I woke up and wrote to the Bishop this morning

Subject: I woke up and wrote to the Bishop this morning
From: HG
Date: 1 Mar 2015

Dear Bishop Dakin,

You have stolen two years of my life for a public character assination of me.
You owe me recompense for that.
You also owe a duty of care in stopping this endless living in fear.
You either put me in contact with these legal and safeguarding experts who are supposedly looking at your whitewash report, so that I can tell my story,
or you stop claiming that these people are looking at the report, and scrub the report, so that the attacks on me by the Jersey Deanery and BBC, which I hold YOU responsible for, stop.

You are breaching my human rights by making me ilive in fear and under repeated attacks without warning in the press, and Jane Fisher has repeatedly breached my human rights by her illegal actions in Jersey and Winchester and beyond, violating me over and over through services and churches that she needed to get her and Scott-Joynt's side accross to in order to cover up, and vilify me.
The damage is for life for me, and you are directly and seriously harming my health by keeping your charade up about the Steel report when you know damn well it is not a fair and balanced report, you have not done a safeguarding investigation, you have done an un-safeguarding investigation.
Your Steel rubbish makes no difference to Jersey, and it has done only one thing, destroyed me and left me voiceless, my complaints have not been investigated.
The Korris rubbish was the same. I cannot imagine why Paul Butler makes such a huge fuss in the press about safeguarding, when the church of england do not know what safeguarding is.

Safeguarding is not segregating, punishing and destroying abuse victims and furthering slander of them by abusers, wrongdoers and supporters of abusers and wrongdoers, and that is all you have done.
Meanwhile you are employing an abuser as a safeguarding director, a woman who deliberately went all-out to destroy me and cover up for her wrongdoing, the former Bishop's wrongdoing and makes sure that a glaring miscarriage of justice in Jersey was covered up by her report, known as the Korris report but better titled the Fisher report.
The damage you did to me by that report remains, and you have not apologized.
You didn't remove that whitewash report until I took you to court.

Tell me, how long are you going to make me sit here suffering you and suffering ill health as a result? I think I asked you that about a year ago, and still no answer, you have lied to a court of law in the meantime.
There is no excuse to call your public character assassination of me 'Safeguarding', you have had me attacked by strangers as a result of your utterly sadistic and mindless launch of my case into the worldwide press and then the U-turn into defaming me by association when you let the Dean off because you had no right to suspend him, and no power against his powerful circle.

That assassination of me has continued without stop. And yet you claimed to apologize to me for the last lot of miscarriage of justice, you made a show of apology in the press, only to go and do the same again to me only much much worse, as this time, it has been spewed all over the press and media, and you have given everyone the impression that the Dean is innocent and thus you have basically upheld and supported the Jersey Deanery in their smear campaign against me, is that safeguarding? No, you just, on a much bigger scale, did what Jane Fisher and Scott-Joynt did to me, crucified me because you had no power in Jersey.
And you are entirely to blame for publicly suspending the Dean when you had no power to do so.

You received my complaint against Jane Fisher, and you are aware that even the Korris rubbish manages to slip some of her misconduct in, and of course the truncated material mentioned was done by Fisher to ensure she was in the clear and I looked mad, well of course, the same as was done with the police, with no explaination to the police that Fisher and Scott-Joynt were provoking me.

So, why, since I have repeatedly let you know about this, has Fisher not been suspended, not been disciplined, why has my complaint not been answered, and why when you made such a fuss about Jersey, has Fisher's illegal and seriously distressing and damaging actions since Jersey, not been investigated.
The Korris report is written from Jane Fisher's notes, Jane Fisher has done wrong. Why has nothin g been done about this if you 'care about safeguarding' and, to be honest, why was my case the only one launched in the press with the Korris lies and smears? You haven't publicly crucified a single other victim this way.

We could simply re-write the Korris scenario over again. 'I have asked the Archbishop and BBC Jersey for help' But had no adequate response.

I have asked the Archbishop. Paul liestoprotectthechurch-Butler, Elizabeth Hall, John Gladwin and Christine Daly (who made false promises, lied at a token meeting, and supported the Jersey side), I have asked the press, the Press complaints commission, the national safeguarding boards, the police, the official solicitor, the public guardian, the queen, the courts, your solicitors, I have asked Trevor Willmott (Juliet Montagues former lover, according to her), I have asked every diocese in the country, I have asked the Queen, the Home Secretary, 10 Downing Steet, MPs, lawyers, bloggers, I have asked everyone to protect me from you and your repeat of the destroyal of me in Jersey, and just as it fell on deaf ears then, it has fallen on deaf ears now.
So, tell me, what was your boast, and what is the church's boast? You are commited to safeguarding, you are taking safeguarding seriously?

No, not while you are killing me and making me live in fear and under stress. If I suffer an asthma attack over any of your whitewash reports or commit suicide, which is highly unlikely, you will be responsible for my death, because you are fully and completely aware of how you are harming me, you have been told enough times.
And you have been told that your reports, which degrade me, defame me and do not equate to safeguarding investigations or anything to do with my case and integrity, do not include me or my views.
So every time you claim that you have 'experts' working on these reports when you allow me to be attacked in the press, you do not ring true.
No expert can work on reports to make them viable when the reports completely exclude the person they are supposedly about.
And how would these experts make any difference when they, as you too, have never met me?!
Although you have lied and mislead people by claiming to have personally apologized to me, which you have not.
The only 'apologies' were flannel in the press to make you look good. The church under Welby, have developed a system of duplicity where they love to say sorry and claim to be 'humbled' or 'admit to mistakes' when they don'[t give a damn any more than they ever have.
Just as in the government, abuse is a perk of the job in the church, that is the only reason the very tiny minority of vulnerable are allowed to attend church.
I recall going into a church in the winchester diocese, a small church, all the congregation were ancient, and they all turned and openly stared at me, because I was in my 20s and had been invited by the Vicar.

Those old people pay the church to keep running, blindly thinking it is a christian church, and they do not have a clue about vulnerable and abuse, and so they let someone like Bishop Dakin remain, and they believe what they are told about people like me.

If there was only an abjudcator who spoke up and said 'The Church of England cannot continue' and said it with authority. Because the press releases, the duplicity, the wealth, the showing off, the showing off at my expense and leaving me suffering, this is not Christianity, Welby, Dakin and Key and Butler need to do as Jesus said and sell their wealth and go out on the streets and tend the poor, not show off in articles about 'helping out at nursing homes! The Church of England do what the pharisees did and not what Jesus did or taught, and when Dakin goes home to his palace after a photo shoot at a nursing home to show of and for PR, the overworked carers go back to the real work and with no publicity, most of the carers are poor, migrants, minimum wage.

The Church of England do only as the pharisees do, and have judged and condemned me, and still nothing has been done about Dakin, who traced me through the police, violating me, and the threatened me for begging to continue my life without further illegal intervention, he threatened me with court action that he didn't have my side of, he came after me with the police and press, violating me, for a PR stunt, and threatened me, and cleared the Dean, and has waged war on me ever since, by allowing the Jersey Deanery and their supporters to be heard in inquiries and press, and allowed me to be smeared and defamed by the same.

When exactly does this petty cowardly destroyal of me by the church end?