanded signatures too! My life was disrupted again, the cruelty and viciousness of their abuse of me was stunning.
So on Friday night, I dealt with the usual stupidity of Hampshire Constabulary by phone, as they are completely inaccessible, especially to the disabled. But I needed answers, I couldn't go on living in terror.

So I survived the usual idiots who are apparently employed to block calls to Hampshire Constabulary and insult the general public, and I was put through to DS Chris Bradford.

Let me tell you something. I have never met a police officer who was a human being before, and I probably never will again, but Chris Bradford of Southampton CID was a lifesaver as I suffer distress after receiving a letter from the police using my old name.

Chris Bradford was very patient and very helpful, he didn't snap at me for not being able to give my full details, I wanted to talk to an officer without being treated like dirt for the record that my abusers got me. He kept talking and he listened and he said about bad apples in the police when I told him I was scared of the police because of the way they had treated me. He helped me even though Amberstone was not his department and he was the one who told me it was Amberstone who were doing all this stuff.

He wanted me to phone back and talk to them, he told me that DC Phillipson-Masters who had turned up at my house, was on leave, but he asked me to phone back on Wednesday (today) and talk to an officer called DC Naomi Mellish. I agreed, especially as he didn't want to end the conversation until I agreed to phone back. Commend that officer! He really went against the usual grain of this nasty rude and snappy police force!

I did become less distressed as a result of this conversation, but even so, after the damage already done by Amberstone, I dreaded phoning them!
But I did, and I wish I hadn't.

A police officer who is also human is such a novel event, so I kept my promise to Chris Bradford.
He had told me that Naomi Mellish would be on duty at 1pm, but I didn't get back until 1.45 so I phoned around that time or soon after.

I had to deal with the usual stupid switchboard system and unfortunately, and as usual without explanation I didn't get through to her, the police never explain why the phone line always goes through to someone else and not who you ask for and my hearing and the line is so bad that I can never hear who I am talking to, even when they keep repeating their name.

I am still not sure who the nasty little bully was that I was put through to, but he claimed to be in charge of Operation Amberstone and thus I could only make a complaint to him or speak to him, which is strange because later someone of higher rank, also from this cursed Amberstone, emailed me, but I will get to that.

This officer, from start to finish, obviously had no knowledge of trauma, vulnerability, distress or anything else, he seemed to be running a denial tape and nothing else could come out of his mouth.

He tried to deny that two Amberstone officers had come to my house without warning. Liar.
He would not accept my concerns and was rude and snappy and unhelpful, he didn't apologize for the appalling way that things had been handled, he had no interest in my concerns or welfare, he was just a mindless, soulless denial tape, not in any way someone who should be working in an operation supposedly focussing on the vulnerable or abuse, but this operation Amberstone is a sham and a pretence and that has become apparent, and it is a very dangerous sham because these nasty unskilled inexperienced officers who are behaving so badly are working with vulnerable people and victims, and I have no doubt that they must be hurting and damaging victims.

This officer was so nasty and so rude and so unhelpful and basically told me I was to let him send an officer round or come to a police station or go away. Vile man.
I put the phone down in tears.

I don't cry much or often, but I sobbed. The bastards! I want Amberstone closed down before they cause a suicide.

I wasn't OK and I still am not, I am suffering trauma.
Anyway, I phoned again later, was treated like shit by the switchboard, as is routine, especially if you are autistic and with dysphasia and hesitate on the phone.

Unfortunately I was put through to the same nasty little bully.
So this time I asked for his collar number and name, which he refused to give clearly but did the usual act.

That police force are just beyond the pale, when are they going to be overhauled.
Anyway, we went through the same conversation again. I wanted to know why the police had trashed my life and this officer just wanted to speak to me like I was dirt on his shoe and rubbish me and deny. Pathetic little bully, if he isn't removed from being able to harm the vulnerable then there must be a court case to make sure he and his Amberstone operation that he claims to be in charge of is closed down.

He is a DS but he claimed to be in charge and refused to let me speak to anyone else. Which is strange because the next attack came from another officer higher up but also claiming to be part of this dangerous Amberstone effort against the vulnerable.

I continued to phone the police to ask to make a complaint and was treated like shit by one after another person who spoke to me, but this is Hampshire Constabulary, not a real police force. You don't expect a Chris Bradford in Hampshire Constabulary, you do expect the nasties and bullies and liars, because that is the nature of that corrupt and brutal mafia.

Anyway, as I put the phone down. I got an email from Operation Amberstone, from DI Murray, now knowing that my abusers have influenced the police and used them for so long, the surname Murray was of concern, Murray the abuser has had associations with Southampton CID and Safeguarding board and the attack on my life started when she took her position among my abusers early this month.

DI Penny Murray decided suddenly after the officer who had claimed to be in charge had rubbished me, that she would email me, jeering about the letter sent to me addressed to my old name, instead of answering the complaint about my old name, the jeer just said 'here is the letter we sent you by recorded delivery, by email' no apology.
Dear God, these people are vile. The scum of the earth, the level to which they can abuse me on behalf of my abusers is sickening.

I responded by re-iterating the full complaint so far and including her jeer as part of the complaint and asking for Operation Amberstone to be closed as it is basically a police-validated abuse of the vulnerable.

I have re-iterated my complaint a number of times this evening as I have remained deeply upset, I phoned the IPCC and got the also-expected contempt from them. I don't think anyone in this country believes that the IPCC ever act properly, they, just as Hampshire police complaints department, are treated as an open joke. But it means that victims of the police have no access to justice.

And as for me, I am back where I was after the police turned up here, suffering trauma and trying to work out where and how to move when I am so ill and tired and how, when I am self-employed and a student and known by name in the community, I can change my name and stay protected.

I have no idea why Operation Amberstone claim to be to do with the vulnerable and abuse victims, they are resoundingly and conclusively nothing of the sort, as yet not a single one of them show any understanding of vulnerability or trauma or abuse and they don't want to, what they have shown is hatred, contempt and disgust for me.

And one of my concerns is that they are trying to force me to validate the whitewash cover-up report produced for my abusers by my abusers that cannot legally be published without my agreement. That is what I would expect for the police force who have consistently acted for my abusers. Considering the coldness and contempt shown by Amberstone, this would be one of the only reasons that they would keep harassing me when they hate me and appear to almost be enjoying destroying me.

I am very worried indeed that they may have already caused suicides and certainly seem intent on killing me, destroying me, leaving me homeless and have ruined a month of my life and left me suffering unbearably. Someone needs to explain self-employment to them as well as abuse and vulnerability, I eat when I work, if I don't work due to Amberstone, I don't eat.

I don't know how to move and change my name again, I am settled here, tired, ill, in poverty and the move would be too much for me, but if I stay here, Operation Amberstone are going to kill me.